Lustful Weekend

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Date: June 26, 2018 (11 months ago)

Hi, my name is Cindy. I am a sexual person, started enjoying sex at a younger age (hmm..high school ako when I had my first). This story is when I was in senior year college in a University in Manila and I met one of my boyfriends (now ex-bf) Noel, a nurse in one of the hospitals also in Manila. Noel is good looking, a health buff (lagi sa gym) and mahilig sa sex (he was 22 at that time, while I was 20 years old). Noel is staying with his Dad Rolly, a medical doctor, in Valenzuela. They have a relatively big and comfortable house. Tito Rolly (that is what I called him) is 55 years old and I found out from Noel that his parents are separated and Mom is working in Canada as a nurse. His other brother is already married and just visits them once a month.

My first fuck with Noel happened during our 1st monthsary. To celebrate and to finally let him taste me (and me taste him), I finally gave him the go signal that we can do it. He was excited and he told me to spend the weekend at their house in Valenzuela. He fetched me in my dormitory and we went to his place one Friday night. It was the first time I met Tito Rolly, a rather serious but pleasant guy. After dinner and a movie sa dvd, Tito Rolly told us that he will sleep na. That was the timing Noel waited. He kissed me and we made out sa sofa nila, unmindful that his dad may see us. Dalawa lang sila sa main house, their two kasambahay are staying in a separate and adjacent unit of the house. He unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra to expose my delicious twins. HE was sucking and licking them like an excited boy. Nag magsawa, he took off my thongs. I was wearing a skirt so I was easy for him. Doon niya nakita for the first time my shaved pussy. He knelt sa sofa, spread my legs and ate me good.

He licked my pussy while inserting two fingers inside me and made me wet and horny. After taking his "dessert", he stood up and was about to unzip his pants but I signaled to him that I don't want to fuck sa sala at baka magising at lumabas si Tito Rolly. I told him we go to his room instead. Noel's room is adjacent to Tito Rolly's room and has a nice, tidy and big bed. He helped me dispense with my clothing and I sat on his bed. He stood in front of me and I knew he wanted a BJ. I unzipped his pants, dropped it down together with his brief and saw his about 6 inched dick. I licked the tip of his dick, teasing him in the process. He let out a soft moan and told me to suck it. I sucked his dick slowly and he enjoyed it. He took off his shirt and told me "Cindy, 69 tayo." Humiga siya sa bed and pumatong ako sa kanya baliktaran kami. I sucked his dick again and he ate my pussy, this time mas gigil. Doon ko napansin na di masyado nakasara ang door ng room niya. But at that time I was possessed sa libog to even mind it and I just enjoyed the moment. Noel was licking my clit while inserting two fingers inside my pussy, and then it happened. I squirted! (yes I am a squirter) I squirted on the face of my boyfriend. It took him by surprise and he said "squirter ka pala?" I just replied, while smiling, "hindi ko ba nasabi sa yo?"

It made him more excited, he took his shirt and wiped my juice on his face and then spread my legs. He inserted his dick inside my wet pussy and pumped hard with my legs up in the air. He sucked my nipples while pumping hard and made me scream. I was holding the sound of my voice, aware that Tito Rolly is just next door, but Noel said "sumigaw ka!" He was pumping hard and I was about to cum. I told him that I am cumming and Noel told me to shout it out loud. Dahil sa libog I shouted "Noel, I am cumming…." It was loud enough to be heard by someone who is sleeping (or not) next door. I was there in my boyfriend's bed exhausted, pero hindi pa siya tapos. He positioned me doggie style and spread my legs wider. My face fronting his slight ajar room. He pumped slowly at first, and then faster and harder. Noel is good at fucking me at I enjoyed it. I buried my head sa pillow dahil lalabasan na naman ako but Noel raised my head with his hands.

