Lustful Weekend Part 4

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Date: June 30, 2018 (1 year ago)

Wednesday came, the day of my date with Rolly. Umaga pa lang, he texted me to remind me of our dinner meeting with Danny. He will fetch me at around 5 pm since it is rush hour and we might get stuck in the traffic. I told him that I will be free starting 3 pm and that I will get ready after. Admittedly, I am now more excited with my dates with Rolly, rather than his son Noel. My relationship with Noel is becoming cold, since busy siya with his work as a nurse.

After my class, I rushed back to the dormitory to prepare. Nag shave ako sa pussy area. I wore the skirt that Rolly gave me, no thongs of course. I also prepared an overnight set of clothing. Alam ko na mag overnight kami ni Rolly as he promised me. Rolly fetched me at about 530 pm and we drove to Makati. On our way to the meeting place, he briefed me what to expect with my first meeting with his friend Danny. He told me that Danny, being single, is fond of girls, young girls also. Danny has a girlfriend named Kat. Kat is 22 years old that time and is completing her studies also. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, "pareho pala na mahilig sa young girls ang dalawang ito." Rolly told me to just go with the flow and enjoy the night. We will all have fun daw, with his naughty smile. I told him that I am ready for anything, sabay tawa.

We met in a nice Spanish resto at Greenbelt. Danny is about the same age as Rolly but just about my height and has a relatively nice body for his age (gym daw regularly kasi). He was with his date Kat, a petite girl, maputi, maganda and has big boobs (bigger than me). She was wearing a tight maong pants with low waist, showing her black thongs. Kat that time is completing her degree in Tourism. She is also in her senior year and graduating that time. Danny's business is in the hospitality (tourism) and doon sila nagkakilala ni Kat. Since Danny likes young girls and Kat needs a sponsor (as Rolly quietly explained to me), the relationship became beneficial to them.

The food served in the resto was simply great and the wine the guys ordered helped break some inhibitions in the conversation. Rolly excused himself for the restroom and Danny kidded me that Rolly is lucky to have me as his girlfriend. "Masaya siguro si Rolly lagi sa yo. Maganda at bata." I just replied that we (me and Rolly) are both enjoying our time. Sumabat si Kat na, "bakit di ka ba masaya sa akin?" asking Danny. Danny replied that of course he is lucky too, kaya lucky silang dalawang magkaibigan. Sabay kiss sa lips ni Kat. I noticed that Danny's hand is exploring the back part of Kat, pasimple na pinapasok niya ang isang kamay sa butt part ni Kat sabay ngiti sa akin. I just smiled back. Kat was also smiling na parang she in encouraging the flirting of her boyfriend with me. Pagdating ni Rolly, I told him that Danny seems to be flirting with me with encouragement from his gf Kat. He whispered, "ganon talaga ang dalawang yan, just go with the flow."

We were about to finish our second bottle when Kat asked me to join her sa restroom. In there she told me that they booked a room in the nearby hotel and that they want to invite us. Rolly already agreed and they hope that I will say yes also. We will just continue our drink there. I told her that Rolly and myself are actually planning an overnight and I guess it will be okay if we join them. But I told her I need to confirm with Rolly also (although Kat mentioned that Rolly is in agreement already).

When we returned to the table, I whispered to Rolly, "nag-aya si Kat na mag join daw tayo sa kanila sa hotel, okay lang ba sa yo?" He told me that wala siyang problem, but he will respect my decision if I won't. I don't want Rolly to feel that I am lame, so I agreed. I sensed he was happy that I agreed. He then informed Danny and Kat and we will join them sa hotel and we will just continue our drink there.

Apparently, Danny and Kat booked a one-bedroom suite in a hotel walking distance from Greenbelt. It has two beds (one for each couple) in the bedroom and a spacious reception area. They had JW double black in the ref (my favorite). After two shots of the JW, Danny and Kat went to the bedroom leaving me and Rolly sa sofa. "May gagawin kami ni Kat." Danny kidded us. They left the door of the room slightly open.

