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Affliction - 4

Submitted by on February 5, 2019 (6 months ago)
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"Do you need help? I can send someone to—"

I motioned Adam to stop talking. I was so swamped! Never had I felt so alive for so long! For months, all I did was volunteer at the library. It was fun, alright. But that wasn't my scene… Well, organizing a party wasn't, either. But here, I felt the pressure. And Isomissed that!

I missed the pressure. The anxiety. Everything! God, I felt so alive!

"Seriously, I'm fine, Adam," I reassured him.

"You sure?" he asked, reluctant. He looked around and there were number of people moving in the things I ordered for the party tonight. It was the first party that I organized so I had to go extra mile to make sure that this didn't fail.

I was Bree Johnson, still. And failing wasn't a part of my description.

'Well, except for getting pregnant,'a small part of my brain whispered. But I quickly shook the thought away. I didn't need to worry because Adam assured me that...
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