Sabi niya "malapit na ako" ….after that he pulled his dick and spread his cum on my butt, shouting "Cindy ang sarap mo…" We collapsed sa bed niya hugging each other. Noel told me "Cindy stay here until Sunday." I just nodded and hugged him. Then I told him na bukas pala ang door. He got off the bed, closed the door and went back to bed with me. It was an exhausting and fun night with Noel. I kissed him and told him that I love him at nakatulog na ako.
Dahil sa pagod, napahaba ang tulog ko. I opened my eyes and realized Noel is still asleep beside me. I closed my eyes to sleep some more when the door opened. I pretended to be sleeping and I heard the voice of Tito Rolly waking up Noel. Tito Rolly told Noel "pupunta muna ako sa hospital but will be back by lunch. Nagpaluto ako ng lunch, dito na kayo ni Cindy kumain."

Then Noel slightly stood up, sat on the bed and pulling the blanket in the process. There I was on the bed with my naked body exposed. I just continued pretending to be sleeping. I felt silence for about 10 minutes, father and son most likely enjoying the sight of my naked body. But I don't want to open my eyes. Then I heard Tito Rolly said, "mukhang napagod kayo kagabi?" Noel replied "yes dad, the best kasi si Cindy. She will stay until Sunday." Tito Rolly answered back "that is great…babalik lang ako later." And then he left the room. Only after that I felt Noel covered my naked body with the blanket. With mixed feelings of excitement and horniness, I smiled a bit and told myself "it will be a lustful weekend Cindy."

After Tito Rolly left our room, I decided to get up, wear my thongs, shorts and pink tight shirt. Since I am not wearing bra, my nipples are showing up. Noel told me that his dad left for the hospital to check on his patients, but will be back for lunch. He invited me to breakfast. Nana Lucy and Ate Belen, their two kasambahay, prepared a nice sumptuous breakfast for us.
The house dining area is spacious with a large wooden table. Noel told me that her Mom loves to cook and that the dining table is always full of food for their guests. I kind of love the atmosphere in their house and spending the weekend with Noel was a good idea.

After breakfast, Nana Lucy and Ate Belen told us they will leave for the market, which is just nearby, since Tito Rolly requested some food to be prepared for lunch and dinner. They left me and Noel alone in the house and it made me horny. After exposing my naked body to Noel and Tito Rolly, while pretending to be sleeping, I want my boyfriend's dick inside me bad.

Noel had the same idea and told me na kumandong sa kanya. We were making out while I was sitting on his lap in the dining area, not worried of being caught since only two of us are in the house. I took off his shirt and licked his nipples which he loved, telling me "ang galing mo talaga baby" I loved licking and sucking the nipples of my boyfriends in the past, knowing they enjoyed it.

After a while Noel told me to stand up, then he pulled down his boxer shorts, exposing his dick. He told me to suck it, which I obliged. Lumuhod ako sa harap niya and gave him a nice good morning blowjob. He reached for my nipples under my shirt and started playing with them. I took off my shirt to give Noel free access to my boobs.

Noel told me to take off my shorts and turn around. Wet na rin ang pussy ko from the excitement of having sex in a relatively open place like a dining area. Noel dick is now super erect, sinabihan niya ako na upuan ko ang dick niya. I used the armrest of the chair as support and I squat in front of him. In was a lustful scene with me pumping up and down and Noel supporting me by holding my hips. We were both moaning loudly.

Di nakatiis si Noel, he wants to take control of the fuck. He carried me, then let me stand in front of their dining table, spread my legs wide and asked me to bend a bit. I placed my hands on the table as support as Noel fuck me standing doggie. He fuck me slow at first, enjoying the sight of my nice butt (my ex-bfs loved my butt) then nanggigil na siya, pumping harder. Masarap ang feeling na baon na baon ang dick ni Noel inside me.