I was tipsy from the wine and the whisky and admittedly becoming very horny. I stood up, faced Rolly, placed my hands in his shoulder and told him. "hey baby, I am horny and I need a good fuck." At that moment, narinig naming ang ungol ni Kat from inside the room. Mas lalo akong na horny. "I am not wearing undies," sabi ko kay Rolly. He touched my legs and brought his hand up to my pussy area. "You're wet baby," sabi ni Rolly sa akin. "I am always wet for you, " I replied with a naughty smile. Pinasok ni Rolly ang two fingers niya inside my pussy and started exploring it. Napa-moan ako sa sarap. "Lakasan mo moan mo baby," sabi ni Rolly sa akin. Alam ko na ang gusto niya. He wants the Danny and Kat to hear my moan from inside the room.

Naging gigil siya sa pag-finger sa akin. Naging mabilis ang pasok ng two fingers niya. I raised my left leg sa center table and to balance myself I held on to Rolly shoulder. A few more aggressive finger-banging of my pussy, I was already squirting. "I am squirting baby, I am squirting," I told Rolly. He looked at me and smiled. He then started undressing me starting with my skirt, "tangalin natin ito, baby" sabi ni Rolly. My skirt dropped on the floor, exposing my wet and shaved pussy. He then started licking the juice in my pussy. Ang sarap dumila ng pussy si Rolly, naging horny ako lalo that time. I just need to fuck him. I don't care if may ibang tao sa room. I grabbed his arm and motioned him to go to the room. I don't have anything covering my pussy. When we entered the room, we saw Danny on the edge of the bed, kneeling on the floor and eating Kat who was in eagle-spread position lying in the bed. Ang tindi ng pagkain ni Danny kay Kat, kaya pala moan ng moan. Danny looked at me and then my pussy and said "pareho pala kayo ni Kat, shaved." I nod my head and gave them both a naughty smile. Rolly asked Danny, "pare puede ba kami rito sa kabila?" pointing to the other bed. Danny answered, "yes naman pare, let us enjoy the young girls."

Dinala ako ni Rolly sa kama, nakatayo pa kami and he started kissing me. I was curious and looked at how Danny is eating nicely Kat's pussy. Rolly whispered to me, "baby may request ako sa yo." I just replied, "anything baby." Rolly told me that he wants me to give him a nice blow job sa bed, but I need to show my butt and pussy kay Danny who is still eating Kat. I told Rolly, "sure baby, yon lang pala." My horniness level is already off the chart and I just want to satisfy Rolly. I unzipped Rolly and took his pants off. I also took off my blouse, exposing my boobs. Si Danny tumitingin sa amin. Rolly then sucked my boobs, enjoying every bit of it. Si Danny naman nakita ko pinatayo niya si Kat sa bed at pinaluhog. He wanted a blow job. Doon ko nakita ang dick ni Danny, malaki ito, mas mataba compared sa dick ni Rolly. Nakita ni Danny that I am looking at his dick and nag-smile siya sa akin. I also smiled back, gave him a wink and wet my lips while looking at his dick.

I then crawled sa bed to give Rolly a blow job and as I promised to him, I raised my butt, spread my legs wide for Danny to have a good look at my butt and pussy. Narinig ko napa-WOW si Danny, "ganda ng butt and tight ang pussy". I looked at him and Kat (na tumitingin na rin) and I smiled. Pinadapa ni Danny si Kat sa edge ng bed and he fucked her doggie style. Rolly signaled na pumatong ako sa kanya. I rode him, nasarapan siya, holding my boobs while I am swaying my hips with his dick inside me. The room was full of lust, si Kat maingay while Danny is fucking her. She is screaming "big, big, big" referring to Danny dick and it escalated by horniness level. Naglalaro mga naughty thoughts ko. I changed my position from Rolly, I made a reverse cowgirl.

Gusto ko makita ako ni Danny while I am being fucked. When I turned to see him, parang alam na niya mangyayari. Hinawakan niya ulo ni Kat and push a bit sa bed para hindi ako makita. Naka squat ako kay Rolly, moving my butt up and down habang pinaposok ng dick niya ang pussy ko. While I am doing this, I played with my nipples and looked at Danny and uttered, "fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me hard," Akala ni Rolly siya sinasabihan ko. Hinawakan niya hips ko and push his dick deeper. I loved the feeling, I am being fucked my man while I am flirting with his friend. Si Danny naman mas lalong ginahanan. He was fucking Kat hard, who is now as noisy as a cat. He looked at me and as if telling Kat, "I want to fuck you hard. Let me fuck you hard." I knew he is asking me to fuck him, I just nodded. I pumped harder and Rolly was telling me, "I am cumming baby." I was about to cum too and halos nagsabay kami. Rolly came inside my pussy.

