Secret Desires [Prologue]

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Date: June 24, 2018 (11 months ago)

Warning: This story contains scenes unsuitable for young readers. Reader discretion is advised. Age gap 18+ readers only.

- - - - -


I stared outside the window of my room, looking at the dark cloudy sky. I bet minutes from now it will rain. I wonder how he is doing at this very moment.

I finished combing my hair and walked towards my bed. I fixed my sheets to prepare for sleep, thinking how big my bed is with just me on it.

I wonder what it would feel like if we're together as a couple. How it would be like being in his arms.

I shaked my head at the thought of it. What a hopeless dream!

It has been years. Four years, in fact. We could never ever be a couple. After all, we are just friends. Besides, he already has a girlfriend, and I already have a boyfriend. I sighed.

I grabbed my phone on the night stand to check any messages from my boyfriend. And I am right.

Hey babe, am done with my homework. You done with yours?
Babe? You doing your night rituals now?
I miss you, babe.
Babe, what's taking you so long?

Although Luis lives far away from me, he has been my boyfriend for three years now. He is great with dealing with me but somehow, I feel like we lack something.

I quickly typed in my reply.

Sorry. Just done with my night rituals, and yes, I'm done with my homework. Am already on my bed. You?

Not a minute later after I sent my reply, he called.

I, then, answered it.

"Hey babe," he greeted me with that bedroom voice of his that I know so well.


"Hmm? So what're you wearing tonight?"

He is always like this to me. He talks this way to me, especially at night. I could only imagine him thinking of stripping me off my clothes, as I know he will be doing every time our conversation is like this.

"You already know what type of clothing I wear when I go to sleep, babe." I answered him, rolling my eyes.

"But I want to know.."

I sighed. Trying to buy me with that childish voice, huh?

This is becoming really boring.

"I'm wearing my black spaghetti-strapped night blouse paired with short leopard-print shorts. You know, that one I wore when we chatted online a few days back?"

"Ohh~ that one. If only I could caress your long flawless legs.."
His voice became hoarse as he probably imagine what I'm wearing tonight and possibly thinking of what he'll do to me if we were together in bed.

"Yeah. If only.." But that ain't gonna happen because you're too damn far from me!

This is really becoming such a bore. I guess I'm not meant for this long distance relationship.

Days became weeks.
Weeks became months.
It was on a sunny day of June that I met someone else.

He was so tall, standing six feet against my five feet four inches of height. His body built is big like someone who often goes to the gym. Although, his body is not like those weird looking body of "gym boys".

I admire his guts to ask me out, and even without thinking, I agreed to meet him at a movie theater to watch a movie I've been longing to see since it was a romantic comedy movie.

I wore my white off-shouldered blouse and paired it with a brown shorts that's just until my middle thigh. He was already there, waiting for me, with our tickets and food.

After the guard checked our movie tickets, we went inside the movie theater.

It was already dark when we went inside, indicating that the movie has already started. He held my hand as he guided me up the stairs unto the balcony. His scent invaded my entire system, making me a bit dizzy. He just smelled so good, and he dressed up nicely, too.

We chose to sit at the far back of the balcony area, giving us privacy from the other people watching the movie. I grabbed the paper bag full of popcorn, and ate a handful. He, too, ate some of it.

Halfway through the movie, I felt him shift from his seat. He touched my face. His breath just below the side of my jaw. He nuzzled my neck, whispering sweet nothings.

"Hey.. I thought we're watching this?" I hardly recognize my own voice.

"You watch. Let me.. just.. do this." His voice laced with something I haven't heard from him before.


His clean hand moved from my face down to my neck, and chest. Fire traveled all over my body from my neck and chest to my back, and my most private part.

His hand stayed there for a while. Caressing... and squeezing my left boob, alternately with my right boob. I moaned softly. Biting my lips to stop myself from moaning so loud. I could feel my nipples hardening.

This is such a different feeling. So different from the way Luis used to describe it. This is much more.. real.

I felt myself becoming wet down there for this new emotion. And I'm not even doing anything.

My anticipation heightened when he slid his hand inside my blouse. Alternately squeezing my boobs and fondling my nipples.

He kissed me thoroughly. His tongue clashed with mine like an erotic dance, blurring my senses.

I was so lost with what I was feeling that I did not notice his hand slid inside my shorts, and my underwear. I fought to moan loudly. He fondled my pearls with such experienced hand, making me tremble.

Heat is building up inside my being, my mind heavy with desire. I feel like I'm going high from the way his expert hand moved. Going to the heights I have gone a few times by myself. It feels so different when someone else does it for me. And when I felt I couldn't contain it anymore, I released it. Convulsing in pleasure, as I waited for it to be over.

With a determined mind filled with desire, I quickly grabbed his belt and clumsily unbuckled it. I don't know what I'm doing, I just wanted to make him feel good, too, the way he did with me.

His big and long manhood sprung angrily. Before I could back out from the sight of his thing, I went on my knees, and stroked him up and down. Hearing him moan sexily made me hot all over again. What I'm doing must be right!

I licked his shaft up and down, getting the feel of him, making me more dizzy with desire. Oh! How I want him inside me!

I put him in my mouth. Sucking him. Licking. Stroking. He...

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June 24, 2018 (11 months ago)

What a lucky guy... i hope someday someone like you would come along and enjoy some erotic moment with me...

You will never appreciate a simple composition not unless you have created a single piece of work.

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June 24, 2018 (11 months ago)

Nice hoping for realith but u're far away


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June 24, 2018 (11 months ago)

Ganda Ng kwento. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Keep it up siren

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