He raised my right leg, placed it sa chair and fuck me more. I was moaning wildly sa sarap, my pussy was dripping wet, I told Noel that i am about to squirt which made him more aggressive, pumping me harder and faster. "Ilabas mo libog mo Cindy…ilabas mo" sabi ng boyfriend ko. Admittedly, libog na libog na ako that time. Masarap mag fuck ng ganoon. I started squirting.
Then Noel told me na lalabasan na rin siya. I looked at him and said "cum inside me baby…safe ako, I am on pills." That made him smile and maya-maya pa pinutukan na niya ako ng cum niya. Ang sarap ng feeling ng mainit na cum ng boyfriend ko inside my pussy. Noel hugged me after and whispered to me…"Baby ang sarap mo….mamaya ulit." Ang horny ng boyfriend ko, sabi ko sa sarili ko.
We heard noises from the gate, sina Nana Lucy and Ate Belen dumating na. I kissed my boyfriend, picked up my thongs, shorts and shirt and went to his room. By that time, I can feel his cum dripping down my legs from my pussy.
I hurriedly wore my thongs, shorts and shirt back. Noel did the same and we went back to the dining area pretending nothing happened. Nana Lucy and Ate Belen started their work in the kitchen while Noel and myself went to the veranda of their house for some fresh air. Later I decided to take a bath. Noel wanted us to wash together but given the presence of their kasambahay, I told Noel to take a bath first and I will do the same after him. He suggested that I use the bathroom in his dad's room since Tito Rolly is still out, while he will use the other bathroom. Dahil mainit na and I feel sticky down there with Noel's cum, I said yes.
The bathroom at Tito Rolly's room is big, with a nice transparent glass shower room. It has a big rain shower head, a nice break from the "tabo system" I used in our dormitory. I took off my thongs, shorts and shirt and placed it on top of the hamper used by Tito Rolly to collect his dirty clothes. I didn't notice that my black thongs slipped inside the hamper.
The water in the shower is warm and I took a long bath to make sure my body is clean and smelled good. I know Noel will fuck me in the afternoon and I want to be ready for him. After a long bathe, I dried myself with the towel Noel gave me. I stood naked in front of the mirror and started applying lotion on my body. I heard the door of the room being opened and I said Noel must be checking on me since I had been inside the bathroom for quite some time.
I wanted to surprise my boyfriend so I hanged my towel and walked out of the bathroom completely naked. But I had the surprise of my life. The person I saw inside the room was Tito Rolly. He was in the process of changing clothes also and is just on his briefs and shirt. Tito Rolly looked at me while I froze for about 10 seconds, enough for him to see my naked body. In shock, I failed to cover my boobs nor my pussy. I rushed back to the bathroom, hiyang-hiya sa nangyari. I hurriedly wrap myself with the towel, picked my clothes and toiletries and went out of the bathroom. I didn't realize that time I left my black thongs inside Tito Rolly's hamper.
I went out and I saw Tito Rolly standing near his bed. This time he took off his shirt and is now wearing his briefs. I said "sorry Tito, akala ko kasi si Noel po kayo." He just smiled back and told me "okay lang yon hija, you look great wearing your birthday suit" sabay wink sa akin. I smiled back and glanced at his tool covered only by his briefs. Napansin ni Tito Rolly ang pagtingin ko sa cock area niya. He gave me a naughty smile while his right hand touched his cock from outside his briefs. Umiwas ako ng tingin, sabay labas and then went to Noel's room.
Bihis na si Noel when I entered his room. "Ang tagal mong maligo baby,"sabi niya sa akin. I just smiled back and said "masarap kasi maligo sa shower ni dad mo." Lumabas si Noel, telling me he needs to give instructions to the kasambahay. Magbihis na daw muna ako and then lumabas after. I locked the room paglabas ni Noel, went in front of his mirror and dropped my towel. I can't believe what happened minutes back. Tito Rolly, my boyfriend's dad saw me naked. Then flirted with me and even touched himself while smiling at me. In my mind, this is a wrong situation. But a dirty one.
