The Fitness Progam - 4

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Date: June 13, 2018 (1 year ago)

When I left off last time, I was in the middle of a threesome with Josie and Beth. It was everything I hoped it would be. The three of us had fun several times that summer, then Beth went off to a prominent university in the fall. Honestly, I was glad to see her go because fact is, I had been feeling jealous watching Beth give Josie so much pleasure. Josie was no longer an object to me, by that time she had become the woman I love.

The fitness program really paid off, I had dropped 30 lbs and was looking and feeling good. But sadly, my wife became ill just before Christmas that year. We toughed through it, as we always had through bad times... although the outcome was clear, she was terminally ill. I told Josie that I could no longer see her, out of respect for my wife. I was surprised to find out that Josie had news of her own... she decided to leave her husband. She hadn't told him yet, but she was determined to go.

Fast forward another four months; it was spring and I had just finished the ceremonial and legal obligations, and was now a single man. Funny how life takes it's twist and turns and no one knows what lies ahead for us tomorrow and beyond. I loved my late wife, we had been through too much to have thrown it all away while she was living. I couldn't simply unlove her because her desire for fun and sex left her in the last years of her life. There's more to life than sex, she had been a perfect partner in so many ways. So, I grieved for her... although Josie was still on my mind.

I felt guilty thinking of Josie during that time, and I wondered how it could be that I loved two women. I decided it was possible, as there are different types of love. I've never believed in the notion that there is but one special person for each of us, and that fate dictates when we will find them. That concept is for naive young girls, not for realists. The truth is, it's a blessing to find anyone whom one can even tolerate long-term, let alone finding someone to be a best friend, lover, partner and an equal half in the relationship. We all just do the best we can, and I was lucky to have come so close as I had. But my life wasn't over yet.

Having spent every moment with my wife, I had not exercised much over the winter. In fact, besides being incredibly busy, I intentionally avoided the park. I knew seeing Josie would interfere with the caretaking of my wife. Now I was alone. Looking in the mirror, I noticed how much I aged in the past 4-5 months. I really needed to get out for some fresh air and get my heart rate up. So, I headed to the park on this fine late-spring morning, and it was a stereotypical spring day; bright blue sky, birds singing, and all that crap. I felt pretty good just being outside and looked forward to the walking/jogging track... hoping Josie would be there. I felt excited as I pulled into the parking lot.

I parked and sat there drinking my coffee and listening to music as I visually scanned the park, just like old times. It took me a minute or so, but I spotted a familiar shape at the far end of the track, making the turn and heading my direction. I recognized her jacket, the same one she was wearing the first time we met... it was Josie! She became clearer as she came closer, and my heart stirred as I watched her. I wondered how she would react to see me. I also wondered if by now she had left her husband. Well, here goes, I thought. I hopped out of my truck and timed my walking to meet Josie face to face as I reached the track. She spotted me before I could get there, and I saw her characteristic huge smile and twinkling eyes as she recognized me. She looked beautiful.

"James! Long time, no see!"

"Hi Josie, you look gorgeous"

"It's so nice to see you..."

"Yeah, you too!"

Pleasantries aside, now it was a little awkward. I wanted to grab her and kiss her, and it occurred to me that maybe now we could actually kiss in public. Instead, we walked to a picnic table and sat opposite each other. Josie spoke first, "So, how are you? How's your wife... (and watching my face) Oh, did she.. is she.... Uhm... "

"Yes, she's uhm... passed.... I'm fine Josie. How are you?"

"Physically I'm fine, but dear hubby is giving me trouble. I'm still with him, er... I mean, living in his house.... He won't let me go unless I leave with nothing... and I mean, absolutely NOTHING. James, he won't even give me anything to live on, not even anything to actually move with... not even my clothes.... not the ones he bought, anyway... no car..... nothing. And I'm conflicted, because I hate him and don't want anything from him... but let's face it, I have to live. He won't even buy me a plane ticket to Philippines... He's cut me off of everything... I can't even get into the bank account... He lets me come here for a couple hours every day, or out for some shopping, but that's just about all the freedom I have. I've thought about just driving away, just get in the car and keep going, but he would have me picked up for stealing his car... James, I'm trapped."

