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Sex In Vehicle: Manila To Subic Trip

Submitted by on February 6, 2019 (14 days ago)
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Author's Note: Sorry for the late update. Been busy with other tasks. But here it is a follow up story. Enjoy!

I woke up at around 12. I was alone in the room, naked. I don't know where Danny and Kat went. I saw my clothes from last night folded on the chair. I remembered what happened early morning. The scene sa club and how Kat and Danny fuck me. Lumabas ako sa sala and I saw Danny having coffee and reading papers. He said good morning and told me that Kat went home na. They woke an hour ahead of me and they don't want to disturb me. He invited me to have brunch with him, I requested for ham, bacon and eggs with bread and coffee. He took the phone and ordered some food from the hotel resto. He told me food will be ready in 25 minutes and I took the opportunity to take a shower before having brunch.

I showered, cleaned myself well and went out. Danny gave me his polo shirt to wear. I did not button it giving him a peek of my nipples and pussy, what the heck, thi...
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Lustful Weekend 6

Submitted by on August 21, 2018 (5 months ago)
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Author's Note: Sorry for the late update. Been busy with other tasks. But here it is a follow up story. Enjoy!

When I went out from the shower, nakita ko nakaupo na sina Danny and Kat. I told them na I was done and they decided to take a shower together. I went to the room to get ready and as agreed with Kat, I wore the sexy dress without undies. I checked if kita pussy area ko pero hindi naman unless if someone will open the slit area of my dress.

After a while, pumasok na rin si Kat para magbihis. I teased her "sis, mukhang nag score na sa yo si Danny ah?" Kat replied, "BJ lang sis and swallow. Mukhang ikaw gusto niya fuck first. Okay lang ba sis?" I just smiled and said "let us see later, sis."

Napansin ni Kat ang damit ko. "Ang sexy mo sis, at mahaba ang slit. No undies ba?" I slightly opened the slit portion and showed her no undies, exposing my pussy. "Nice sis, Danny will be happy. I won't wear undies also. Let us enjoy the night." Sabi ni Kat....
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My Experience with a Sales Lady (Part 2)

Submitted by on August 11, 2018 (6 months ago)
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Matapos ang agresibong pagtrato ko kay Michelle sa kama ay pinagpahinga ko muna siya. Binuksan ko muna ang T.V. sa kwarto at inilagay sa "Porn Channel" ng motel, para kahit paano ay kalibugan pa rin ang sasagi sa isip namin.

Tumabi ako kay Michelle na nakahiga. Yumakap siya sa akin at halata sa kanya na narating talaga niya ang orgasm na gusto niya. Ikaw ha grabe ka pala, pilyang sabi sa akin ni Michelle. Mas matindi daw ako kumantot kaysa sa dati niyang nobyo.

Medyo nagkwentuhan muna kami ni Michelle habang nagpapahinga. Tinanong ko siya kung may iba pang nakatira sa puke niya. At dahil sa may nangyari na rin sa amin ni Michelle ay naging open naman siya sa naging topic namin na iyon.

Oo meron pang isa na nakakantot sa akin, sagot ni Michelle. Yung dati daw na boss sa banko na nag-OJT siya ay may nangyari daw sa kanila. Nagsimula daw magka-interest sa kanya yung boss dahil sa medyo maiksi ang palda na uniform niya dati sa OJT. Syempre nakakaakit naman...
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Lustful Weekend Part 5

Submitted by on July 1, 2018 (7 months ago)
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One Thursday afternoon, I got a text message from Danny, "hi pretty, I hope you are okay. You want to meet later? Kat and myself will go to a club and party. You may want to join us and have a sleepover at the hotel again."

Napa-smile ako sa message ni Danny. I replied, "hmmm…tempting ang offer mo. But sorry I will pass muna since I have classes tomorrow." A minute later I got a reply from him, "sayang naman. pero okay lang, maybe next time?"

A naughty smile formed on my face. I know there will be complications, but I want to do it just the same. And I texted him again, "but I am free tomorrow (Friday) night for party and sleepover…."

Danny replied, "wow, I am speechless. Thank you for saying yes. We will see you tomorrow. Let us party at this nice club in makati, let us all have fun." We agreed that they will fetch me at the dormitory by around 7 pm, have dinner, go to Danny's place to change and party. I am excited to spend...
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Lustful Weekend Part 4

Submitted by on June 30, 2018 (7 months ago)
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Wednesday came, the day of my date with Rolly. Umaga pa lang, he texted me to remind me of our dinner meeting with Danny. He will fetch me at around 5 pm since it is rush hour and we might get stuck in the traffic. I told him that I will be free starting 3 pm and that I will get ready after. Admittedly, I am now more excited with my dates with Rolly, rather than his son Noel. My relationship with Noel is becoming cold, since busy siya with his work as a nurse.