Call it impulse, but I started touching my pussy. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan while I inserted two fingers inside my already wet pussy. I can picture Tito Rolly standing in front of me kanina wearing only briefs. Tito Rolly is about 5 feet 8 inches in height, about the same height as Noel (I am 5 feet 5 inches in height), he has a nice body built, even with a few additional inches around his waist. I sensed his cock is bigger than Noel's from the bulge I saw. He looked serious but confident of himself. He was cool even when there was a naked girl in front of him.
Mali itong iniisip ko, pero nakakalibog. I sat on Noel's bed…spread my legs apart and masturbated. Nag take over na ang libog sa katawan ko. I just want to cum right there and then. I recalled how Noel fuck me hard standing doggie sa dining table nila, at the same time I imagined Tito Rolly staring at my young naked body. All these are on my mind while my two fingers are sliding in and out of my pussy. Mayamaya pa, I came, what a mind blowing cum, then collapsed sa bed ni Noel.
Minutes passed and I heard a knock sa door. Si Noel asking me to go out for lunch. I decided to wear my pink thongs, short skirt and a white polo. I decided not to wear bra since we are not going anywhere. Paglabas ko, nasa dining table na si Noel and Tito Rolly. I sat beside my boyfriend with Tito Rolly across me. There was a bottle of red wine on the table, some fruits and various cheeses (my favorite). Tito said that since we had brunch, we start with wine and cheese muna and just eat when we are already hungry. I kind of like it. Noel poured wine to my glass, then to his dad and to him. Tito Rolly made a motion for a toast, saying "sa mabait and magandang girlfriend ng anak ko," to which Noel added "at sexy and hot pa dad." Tito Rolly corrected himself and said "a toast to Cindy, mabait, pretty, sexy and hot girlfriend of my son" sabay kindat sa akin.
The red wine tasted good and the cheeses were great, we didn't notice na ubos na ang aming first bottle. Noel stood up to go to the kitchen area to get the second bottle from the ref. When Noel left the table, Tito Rolly took something from his pocket, medyo patagong nilabas. Sabi niya, "naiwan mo sa bathroom.." Shit, my black thongs. It was only then I realized that I left my thongs sa bathroom niya. Inamoy ni Tito Rolly ng pa simple and thongs ko, sabay sabi "mabango pala." At that near distance I can see the white cum sa black thongs ko. Parang nawala na ang hiya ko and I told him, "mabango talaga pussy ko Tito, saka shaved." I was surprised to say those words.
Mayamaya pa bumalik na si Noel with the bottle of red wine. Tito Rolly whispered, "later ibalik ko sayo ang thongs mo" and I nodded. After few more drinks, I became a little tipsy and horny. Malagkit na tingin sa akin ni Tito Rolly and I responded with a smile. Sometimes I would wet my lips, after I take a sip sa glass and it made him smile. My boyfriend's dad and me are flirting across the table.
The kasambahay signaled that lunch is ready. I excused myself and went to the toilet. Inside, I can feel that my pussy is wet already. The wine and flirting made me really horny. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to give it a go. I release the top two buttons of my polo, showing my cleavage and went back to the table. Masarap ang handa na pagkain nina Nana Lucy at Ate Belen, I am enjoying my stay in this house, I told myself. We opened the 3rd bottle of wine and at this point, my horniness level is already up on the roof. Pagkatapos ng lunch, tumayo si Noel para tulungan sina Nana Lucy magligpit ng gamit. I wanted to help but Noel said no need since I am their guest.
