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Date: September 3, 2017 (1 year ago)

Let me share my story about my officemate here in our company. By the way I'm employed as a manager in one of the highly reputable companies here in the Philippines.

I saw this girl when I attended the company's anniversary party at Tavern pub in Makati. I was so attracted to her the day I first saw her. She was about 4'10, slim-type body, Long hair, great eyes and a killer smile! By the way yours truly is married and with a 2 year old kid. In few months she was transferred to head office for their office was closed due to lack of clients. She was assigned at the office of the Chairman as a secretary. The said girl was an accounting graduate by the way. After a few months, she was bored at work and decided to resign.

A few months after she resigned, she re-applies for a job in our Division. She was hired as a Coordinator cum secretary for one of the executives here in our company.

We were not in speaking terms before; it's all just "Hi" and "Hello". Until, an event made us closer together. We became teammates in the said event and I get to know her more and we eventually found out that we had a lot in common in terms of "likeness" in playing computer games. I mentored her all through the said corporate tourney.

We became so close that we confide to one another, we share things like best of friends. We posed for photo ops like sweethearts. We sometimes walk along the walk way like we were a couple. We were generally sweet to one another.

In one boring rainy Friday night, as we log out to end the day in the office we thought of having dinner together. We walked the streets with one umbrella, going to the mall to have dinner in a restaurant. I asked her if she want to have at least a beer or two. She said "Yes". As we eat our dinner we chat about everything, office work, school, love life, etc, etc. She was laughing at my jokes, and I can feel that she was enjoying my company that said night. Few more beers we felt a little tipsy. She asked me if, I can sit beside her so she can lean and relax a bit. I moved and sat beside her. She immediately put her arms around mine and leaned her head a little bit. We were so close to each other and I know she can hear my heartbeat. It was already 1 AM, when I asked for the bill and told her that I'll ride with on her way home. She told that the night is still young and she still wants to be with me. I asked if want to come with me and spent the night with me without a specific place to stay. She looked at me in the eye and she said "yes, I want to spend the night with you". I immediately asked took her hands and ride a cab.

When the said cab pulled over in a motel, I was looking at her and expecting to resistant and demand to take her to her house. But that moment, she just smiled at me and said "let's go". We went to the front desk and asked for a room. I immediately paid for the said room and went up with her. The room was nice and cozy at very affordable price of course. As we sit in the bed I asked her if she wants to order food or beer and she said yes, and we ordered 6 cans of San Mig light and a fried chicken for our "pulutan". After 2 beers, I went to the shower to freshen things up. She just smiled at me and quipped "sige, sunod ako, malagkit na pakiramdam ko eh". I showered for 15 minutes, and then I came out. I was only wearing a towel, when I moved my face closer to hers to kiss her lips. She kissed back and we were kissing torridly. As I kissed her from her lips down to her neck, up to her earlobes, I asked her to take off her clothes; she pulled back and looked me in the eye. And she quipped, "ang gusto ko hubaran mo ako". I smiled back and kissed her again as my hands reach for the buttons of her blouse (we were still in our office uniform). One by one I unbuttoned her blouse until it dropped off the floor. I kissed her from the neck down to her cleavage and then I grabbed her butt and squeezed it tightly, I hear her music as she moaned in satisfaction. As I squeezed her butt, I began to reach for the hook of her mini skirt. I unhooked and unzipped her mini skirt until it dropped off the floor. My hands as well as my tongue are all over her and she moaned like hell. As I licked her cleavage, I'm trying to unhook her bra. When I succeeded in unhooking her size 32B bra, I bit the said bra from affront and threw on the floor. I was amazed to see her captivating breast, her light brownish nipples are now hard and it seems it was ready for my tongue. I grabbed her breast and squeezed it tightly while I licked her from the earlobes down to her now very hard nipples. I lay her down the bed while I sucked and licked her nipples as if there was no tomorrow. She was now moaning loudly as my tongue trip down from her breast to her navel. I pulled down her t-back underwear using two hands as I licked her from the navel down to her "puson". Her t-back is now on the floor and Wow! She is shaved! When I was beginning to lick her already wet pussy, she pulled me up and kissed me on the lips. Mmmmmmmm as she moaned, then she pulled back and said, "ligo muna ako" she smiled and she stood up. She looked back at me and said "ano ligo ka uli?

