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Date: July 11, 2014 (8 years ago)


Thisstory is about a girl who has everything... seeking of something's hidden,
turns out that what she's seeking can yet be surprising,...

Victoria is 27 year old, in a relationship with Enrick for about 2years from now, 35 year old, who owned a restaurant near in Pasay, while Victoria has his own business, flower shop in Batangas, who was being assisted by his youngest sister she was residing with her cousins in Paranaque, at the same time she also work as a call center agent in Makati,. Victoria is yet a simple person who can easily get along with others she's also very humble, passionate indeed down to earth type of a girl, A girl who simply had every man's dream,..

She even invested for her cousin to have a farm business also in Batangas, Yet indeed, a really hardworking and kind-hearted to anyone,. People love who she was, but people hate what she are and what she have. She often visits her younger sister when she had time or when she gets to leave for work.

It's Thursday and today was her day-off she'll go visit his boyfriend for now, she really misses him already she fixed up everything and gets ready for her clothes, she just wear her dressed that Enrick bought to her, and nicely comb her hair blushes off his chicks and put on a red lipstick,. Everything's done and fabulous and now she's ready to go, Enrick didn't even know that Victoria will surprisingly visits her. She was on her way to the restaurant and excited that Enrick will be surprised knowing that he was totally no idea that Victoria would visit her but; surprisingly she was much surprised of what she saw with the restaurant.

Enrick was with his assistant Rose, they were totally sweet it's like they didn't care for the people around them. They were whispering with each other's ears so close that they couldn't get his eyes off Rose. She confronted them and slaps Enrick's face for that and especially Rose whom she knew that she could even trust with. Victoria didn't know what to do that time Enrick didn't even reached for her nor anything all she wanted to do is cry, it totally cuts like a knife that for several years that their been through she didn't know that Enrick was doing that to her,.

Her heart was merely in pained, tears fall onto her face she couldn't stop herself from crying, she runs so fast that she didn't even know where her feet was taking her,..

She got up into a bar near Mandaluyong, where she can chill out for awhile and obligate, order a punch of tequila, and drink it till the last drop like there's no tomorrow, Victoria wasn't the alcoholic type ,. She's totally pissed off that night she couldn't even move herself, tequila was all over her body, she felt it running through her veins and down through her spine, she couldn't resist it her heart is aching she doesn't want to recall every memories they have,. Two years was everything for her,


That's the last thing she said and fell off to the bar. A guy named Henry found her lying down in the bar, he couldn't leave her like pity he felt for her,how can such a lovely face yet a gorgeous girl be like this found himself asking,.He paid the bill then eventually takes Victoria to his condominium he laid her there and watched her asleep. He was totally mesmerized felt like he didn't felt before. Henry falls asleep beside her. That morning Victoria was shocked, was asking herself how the hell she got there she doesn't remember anything at all, she dressed up immediately and got out there immediately.

She fixed herself and got back to work like nothing's happening.LET GO, LET GO,LETTING GO...
Suddenly, her phone rang she picks it up and answer a guy's voice who she can't even recall.Henry just said to her, "you were like a kitten after you'd been cared of you'll walk away and turns back nor say something like thank you,."after that call she can't even talk, she was thinking how can he get my phone number anyway,..(Weirdo...) she sighed.

Her officemate Anna got up to her and said that his boss wants to talk over her, That time she quickly came to his boss to show off she was suddenly surprised that his boss and the man who have helped her were the same persona that she even call weirdo,.. She deeply sighed back she doesn't know what to say to him, She stares at him rugged, and just said"if you think I might thank you for what you've done sorry I won't,.."then suddenly turns back at him,. She didn't even wonder why she said that thing to him,"It's my boss..."she gasped. Henry was also surprised for what she have said, he follow Victoria and grab her shoulder, asking "why are you so hard on me what's wrong with you...?" It...

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July 11, 2014 (8 years ago)

ang boring na nang mga story.. parang edited n lng..

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July 11, 2014 (8 years ago)

Mas maganda siguro kung tinagalog na lang... just saying... :-)

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July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

agree ako kay boyhunk1


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katie_16's Profile Picture
July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

sorry guys for my project proposal ko lng tlga kc to uhmmm pinost ko to know wat ur feedbacks and comments,.. first tym ko lang din kc to write english story, anyway thanks for ur feedbacks guys,.. this story wasnt edited din po,..

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July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

ok lang yan pero try checking on the grammar before posting it..


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July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

nice try katie!!!!

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July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

where do you want me first to comment dear.. sa sa story ba or sa feelings ni Victoria? :D

well nice but it's usual story nga, more about cheating then someone can't trust love due to one part can't move on from the past... well i suggest put more twist on it someone what like Rose is related to Henry....

good try ms katie (wink)

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July 12, 2014 (8 years ago)

okie thanks guys for the comments and feedback,.... i appreciate it,.. mwuah

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July 14, 2014 (8 years ago)

Hi Kat! Mukhang napakalaking 'tulong' ang kailangan mo! Whakokok

una, wag kang magtipid ng 'punctuation marks' lalo na yung 'quatation mark'.

Ikalawa, wag kang palilito sa 'his' at 'her', at lalo wag palito sa narrator.

Ikatlo, wag kang magtipid ng 'oras', ireview mo muna ng 100 times! Hehe

simple tip:
"Kapag hindi nag-rhyme ang sentence, may mali sa grammar!" hehe

At higit sa lahat, iklian mo pa ang suot mong shorts! Hihi

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July 14, 2014 (8 years ago)

Nice take on the grammar Sir FF, pag binasa ko at sablay sa pandinig alam ko mali sentence construction ko hehe. Very constructive criticism na sana eh...nagpahabol pa sa haba ng shorts, amf naman talaga. :-))

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