I just continued chatting with Tito Rolly. He told me na ang kinis ng skin ko plus maputi pa. Nag gluta ba raw ako. I told him na natural ang smoothness and complexion ko. I did not expect his follow up question. He asked me if pink ang nipples ko, since maputi ako. I was taken aback by the question, but since I was horny and tipsy, I told him "yes po Tito, pinkish ang nipples ko" then slide one part of my polo to exposed my left breast and showing him, yes, my pinkish nipple. Napa-wow si Tito Rolly sa nakita and said "pink nga..hahaha."
After cleaning the table and the kitchen, Nana Lucy and Ate Belen asked permission to transfer sa quarters nila to take a rest. Dahil tipsy na rin ako, I asked Noel if we can go to his room na. Sabi ko "baby, pahinga na muna tayo....libog na ako." While it was in soft voice, I knew Tito Rolly heard it. Ngumiti ang boyfriend ko at nagpaalam sa daddy niya. Tito Rolly said he will stay sa sala muna to catch up on his reading.
I was super horny that time and the moment Noel closed the door, I hurriedly kissed him. I pulled down his shorts and underwear exposing his dick. Noel told me na I am so horny. I just replied, "I want you baby…I want you to fuck me hard." Humiga ako sa bed ni Noel and he opened all the buttons of my polo exposing my boobs. He started licking them while dahan dahan niyang inabot thongs ko. He inserted his finger inside, noticing na basing-basa na. "Baby you are extremely wet, you are ready na ha"
I told Noel, "I am all yours baby, enjoy me. Anything you want you will get." This made Noel excited, he went down on me, took my thongs off, spread my legs and started licking my pussy. He was sucking my clit good that I can't help but to just moan loudly. Ang sarap ng ginagawa ni Noel. I was starting to be noisy, unmindful of the presence of Tito Rolly outside our room. Dahil sa sobrang libog, all my inhibitions were thrown out of the window by that time.
Pinaupo ako ni Noel sa edge ng bed niya. My legs are on the floor and spread wide. He started finger fucking my pussy using two of his fingers. Basang-basa na ako. Then Noel started sucking my boobs while continuously finger fucking me. The sensation I felt that time is wonderful. Ang galing ni Noel sa ginagawa niya sa akin. Pabilis ng pabilis ang labas pasok ng two fingers niya sa wet pussy ko. Di ko na macontrol, I am about to squirt hard. Napasigaw ako "Noel I will squirt….i will squirt." My boyfriend smiled and continued finger fucking me. "Squirt hard for me baby," sabi niya. And I did. Ang daming katas na lumabas sa pussy ko. I literally sprayed my juice sa floor ng room ni Noel. Napasigaw ako ng malakas. Alam ko na narining ni Tito Rolly sa labas ang sigaw ko.
We heard a knock on the door, "are you guys okay there?" asked Tito Rolly. Si Noel na ang sumagot, "dad we are okay, nag enjoy lang ng husto si Cindy" sabay ngiti sa akin. Tumayo ako at lumapit kay Noel. I kissed him torridly. I hugged him and told him that I enjoyed how he was able to make me squirt hard. He asked me if game pa rin ako sa "anything he wants" and I told him that he can get it, I want to make him happy. I asked him kung ano ang gusto niya. Noel replied, "I want to fuck you anal, baby. I want to fuck your lovely ass." I smiled at him, I already tried anal sex before. An ex-bf who is older than me introduced me to the pleasure of anal sex (but that is for another story) and Noel will be the second guy to fuck me in my nice ass. I told Noel, "you can have my ass baby."
Pumunta ako door ng room ni Noel. Leaned towards it, using my two hands as support and spread my legs. I turned my head in the direction of Noel and told him "fuck me here baby." Lumapit siya sa akin, held my hips and inserted his dick inside my pussy. I love the feeling of my boyfriend fucking me standing-doggie style. Noel was pounding me from behind. My pussy is now soaking wet. I felt Noel's finger rubbing my pussy, trying to make his finger wet from my pussy juice and spreading it in my ass. He then slowly inserted his middle finger into my asshole. Napa-moan ako ng malakas. Noel is now literally fucking my two holes, his dick inside my pussy and his finger in my ass. I reached another climax sa sobrang sarap na ginagawa ng boyfriend ko sa akin.
