Secret Desires [Chapter 1]

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Date: June 26, 2018 (11 months ago)

Warning: This story contains scenes unsuitable for young readers. Reader discretion is advised. Age gap 18+ readers only.

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Chapter 1

I came home light-headed after what happened. We promised to text each other when we both arrive at our house. I took a quick shower to freshen up, and changed my clothes to a more comfortable one before I lay on my bed.

I checked my phone. I received several texts from Luis and one text from Mac. I read the latter first.

When will we see each other again?

I smiled. What happened awhile ago was the first time I've given someone a blowjob. It was so hot.

Soon. After my exams.

Second quarter exams is fast approaching so I need to study more. I have to not be distracted by him; or to be reminded of the way he caressed me; or the way his hand went all the way to my...

I shook my head.What was I thinking?I should stop thinking about those or else I'll definitely be distracted.

I, then, replied to Luis' tiresome texts.

By 9, I went to sleep as I have classes tomorrow.

The moment I woke up, I hurriedly prepared for school. My cream colored school blouse and black pants hugged my frame.

My classes are all the same for this week. Quizzes, and oral recitations. Everything we've done to prepare us for our exams the following week.

Mac and I frequently exchange messages every night. He would always text me and make me feel beautiful. At least, that's what I think. I don't know if I have deeper feelings for him other than lust.

Luis also texts me but my replies became less and less. It's just that he is suffocating me. He doesn't want me to go somewhere else alone, even if I just have to buy simple stuff for school. He also does not want me to be present in general assemblies organized by my school and the organization I'm in.

The week for exams came. It was already 4 in the afternoon and I have finished all my exams. Hopefully, I passed all of it. I was walking towards the stairs to go down from the building when someone called me.

"Hey Rika!"

I turned to face her. "Yes Jill?"

"What was your answer on question number twenty? Mine was letter C, but I am having doubts now."

I thought about what she's asking. "Hmm. I don't quite remember but I think it was D. I'm not even sure of it too, so don't fret."

She shrugged. "Oh, okay. Well, I hope the things we got right are many, than the wrong ones."

"Yeah, I hope so."
I smiled, then felt my phone vibrate so I grabbed it from my tote bag.

Are you done with your exams? I'm outside your school now.

Reading his message made me want to fly outside to meet him. I just couldn't believe he'll come and pick me up. I typed in my reply.

Really? Yes, I'm done. Be out in a bit.

I glanced back at Jill. "Sorry, but I have to go. See you on Monday!"

She smiled and waved at me. "See you!"

When I was about to go out of school, I saw many students and motorcab drivers circling around a certain motor bike. Imagine my shock when it was Mac who brought that kind of ride.

It was a black Suzuki SVF 650. The passengers' seat is specifically designed so that the passenger could wrap her arms around the driver's waist. Her boobs probably touching the back of that said driver.


I am going to ride that?

I'm utterly speechless.

Not only is it somewhat improper, it screamed of money and vulgar position.

He quickly noticed me from the crowd, "Well? Let's go?"

The people stared at me in disbelief. Some are most probably discussing about me. Some are just amazed with that type of vehicle.

Who would have thought that I, a third year college student, would go out on a date with a man seven years my senior? I don't even understand myself.

I blinked a couple of times to recover from my shock. I looked at his already impatient eyes and slowly walked towards him.

Awkwardness enveloped me.

I went up to sit at the back of the motorbike with his help. Covering my face with the palm of my hands, I feel so ashamed. Like the cause of this relationship is me being unable to provide for myself that I resulted to have an older man providing for me. That's what they all are probably thinking.

The engine started and we drove off fast, away from the criticizing eyes.

My hands immediately wrapped him in a way so that I wouldn't fall off. My breast touching his back with every small bump on the road.

I felt the familiar heat rise from the back of my head towards my most private part. This simple position could not have possibly caused this sensation. But why do I feel wet in between my thighs if this is not the reason?

Before arriving at Shakeys, I cleared my head with all earthly emotions. I went down from his ride and we walked closely towards the pizzeria.

I settled at the far back, while he proceeded to the counter to order.

He took the chair beside me after he ordered. It would be fifteen minutes or less of waiting for our food, but I didn't mind. I am not that hungry anyway.

It is not the first time we had a date following our movie date weeks ago. But it is the first time he picked me up from school. Like he's saying to the crowd that I am his and he is not afraid to show it.

He reached for my hand. Caressing it and up to the side of my arms. Nuzzling my hair as he did it.

"I've missed you." He huskily confessed.

With just the tone of his voice, my mind quickly flashed that hot scene we had in that movie theater.

"Hmm.. I've missed you.. too." My voice came out like a whisper as his hands found their way to the center of my pants.

It is already wet since the moment I rode his motorcycle. So, I tried to stop him, thinking about the people that might see us.

"Mac.." I called his name as a warning, but he just wouldn't let it go that my voice became like a purr.

He lightly stroked that part. I was fighting so hard not to moan. Up and down, he rubbed it. Before I knew it, he was able to open my pants with its zipper on the side.

He reached for my clitoris and pinched it. I stifled a moan. His other fingers expertly rubbed my folds. Up and down it goes. Side by side it went.

He.. He really does know how to make my body burn with lust.

I am already panting.

My breath became heavier, and that same feeling began to arise. I want to reach it again that I urged him to do more.

He slid his two fingers inside my pussy, finger-fucking me. Too slow that I was asking him for more. For a much faster pace.

"Oh Mac~" My mind became blank. All I could think of is his fingers doing me.

When will I experience his cock inside mine? I became more lustful at the thought.

He went faster and all my senses were gone. I focused on that sensation until I came hard. My legs writhed from the after shock. I bit my lips to stop any lewd noise.

He removed his fingers from my center and wiped them clean with a paper towel. I fixed my pants, my self included.

The food came just in time as we both came back to our normal selves. The waitress bowed and left us to eat our meal. It is a Hawaiian piz...

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