After that, Danny also shouted that he is cumming. But instead of cumming inside Kat's pussy, he told Kat to kneel. Gusto niya mag pa swallow kay Kat ng cum niya. He ordered Kat to swallow it all while looking at me. "Gusto ko lunukin mo lahat" parang sinasabihan niya ako. I smiled at him and nodded. I then collapsed sa bed with Rolly. Naiisip ko, may balak si Danny na i-fuck ako. Mukhang exciting. Dahil sa pagod at tipsy, nakatulog agad ako kayakap si Rolly.

Early morning nagising ako sa ingay, Kat is moaning loud. I realized Danny is eating her, while she is in eagle-spread position. I checked my watch, 5 am pa lang. Kat is saying "take me na please… fuck me na." libog na libog si Kat and she is enjoying it. "Gusto mo kantutin ka ni daddy Kat?" Danny asked her and she responded, "yes, fuck me hard Daddy, cum inside me Daddy." I realized then na Daddy pala ang tawag ni Kat kay Danny and this added to my excitement.

I have a Tito (Rolly) and she has a Daddy (Danny). He stopped eating Kat and crawl on top of her, then he fucked her while spreading her legs. Nakita ko pasok na pasok ang dick ni Danny sa pussy ni Kat. Humihiyaw si Kat sa sarap. Parang ang sarap mag fuck si Danny. I felt horny that time. I tried to wake up Tito Rolly. I told him Danny and Kat are fucking. Tumingin siya and told me, "oo horny talaga yang si Danny" and went back to sleep. Medyo na bad trip ako. I was expecting na Tito Rolly will fuck me too. Pero he was dead tired.

Then I did something naughty, I uncovered myself from the blanket, exposing my naked body, looked at Danny and started masturbating. I inserted two fingers inside my pussy and my other hand pinching my nipples. I am doing this while looking at Danny. Lalo siyang nanggigil fucking Kat. He positioned Kat in such as way na nakatalikod siya sa akin para di niya ako makita. The guy is discreet which I liked. He began pounding her hard while looking at me, as if he is fucking me. I was finger-fucking myself hard, until I began to squirt. My fingers are now wet. I took it out from my pussy and started licking and sucking it. All doing while looking at Danny, inaakit ko siya. He enjoyed it and mayamaya umungol na siya saying, "I am cumming, I want to cum inside your pussy." He is communicating with me. Si Kat naman responded, "yes Daddy, cum inside me." Danny shouted "ang sarap mo i-fuck" and then he came inside Kat's pussy.

They both collapsed after the wild fuck. I covered myself with blanket but still looked at the direction of Kat and Danny. Kat is hugging him and went back to sleep. A few minutes passed, Danny stood up to go to the restroom. I looked at Kat and she is asleep, same with Tito Rolly. I decided to follow Danny to the restroom. Bahala na, sabi ko sa sarili ko.

Nakita ko bukas ang door ng bathroom. Sumilip ako and saw Danny peeing. Matigas pa rin ang dick niya, mataba and mahaba. I went inside and acted surprised that he was there. I told him I will just wash myself. He said I can use the shower. I went inside and started washing my pussy. He was looking at me and my pussy, by this time tapos na siya mag-pee. He then asked me, "enjoy ka sa action kanina?" I smiled and said, "oo, grabe kayong dalawa ni Kat, ang wild ninyo."

"Masarap i-fuck si Kat, pero I am sure, mas masarap ka," Danny told me. I just smiled. He handed me the towel t...

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June 30, 2018 (1 year ago)

Sana may kasunod to. Naputol to dito sa episode na to sa kabila eh.

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June 30, 2018 (1 year ago)

Gangbang naman sana

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June 30, 2018 (1 year ago)

Next hard to me

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June 30, 2018 (1 year ago)


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July 1, 2018 (1 year ago)

Thanks sa lahat ng comments.


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July 1, 2018 (1 year ago)

great story. ang iniit!exciting.

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July 3, 2018 (1 year ago)

true story po ba tlaga to ?

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