She grabbed my hand and led me to the shower. When we're inside the shower, pulled my towel and threw on the floor. We're now both naked. We looked at each others eyes and our bodies. We kissed passionately. Our hands travelled all over our bodies. We're feeling each others skin as we kissed. All you can hear inside the shower are splash of water and moans. Loud moans of two people unleashing the horniness kept inside for two years and lick each others body as if there's no tomorrow. I licked her from her ear lobes down to her well formed breasts. I sucked her breast like a baby longing for a mother's milk. She reaches for my dick masturbate it. I pulled her head towards my chest. With her 4'10" height, her tongue easily reached my hardened nipples. She sucked my nipples as she masturbates my dick. "Up down, Up down, Up down" as her little hands pumps my dick. She slid her tongue down to my navel. Ooooh, that feels great. My eyes are closed and no words came out of my mind. Only Ooooohs, and Ahhhhhhhs. I was catching my breath….suddenly, my dick felt warm; I opened my eyes and saw her innocent looking beautiful face giving me blow job. I felt so blessed, for, a beautiful, young innocent, educated, decent office and Christian girl giving me a nice blow job inside the shower of a known Hotel in Guadalupe, Makati….Wow! That is something! I felt like I was about to burst, so I sat on the toilet and ask her to sit on me. My dick is now as hard as steel! She was already lubricated and ready. I asked her to face me and "sit" on my now hardened dick. She was so wet, that I didn't have a hard time penetrating her. Ohhhhhhh yeah that feels soooooo good she moaned. She was pumping up and down as I suck her light brownish and already hardened nipple…..hmmmmmmmmm…! The whole bathroom was filled our moaning and hard breathing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..hmmmmmmmmm…Yeah! My hands were all over her. As I licked her from neck, down to her cleavage, I teased her by playing my right finger in her butt hole, while my left hand was mashing her left boobs. As I was sucking and licking her right boobs, she shifts gear, she's now pumping hard and moaning hard, until she screamed; IM CUMMING!!!!! IM CUMMING!!!! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH MY GOD! (She's a Christian talaga noh? ;-) ). From that position, I felt good even though medyo bitin ako but, I know na satisfy ko na sya. We washed up muna before we left the bathroom.

I cuddled her as we went to bed. We passionately kissed, espadahan kami ng dila at palitan ng laway. She's a very, very good kisser, sobra! I licked her from her earlobes down to her tummy, and down to her pussy. I even teased her by licking her "singit". She was moaning hard and all I can hear from her are Ohhhhhhhhhs and Ahhhhhhhhhhs. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy as I licked her clit. Her pussy smells and taste good "amoy at lasang pinipig". She was grabbing my head by the hair and pinning it in her pussy as she pleads to me to "Don't Stop". I can taste her juice as she was already leaking from her tasty pussy. My dick was already stiffed as steel so I went up and aim my stiffness in her already lubricated pussy. Oooohhhhhh, that was as I moaned, she answered back "Please Fuck me Hard!" she moaned wildly; ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh,.That time the room was already filled with wild moans, both from me and from her. Were in a "missionary" position first and I tried to reach for her boobs and suck it hard as I pumped her. I pumped hard until I heard her telling me "Don't STOP Im CUMMING! Im CUMMING! Im CUMMING" I fucked her harder and harder and harder. I'm more pumped up and horny as she begs to me to fucked her harder. After nya labasan, I asked her na mag doggy-style kami, she granted me my request and pumwesto na sya. Nakatuwad na sya as gave her some "Love Bites" in her ass. I find her ass cute...

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