The fitness program was already paying dividends. I felt great, and even my wife said I appeared less-stressed and more youthful. Syempre, she didn't know the real reason. Josie and I were already into our second week of "extra activities" and besides the physical benefit, we were getting to know each other intimately. It seemed both of us were starved for honest and real communication, neither had any meaningful talk with anyone for so long. We discovered a lot about each other.

I learned that she was practically a prisoner in the huge gated house, mansion if you will. Hubby didn't allow her any friends, especially other Pinay. He decided her food and activities, and even the music she listened to. He was over-protective, overbearing, jealous and controlling. It took some doing for him to even allow her to go the park to exercise. He gave her everything she wanted or needed... except for the freedom to be herself. She was afraid to express herself in any way uniquely personal, as she was sure he wouldn't approve. He had two grown kids near her age, a boy and girl, and they hated her. They referred to her as "The Gold Digger" even when she was within earshot. They didn't understand that he had pursued her, not the other way around. She was miserably trapped, and I really felt for her. I hated her husband.

We were becoming close emotionally. Physically, so far she and I had shared my truck (the parking lot blowjob), the public CR, and a tree. The tree was in woods off the nature trail, adjacent to the field and jogging track. After our daily workout, we disappeared deep into the woods and began making out under a huge old Live Oak tree. Before long, she ended up facing the tree, leaning forward and supporting herself with her hands on the tree. Her shorts were down and I was deep inside her pussy from behind, and nibbling on her neck. It was our first penetrative sex, and it was incredible! She was so agile and tight, very wet, and had an amazing way of moving her hips. However, we were unfortunately interupted by some noisy kids nearby and had not yet reached the best part. Coitus Interuptis.... damn! Not wanting to expose our sin to innocent children, I pulled out, quickly pulled up her shorts and panty then my own. We briskly walked away holding hands until we reached the parking lot end of the circular trail. My nuts were sore!

The next day, Josie didn't show up at the park. I waited for her until I realized she wasn't coming, then went ahead and did my laps alone. Thinking, it occurred to me that Josie and I hadn't yet made proper love; we had never been fully naked and we hadn't any real foreplay leading to the actual sex. Shit, I hadn't even seen her breasts! I felt guilty, Josie deserved to be made love to. Quickies are great, but shouldn't be all we have. I began to make a plan.

After my workout, I drove to a seaside resort well south of the island. I booked a suite for the following day with early check-in and early check-out. I expected a smirk or a raised eyebrow from the clerk, but there was none. I guess I'm not the only guy who has booked a cottage for daytime use only. It had a king bed, fully tiled shower, and a jacuzzi whirlpool tub. Above the tub there was a huge window with one-way glass that provided an awesome view of the ocean. It was perfect! I drove home excited, but wondering why Josie hadn't shown up at the park that day.

I arrived early at the park the next day and waited. I hoped so badly she would be there. Sure enough, I spotted the shiny silver Porsche pulling into the lot. She parked at the far end and hopped out walking toward me. Right away, two things struck me; she looked gorgeous.... and she looked sad, very sad.

She wasn't wearing the jacket today, in fact she wasn't wearing a top at all. Rather, she had on a tight gray sports bra and looked amazing. Her pert titties were nicely shaped and I could discern her nipples in the morning air. Her shorts were sexy as well, a gray silky pair of short running shorts, tight in the butt but loose and flitty at the legs and a pink stripe on each side. My heart skipped a beat as we met at the track and I was overwhelmed by how damn cute and sexy she looked. Finally, she had an orange ball cap, and her pony tail stuck out the opening in back above the adjuster strap. She was perfect, but her sadness had me concerend as we began to walk.

"Josie, what's wrong? What happened yesterday?"

"I was in a bad mood."


"It was my birthday, and hubby didn't remember..."

"Damn... that's rough." I didn't know what to say. I know how Pilipino love to celebrate their birthdays. I know how she must miss her pamilya and customs back home. My heart was breaking for her. We walked in silence for a while, then I broke it.

"Well, happy birthday anyway, Josie. I have a surprise for you."

"Huh? How did you know?"

"I didn't..."

We finished that one lap, then I directed her to her vehicle and told her to take it to the mall. I followed her and she parked and hopped into mine. We headed south to the resort. I had pre-arranged for some flowers to be on the table, and they were the first thing she saw when I held the door for her. She was excited and very appreciative, especially considering her wealth. It was great to see her sad eyes brighten and dance like a child's. It's good to know that the thought still counts for some people.

I closed the door and bolted it, and grasped her hips as she turned around. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Her hat was the first thing to go, then her shoes. I kicked mine off as well, and laid her down gently on the spacious bed. We kissed and played, laughing and sighing, until we couldn't take anymore, then I removed her sports bra and made love to her perfect breasts. Her arms felt great around my neck. Next, her shorts came off, revealing a sporty panty that matched the bra. She pulled my shirt over my head between kisses. I finagled my shorts off while we were passionately enjoying each other and dry humped her, grinding my hard cock into her pussy over our undies. I swear she came during this, and it thrilled me to no end to get that reaction from her. We rolled over, taking turns on top, and taking our time. Then there was no more will-power, we needed each other right then. We tugged each other's underwear off and I rubbed my dickhead into her wet slit and then slid it inside the tight passage. We fucked that way for a few minutes, then I rolled onto my back and she sat on me, cowgirl-style. I loved watching her shapely little breasts bounce up and down as she rode me, sliding up and down my hard cock. Amazingly, she turned around and leaned forward, her face to my toes, and I was treated to an excellent view of her swollen pussy taking my hard cock from behind. It disappeared and reappeared, each time it was wetter. I spread her butt cheeks with my hands and saw her cute little butthole peeking at me. Just under that, my cock being engulfed by her lovely pussy over and over. My dick was bent the wrong way and felt like it was going to snap off.... but I could not stop Josie from enjoying herself as she did a circular motion and up and down. The amazing view was making my head swim. I felt her cum, gripping my dick, and I could see actually see her pussy pulse as it contracted. That put me over the edge, and we shared an incredible orgasm.........


I've had women get loud before, but this time it was me! I involuntarily made the noise, a cross between a scream and a grunt, a first for me. This chick just totally blew my mind and my load simultaneously. My now softening-dick slid out, followed by a stream of hot cum and Josie collapsed on my legs face-down... then rolled off me. She lay there, spent, opposite me. Neither talked, we both lay on our backs in different directions. That made it convenient for my next move. I pulled her by her legs towards me, rolled us onto our sides, and began a 69 with her.

She could barely take it when my face first touched her freshly-fucked puss, but she settled down a little within a few moments and began sucking me back to life. First on our sides, we evolved into her on top. I grabbed a pilllow to support my head and sucked her wonderful little pussy to another orgasm. I wasn't quite ready yet, so I gently pushed her off me, scooped her up into my arms, and carried her to the shower. I used the hand-held wand to flush the saliva and cum from her pekpek, then led her to the tub. We soaked in the whirlpool bath overlooking the ocean and recuperated, snuggling in the warm bubby water. Soon we were making out again,...

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