After my class, I rushed back to the dormitory to prepare. Nag shave ako sa pussy area. I wore the skirt that Rolly gave me, no thongs of course. I also prepared an overnight set of clothing. Alam ko na mag overnight kami ni Rolly as he promised me. Rolly fetched me at about 530 pm and we drove to Makati. On our way to the meeting place, he briefed me what to expect with my first meeting with his friend Danny. He told me that Danny, being single, is fond of girls, young girls also. Danny has a girlfriend named Kat. Ka...
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Lustful Weekend Part 3

Submitted by on June 28, 2018 (7 months ago)
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Nagising ako past 5 pm na. I decided to go back to the dormitory since I have classes the next day (being a Monday) and I am pissed off with Noel for satisfying himself only during our afternoon fuck. Gising na rin siya and I told him that I need to go back. He was disappointed dahil that night is his off and he wanted to fuck me more. I told myself, "buti nga sa yo." I just reasoned out that I have an early morning class the next day (which is true) and that I have something to complete that night for submission the next day and the materials are at the dormitory. He reluctantly agreed, dahil wala na rin siyang magawa. I fixed my things, we had an early dinner and went home. I said goodbye to Tito Rolly and he just said smiled and said "ingat ka. Balik ka rito pag may time." I knew that we will be meeting again soon. Hinatid ako ni Noel sa sakayan where I took the cab for my dormitory. Wala pa ang roommate ko when I arrived at the dormitory, most likely she will be coming the...
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Lustful Weekend Part 2

Submitted by on June 27, 2018 (7 months ago)
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Pagkatapos akong ma-fuck ni Tito Rolly sa bathroom niya, he then picked his boxer shorts, sinuot niya and told me "wash up ka na and lumabas, baka kumatok na si Noel" sabay labas sa bathroom. I picked up the towel na nasa floor. Hanged it, went to the shower and wash my body, particularly my butt na puno ng cum ni Tito Rolly. While the water is rushing to my body, naisip ako. "Cindy you are a slut. You let dad and son fuck you today." And then I smiled naughtily.

Paglabas ko ng bathroom, wala na si Tito Rolly sa room niya. I found him sa sala reading something. He just smiled at me, as if nothing happened. I entered Noel's room and found him getting up. "Hey baby, how's your sleep?"I asked him. "Naka-rest ng mabuti baby."He answered back. "Thanks for kanina ha. Now ko lang na-experience maka-ass fuck and sa magandang girlfriend ko pa. He went to me to hug me and kissed me sa lips. "Anything for your my love," I replied.

I was picking...
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Lustful Weekend

Submitted by on June 26, 2018 (7 months ago)
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Hi, my name is Cindy. I am a sexual person, started enjoying sex at a younger age (hmm..high school ako when I had my first). This story is when I was in senior year college in a University in Manila and I met one of my boyfriends (now ex-bf) Noel, a nurse in one of the hospitals also in Manila. Noel is good looking, a health buff (lagi sa gym) and mahilig sa sex (he was 22 at that time, while I was 20 years old). Noel is staying with his Dad Rolly, a medical doctor, in Valenzuela. They have a relatively big and comfortable house. Tito Rolly (that is what I called him) is 55 years old and I found out from Noel that his parents are separated and Mom is working in Canada as a nurse. His other brother is already married and just visits them once a month.

My first fuck with Noel happened during our 1st monthsary. To celebrate and to finally let him taste me (and me taste him), I finally gave him the go signal that we can do it. He was excited and he told me to spend the weekend...
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Hot Mamas

Submitted by on June 18, 2018 (8 months ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Tagalog · Categories: Mature · Tags: ,

I have a thing for hot mamas. Yung mga hot mature ladies na sabi nga nila ay “may asim pa.”

It all started when I had a FUBU who was a lot older than me. Mature na siya. She’s got a good body for her age, although medyo sagging na rin yung suso niya.

Before I got to fuck her, hindi ko rin akalain na I would be into older women, but she was so horny, and she knows how to please. It’s amazing just how perverted and how insatiable she was.

The few times that we met she wanted more but I just couldn’t do it anymore. Literal na naubos niya ang katas ko. I remember one time, we were showering to get ready to check out from the motel, pilit pa rin niya kong chinuchupa. Pero ayaw na talagang tumigas. Nakalimang beses na kong nilabasan noon in a few hours of sex so kahit the mind was willing the cock was too weak.

The hot part was that she was so grateful that a younger guy would notice her and so she was very willing to...
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Summer Vacation VI [Re]

Submitted by on May 9, 2018 (9 months ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, Tagalog · Categories: First Time, Mature, Mind Control, Romance · Tags: , , ,


I am so annoyed, pero hindi ko mailabas, and bakit sino ba ako para magalit? Kasama ko si Kuya lagi, pero pakiramdam ko mas lamang pa rin si Ate Steff, even though magkasama kami sa iisang bubong, alam ko lamang parin si Ate sa akin.

Because I know, yes because I know that day may naganap. Hindi man ako sigurado kung ano but alam ko, at nararamdaman ko may nangyari. Let's call this as women intuitition, ganuon, but then again who am I? Isa lamang akong teenager na pinaalagaan sa bahay ng aking Kuya Vince, how i wish pinanganak ako ng mas maaga...

'Des oras na ng gabi na pero hindi ako makatulog, gusto kong sumugod kay Ate Steff, naasar ako, ang unfair kasi! Bakit pabor sa kaniya ang nangyayari, when ako naman ang nandito sa bahay ni Kuya. Ano kaya ang ginawa nila? Back then nakita ko kung papaano paligayahin ni Kuya Vince ang dalagang iyon, ngayon ano kaya?

What if they had sex? Kinaya kaya ni Ate, ang kay kuya? Nasarapan kaya siya?...
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