Noel stopped pounding me and asked me "ready ka na baby?" Alam ko na ang gusto niya, Noel wants to fuck my ass na. I looked at him, still in my standing doggie position, and said "take me in the ass na baby." I was expecting that he will fuck me sa ass na, but to my surprise Noel said "wait muna baby, may kukunin lang ako." He went to his cabinet and is searching for something. I was left for a moment standing sa door, waiting to be fuck in the ass. I cant explain what entered my mind, but I slowly opened the door of Noel's room. It was a small opening where I can peek on Tito Rolly. I saw him reading a magazine and writing down some notes sa notebook niya. Then I heard Noel's voice "here it is, I found it."
I looked behind, but I didn't closed the door. I saw Noel holding a sachet of EZ lubricating jelly. Natawa ako, pinaghandaan ng loko ang ass ko. He went back to me. His dick is still erect and hard, opened the EZ jelly and spread some in my asshole. I don't know if Noel even noticed that the door is slightly open. He seemed unmindful of it, his attention is on my ass. Noel slide one finger inside my asshole. The jelly helped in making it enter without pain. He was fingering me slowly and ang sarap ng feeling. Then Noel stood up, spread my legs a bit wider and positioned his dick into my ass. He started entering me slowly, at first medyo hirap siya but he was able to find his groove after some time. I can feel part of dick inside my ass. He was moaning and uttered, "ang sikip…masarap."
Noel suddenly pushed his dick further. Napa-aray ako. I told him dahan-dahanin lang. He apologized and went back to his slow motion in entering my ass. Napatingin ako sa direction ni Tito Rolly who is still reading. After few more thrust ng dick ni Noel, nag-iba na ang feeling ko. Masarap na ang feeling. Iba ang sensation. I looked at Noel and told him "fuck my ass hard baby…" I saw the gigil sa eyes niya. He is more aggressive in pounding my ass. Binalik ko ang pagsilip kay Tito Rolly sa labas. Noel is enjoying fucking my ass, "ang sarap baby, sabi niya." Ako naman about to cum na. I don't know what I was thinking, but I uttered in whisper "Tito, I am cumming." While it was a soft voice, Tito Rolly heard the sound and looked at my direction. Napatayo siya. Noel was still pounding me while I was looking at Tito Rolly's eyes. Libog na libog na ako. Although the door opening in small, I know Tito Rolly can see me naked and being fuck by his son. Mayamaya narinig ko Noel saying, "I am cumming baby," he is about to cum. I answered back, while looking at Tito Rolly's eyes and in a louder voice, "cum inside me."
Noel released his cum inside my ass. Ang dami niyang nilabas na cum. I can feel his warm juice inside my ass. Noel was still holding my hips tightly, ayaw pa niya ilabas ang dick niya. Gusto niyang ipasok lahat ng cum niya sa ass ko. Napatingin ulit ako kay Tito Rolly, he is smiling at me naughtily. Alam niya ang nangyayari. His right hand is now holding his dick stroking it. The situation increased my libog level further. Narinig ko si Noel telling me "ang wild mo baby…plus ang tight ng ass mo. I love you." Sabay kiss sa likod ko.
He pulled his dick and na-feel ko lumalabas ang cum niya from my ass. I am exhausted from his pumping and I decided to close the door, but not before giving Tito Rolly a smile, and then I collapsed sa bed ni Noel na nakadapa. Noel grabbed his towel, wrap it around his waist and told me "ligo muna ako sandali baby." I just nodded and stayed in bed. When Noel left the room, I heard his dad asking "Son, how is she?" and Noel replied "The best dad, Cindy is tight there." Sa pagod ko, pumikit na ang eyes ko dahil sa pagod sa pag-fuck ni Noel and also sa wine. I can still hear the two guys conversing outside the room, but the I can't understand what they were discussing anymore, at that point I just want to sleep.
