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"Ikwento mo sa akin yung nangyari lab!" paglalambing ni Jeremy

Chie: Ehh, nakakahiya kasi Beyb - tsaka baka magalit ka, di ba sabi mo kailangan magpaalam muna ako at kailangan alam mo?

Jeremy: E vinideohan mo naman e - so ginawa mo yung gusto ko at masunurin kang puta ko..

Sabay halik sa noo ko.

Ang sweet nya talaga!

Sige lab ganito yun:

Biglang may nag-doorbell!!!!

Sunod sunod na pag-doorbell..

"PUTA BITIN!" sa isip-isip ko.



Pinipiga pa niya parehas sa pinakapuno ng suso ko habang ang isang nipple ay dinidilaan niya - ang kabila naman ay sinasabayan din nya ng paglalaro ng daliri!


Basang-basa din ito ng laway niya habang salit-salitan niya itong sinususo.

May tumatawag na sa may pintuan ng apartment nila ni Mina kasabay pa ang sunod-sunod na pag-doorbell nito.

Masarap sana ang nangyayari sa amin ni Jef pero nakakairita na kung sino man ang nasa kabilang pinto...
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Nagising ako ng bandang 9am na kinabukasan.

Una ko agad tiningnan ang cellphone ko.

Puno na naman ng mensahe ang messenger dahil nga sa nakakainis na group chat ng mga dati kong kaklase sa highschool.

Hindi ko na sinilip at siguradong mga lalaki lang na naman yun at si Camille ang bida.

Sunod kong nakita ang message ni Jeremy, pupuntahan niya ako ngayon para mag-ayos kami ng bagong apartment ko.

May surprise din daw siya sa akin.

Sweet din naman paminsan-minsan si Jeremy, kadalasan nawawala siya at hindi ko naman tinatanong kung saan sya nagpupunta at kung ano ang ginagawa niya kapag hindi niya ako tinetext o kasama.

Maganda din ang ganun na may kalayaan at space sa isa't isa.

Ayoko din naman ng nakakasakal na boyfriend.

Sumunod kong nakita ang message ni Eman, nagmessage pa pala siya kagabi at hindi ko na ito nabasa. Naalala ko na naman ang nangyari kagabi, hindi naman ako nagsisisi dahil nasarapan naman ako, pero may alinlangan nga sa isip ko kung ano ang mangyayari pagbalik...
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Loving And Losing

Submitted by on April 1, 2019 (20 days ago)
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Im back!

I have been in this site for quiet a long time, but I have been out for the past few years.

i have met someone here two years ago. She was the girl you wanna spend all your night chatting, laughing and calling. She was sweet, charming, and most of all open and honest. Like me she too was married.

We started this LDR relationship. While doing so, we also both decided to leave FSS so we can focus on what we have. We met for the first time Nov. 2016 and every month thereafter till Nov. 2018.

I would be proud to say that I do love her so much and I also felt her love for me. We had to let go due to our status and morality issues.

I know she is happy now and I do wish her well.

Thank you so much hon.

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Borrowed Time

Submitted by on March 26, 2019 (26 days ago)
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She smiled at the barista after getting her freshly brewed cup of coffee and headed towards the door to sit on her usual spot outside the coffee shop. She was dismayed to see someone else is sitting there. Just as she was about to look away, the man turned his head and looked at her.

Their eyes locked. She smiled hesitantly and he smiled back. And instead of taking the table next to him, she found herself sitting on the chair across him, at the same table.

That is how they started.

This daily routine never failed. As soon as she arrived in the cafe, he would arrive minutes after her and vice versa. They would talk endlessly about anything they can thing of. Soon, she realized she always looked forward to this time, to the time they share together.

What a happy couple! That's how they seemed to be if someone saw them. But they are not a couple. They are just two people, enjoying each other's company. She, who broke her heart recently and he ca...
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Love And Separation

Submitted by on March 1, 2019 (1 month ago)
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If we can love someone so much, how will we able to handle the day when we are separated?

And if being separated is a part of life, and you know separation well, is it possible that we can lose someone and never be afraid of losing them?

I'm also wondering. Is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?

This is my loneliness. I lived 24 years now and I know just how bad loneliness feels. I fear it will continue to get worse.

I have been thinking: How willI make it from now on?... But I believe so much thatI can make it without someone else...

Eventhough sometimes, I have so much love for that someone...seems to be too much love I guess, that I forgot to leave something for myself...

But I believe, as time goes by, we would all agree that there is no such thing as "too much love".

Even if we made mistakes along the way, it's better than never having tried to love and be loved....
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Pag-ibig Nga Naman...

Submitted by on February 28, 2019 (1 month ago)
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This story is purely fictional, characters and settings are not real and are only due to the author's playful imagination.