"Fuck him, Josie. We'll think of a way to get you free. Just hang in there a few more days, pretend like nothing is happening. We'll come up with something."

"I have to go now", she said. I wanted to kiss her, tell her I love her. Those words were still unspoken. But this wasn't the right time or place. I watched her walk off and my heart was aching for her.

"Tomorrow, Josie?"

"Yes, James", she said over her shoulder.

I began walking and thought about how to get Josie free. My first thought was to have her move in with me. But that didn't seem right.... I mean, it was still my wife's house in my mind. I just couldn't picture her there, it wouldn't feel right. And I doubted my kids would be ok with it. They don't live with me, but they surely wouldn't approve of her in my house... not this soon. So that was out of the question. Then I thought about buying or renting a place for her. That didn't seem likely, as my retirement pension wasn't enough to sustain two households. Then it occurred to me that I didn't need my house, it was much more than I needed for just myself. I decided to sell it, but that could take time, even months. I couldn't wait that long, couldn't stand the thought of Josie stuck in that creepy mansion with a cruel sadistic partner.

Finally, it hit me that I could borrow the equity in my house, use it to move Josie, then pay it back when my house sold! Genius! I only bought the place for an investment anyway, and I was tired of the upkeep on it. I did 4 laps around the track, went home, and called the bank.

Josie was already at the park when I arrived the next morning. As we walked, I told her my plan. She was humble and refused, just like I knew she would. But I kept talking until she finally started considering it.

"But what about you, James?"

"What about me?"

"Where will YOU live?"

"Uhm... I dunno. I guess I could stay at my house until it sells."

I reached for her hand, but she wouldn't take mine. "James, I'm still married and we're in public."

"But Josie, I want you...."

"I want you too but we have to wait. We have to be careful."

The next several days we met at the park and then left in my truck and looked at apartments and condos. We didn't want to be too close to hubby, so we left the island and looked inland. Meanwhile, my bank came through with the cash. Within two weeks I bought a place and put it in Josie's name. I didn't want her living in a man's house again. This condo was to be hers, no matter what happened to us. I didn't want her feeling indebted again. Once the deal was finished, we began buying clothes and other necessities for her and moving them in. I furnished the new place with things from the spare rooms in my house.

Once we got the bed in, we made love in it. Of course we both knew it was going to happen, we just didn't know when. Josie was on a strict timetable and couldn't spend more than a couple of hours out each morning. So that morning, as soon as the mattress hit the frame, we hit the mattress. It was the first time we had made love in many months, and it was great. Frantic, yet tender, and this time it was different, at the end.... while recovering... I laid the 'L" bomb on her.

I stared into those lovely brown eyes, told her I love her, and kissed her on the forehead.

"I love you too, James."

I kissed her on the lips now, then roll off and laid by her side. I couldn't believe it, how life changes so fast. Up until now, I wasn't sure if we were a couple or not.

"I'll pay you back for all of this....."

"No, you won't... this is for us."

That afternoon, Josie went home, called an attorney, and filed for divorce. The settlement was easy, she took absolutely nothing, or at the least she left with only what she came with. She walked out of the gate with only a suitcase and climbed into my truck. I took her to her condo.

As for me, I waited another 2 months for my house to sell. Over that time, I eased Josie into conversations with my kids. By the time I moved to the condo they had accepted her, even though it was so soon and Josie was only a year older than my eldest. Josie got a job and I took up golfing. Within a year we bought a seaside condo in Philippines as well, close enough to see Josie's family when we...

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June 13, 2018 (1 year ago)

nice story :)

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June 13, 2018 (1 year ago)

maraming salamat, friend!  :)

"No one ever leaves you as they found you"

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June 14, 2018 (1 year ago)

Nice story sir..what's next?

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June 15, 2018 (1 year ago)

ask ko lng po mam yang sa pic,yan naba si josie?

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