I woke up after a good rest, Noel placed a blanket to cover me dahil malamig ang aircon nila. He is sleeping next to me. Napagod din ang loko. I checked my phone for time and it was already 530pm. More than two hours din sleep ko. I stood up and decided to take a bath again. I grabbed the towel, wrapped it around my body, picked up my toiletries bag and went out. I saw Nana Lucy fixing the sala. I went to the bathroom near the kitchen but it was locked. Nana Lucy told me that Ate Belen is still cleaning the bathroom. I asked her if matagal pa, and she said mga 30 minutes.
I really want to take a bath na since I feel sticky again in my pussy and ass area. Noel's cum is on my butt and legs. So I decided to go to Tito Rolly's room. I will ask him if I can use his bathroom again.
I knocked at Tito Rolly's door and I heard a voice saying "come in." I opened the door slowly, took a peek inside and I saw Tito Rolly sa bed niya watching tv. "Yes, hija?" Tito Rolly asked me, while reaching for the remote control and turning off the TV. I told him, "Tito, may I use your bathroom again? I need to take a bath but Ate Belen is still cleaning the other bathroom." Tito Rolly replied, "yes Cindy, please do. Mukhang pinagod ka ng anak ko kanina," sabay ngiti sa akin. Alam ko na alam niya ang nangyari sa amin sa room ni Noel.
I replied to him "Thanks Tito, nanggigil nga si Noel eh. Hahaha. Sige Tito, maligo muna ako, teasing him a bit" Sabay punta ng bathroom niya. I started taking a long bath, I love the feeling of the water pouring all over my body. After about 30 minutes, I dried myself, brushed my teeth and went out of the bathroom. Pagbukas ko ng door ng bathroom, nagulat ako. Si Tito Rolly nakatayo sa labas. Wala siyang pangtaas na damit and naka-boxer shorts lang. Nakalabas ang cock niya, which he is stroking with his right hand. "Tito…" yon lang ang word na lumabas sa bibig ko. I knew he will make a move on me sooner. And he is making a move now.
"Ang ganda mo talaga Cindy,"sabi ni Tito Rolly, and then he entered the bathroom. I did not have the strength to refuse him. Ang nasabi ko lang ay "Tito, baka pumasok ni Noel." Sabi ni Tito na he locked the door sa room niya and that Noel will surely knock. Also, Noel is sleeping pa raw when he checked on him sa room namin. That gave me a sign of relief. While okay lang naman sa akin na ma-fuck ni Tito Rolly, I don't want na mahuli kami ng anak niya.
Hinawakan ni Tito Rolly ang face ko and sabay hinalikan ang lips ko. Mabango ang breath ni Tito Rolly, something I like in a guy. He then pulled the towel wrapping my body and let it drop sa floor. He stopped kissing me and started looking at my naked body, admiring it. He told me "you have a very nice body my dear, and shaved pussy pa ha," touching my boobs and then my pussy." Then he went back to kissing me.
Naisip ko, "this is it Cindy." I opened my mouth and allowed him to enter his tongue inside. I also took out my tongue slowly and he licked it nicely. I started embracing him at that point, bumigay na ako sa kanya. I touched his cock, which is slightly bigger than Noel's, and began stroking it. Magaling si Tito Rolly sa halikan, hindi siya nanggigil. He is in control of himself.
He stopped kissing me and told me "sabi ni Noel, squirter ka raw." Nabigla ako that my boyfriend is sharing this information with his dad. Naisip ko, ano pa kaya ang nasabi ng boyfriend ko? Pero sa sobrang horny, I did not utter a word except to nod. Tito Rolly smiled and went back to kissing me, while touching my pussy. He inserted his middle finger inside me and it me stop kissin...

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Wow, welcome to FSS Cindy.

I'm a teacher, and everything else's second

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August 11, 2018 (10 months ago)


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into a little bit of everything

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