Lucena st. Tarlac, Metro Manila

Isang babaeng itago natin sa pangalang Nena ang matamlay na nagmamatyag sa mga dumadaang sasakyan sa may tapat ng kanilang abang tahanan.

"Putangina ayoko nang mabuhay." Sa isip-isip n'ya habang malungkot na inaalala ang nangyari sa kanya at ng nagdaang nobyong si Alex. Mabait naman si Alex, guwapo, matalino kung baga ea 'percect boyfriend' na maituturing. Ang problema lamang ea dahil sa sobrang pagkaperfect n'ya ay sadyang lapitin ng chix itong si Alex. Minsan, may dumating na bagong chick kay Alex... 'Wag na nating pahabain pa ang istorya, sa madaling salita ipinagpalit ni Alex si Nena dun sa bagong dating, well just to be blunt, nilandi nung babae si Alex, wala s'yang nagawa lalaki lang siya hindi n'ya kinaya ang tukso at tawag ng laman.(hehehehehe).

Samantala, sa kabilang dako ng Lucena...
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A Chance Meeting, Part 2

Submitted by on February 28, 2019 (1 month ago)
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"Hey, I'm sorry about kanina, okay?" I told Joseph over the phone. "I'm just really...horny. Sorry if I made you uncomfy."

I was back in bed. It was 9 o'clock in the evening. I've had dinner and was watching The Punisher on NetFlix when my boyfriend called.

"Really, it's fine," he replied. "I guess lahat naman tayo nakakaranas ng ganun. Don't worry."

"Thanks, Joseph. I was just really down about it. I didn't want to offend you and I hope na di magbago tingin mo sa akin."

"Not gonna change. I love you, Kath."

"I love you too, Seph. Sige, nanunuod pa kasi ako eh. Hahaha. Talk to you later."

I hung up the phone and went back to my binge-watching. It was almost midnight. I was nearing the season finale when the phone vibrated. It was Len.

"Not again..." I whispered to myself. I didn't dare open it. What I did last night was still burned into my mind. I've since deleted the messages for fear that Joseph would find...
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For Love

Submitted by on January 30, 2019 (2 months ago)
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you resemble
the pale afternoon
and raindrops on my window pane
smell like liquor
and my coffee aftertaste
when you lay your head
on my thumping chest
and draw circles
to tickle my skin
when you kiss my neck
then to my ear
and press them
like petals
against my lips
my dark has bloomed
to one foreign summer day
yes, you taste like wine and cigarette
where I taste like books and spilled inks
but our dusts still merge into planets
and universe
where we promise
to fill our poetries.

the sun will set
the night will fall
the parchment ages
our skins grow old
civilizations rise
history goes
it's indeed
a happy life

I love
you love me
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Submitted by on January 27, 2019 (2 months ago)
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(Background music: I Can't Make You Love Me)

Have you ever felt that you are sometimes functioning on autopilot? I do.

It's on those days when my heart and mind are not seeing eye to eye. It's when my heart is so broken but I cannot let you see it. I smile despite the pain, I laugh despite the hurt. It's when I keep remembering I cannot truly have you. It's on those days when that fear of you leaving me is fast becoming a reality. And yet, I cannot stop myself from loving you. So I try to block those thoughts away and do what I can to maybe, make those memories last. Enough memories for me to get through the pain when you leave.

I know we cannot escape the inevitable. Until then, I just have to keep doing what I have been doing. My mind seems to have finally resigned to its fate but my heart is still taking its time. Funny, how we thought Fate brought us together only for her to tear us apart.

Now, if only my eyes would stop crying...
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Exchange Student (Freshmen Year)

Submitted by on January 27, 2019 (2 months ago)
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Xchange Student 1 (Freshman Year)

Hi. I am Gunner Sullivan and this is my adventure in La Salle.

My lolo and lola is an American while my father used to serve as a US Army Ranger but fell in love with my mom who is a ChiNay (Chinese Pinay) at isa ako sa mga naging bunga. I have a kuya and his name is Hunter. He just graduated from La Salle and now he's a licensed mechanical engineer.

Madalas ma WOW MALI ang mga tao pag nalaman nilang fluent kami sa tagalog, english, fookien and mandarin. Malakas kasi ang dugo ng tatay namin. My brother and I stands 6'4" na may american features. My dad stands 6'2" while my mom stands 5'3". My brother and I are lucky enough na nakuha namin ang height ng tatay namin and my mom's beautiful features. Minsan di ko ma imagine kung pano kinaya ni Mommy si Daddy lalo na sa bagay na iyon.

Di naman sa pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko dahil maski papaano ay may itsura naman kaming magkapatid. Nakuha kaming dalawa sa mga mo...
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