Kidnapped (Chapter 3)

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Date: March 19, 2018 (6 months ago)

At dahil naaawa naman ako sa'yo, pinagpalit ko. Your right hand is now free.

"Thank you." You smiled again but it turned into a smirk. "We're not yet done, are we?"

He gestured for me to sit on him."By the way," Huminga siya nang malalim. "I'm right-handed so.."

Chapter 3


As instructed, I positioned myself on top of you, holding your shaft in process. Damn, you are well-endowed.

As I'm about to slid down to feel all of you inside me, you told me to stop.

"Sandali lang," you moaned as you felt the tip of your cock inside me. "Yung kapote… nasa wallet ko."

Why in hell do you need a raincoat in middle of sex? And how the hell did it fit inside your wallet?

"Oh I mean, condom." You chuckled. "Sorry, that's what I call it."

As soon as I heard your explanation, I had my palm on my face. I wanted to laugh but I couldn't. So I just bit my lip to stop myself from laughing. But I couldn't. May lumalabas pa rin na tawa pero walang tunog. Ngawit na ako so I just decided to sit on your abdomen while this what-the-hell moment passes.

I heard you laughing out loud too.

"I'm really sorry, miss." Sinusubukan mong pigilan ang tawa mo. "I'm such a mood killer, aren't I?"

Tumango ako kahit na alam kong hindi mo nakikita.

"Babasain na lang kita uli, okay? Babawi ako. Legit."

Pwumesto ako sa kanang bahagi ng katawan mo. Nakaluhod at nakabuka ang mga hita. Your right hand caressed my legs and eventually found its way to my pssy.

"You're still wet." Sinipsip mo yung mga daliring kumapa sa pagkababae ko. "But not wet enough."

Bumalik ang kanang kamay mo sa pagitan ko. You are teasing me again by avoiding my clit over and over again. Most of the time, I can feel the tip of your finger on my entrance. Minsan hinahabol ko para maipasok na pero mabilis mo itong tinatanggal.

I can feel my frustration building up. I should be the one in control. Ako ang walang posas. But here I am, submitting myself into you kahit hindi naman kailangan. Habang tumatagal, mas bumubuka ang mga hita ko. At nararamdaman kong mas nababasa ako.

I'm more than ready, what else are you waiting for?

Hindi ako makapagsalita kaya pinili ko na lang na sa halik iparating ang nararamdaman ko. I sucked and nibbled your lower lip then I felt your fingers circling my clit. A moaned escaped my mouth. Medyo napatigil ako sa paghalik pero kaagad ko ding binalik.

"You love this, don't you?" You whispered in between kisses as you kept on playing with my clit. "How about this?"

I felt one finger inside me. You pulled it out only to push it right back in harder and deeper. You did it again but with two fingers.

"Ahhh." I stopped kissing you. I looked down to watch how you let your fingers slide in and out of my pssy. The sound is making me a lot hornier.

"Puta." You cursed. "Naglalaway na yung pussy mo. I can hear how wet you are." Bigla mo namang ginalaw ang daliri mo, hitting my g-spot.

I nibbled your ear and whispered,

"I'm going to ride you bareback. No more delays." Libog na ang nangunguna sa akin at alam kong pati sa'yo.

I lubricated your dick using my own saliva. Hindi na ako makapaghintay pa. Pagkapasok ko ng ulo mo sa pussy ko, agad akong ibinaba ang sarili ko.

"Damn it." We both moaned.

I stayed just like that for a few seconds before finally making myself fvck you. I can see your left hand struggling, trying to break free from the handcuff.

I was so tempted to moan your name out loud but I know the consequences. I focused on grinding on top of you, kissing you, doing whatever I want with you. You sucked my nipples and neck whenever you had the chance.

I could feel myself getting closer to the peak so I tried my best to retain the tension.

"You close?" You moaned.

"Yeah.." I moaned back on your neck. "so close."

"C'mon babe." Naramdaman ko ang pagkapit ng kamay mo sa hita ko. Your breathing was getting heavier. "Malapit na ako."

Mas lalo akong ginanahan sa mga sinabi mo at sa kung paano mo ito sabihin. Mas ginalingan ko ang pagsakay sa ibabaw mo. My grinding were getting more intense and my moans were getting out of control each time I hear how close you were to cvmming.

"Damn you."

I wasn't sure if you could feel my fingernails digging on your back as we both came. Napayakap na lang ako sa'yo.

I felt your lips on my neck.

"Hmm." You kissed my jawline. "Ang sarap mo."

Ikaw din.

Then I felt your cum dripping from me. I need to clean myself up.

Inilayo ko ang sarili ko sa'yo at bumaba ng kama. Kinuha ko ang isa pang set ng handcuff para iposas uli ang kanang kamay mo pero sa pagkakataong ito sa bedpost kung saan nakaposes ang kaliwang kamay mo. Umalma ka pero hindi kita pinansin. Lumakad ako papuntang banyo. Tinanong mo ako kung saan ako pupunta pero hindi kita sinagot.

"Iiwan mo ako nang ganito?"

"Saan ka pupunta?"

"Can you at least let me go before you go?"

"Miss, wag namang ganito?"

Kaagad kong binuksan ang shower at natabunan ng tunog ng pagbuhos ng tubig ang bawat tanong mo.

It's so refreshing to take a shower when you have a lot in your mind. I read in an article that taking a shower helps slow down your heartbeat. I need that right now. My heart is beating so fast for so many reasons.

I'm happy because I finally got what I wanted but I'm sad because I knew this happiness is temporary.

I want you. Not just like this. I want more.

But I'm a coward when it comes to you. I am too afraid to lose you as a friend yet too ambitious to stay as such.

I'm mad at myself for being able to do a dirty thing like this. Worse, I liked it.

Love changes people. Or at least it unleashes the deepest desire of one's heart. I owned you for one night. I kissed you. I tasted you. Would it be considered love-making if I were the only one in love? I thought these things would be enough. I'm such an idiot. People always ask for more.

I stepped out of the shower room to dry myself.

"Tapos ka na bang magshower?"

Lumabas ako ng banyo pagkarinig ko sa'yo.

Tinitingnan lang kita habang nagbibihis. I wanted to bathe you. Pero kailangan kong pigilan ang sarili ko. More unnecessary actions mean higher risks of getting caught.

"Wag mong sabihing nagbibihis ka na?"

"Miss…" you stopped. "May I please know who you are?"

Ako naman ang napatigil sa ginagawa ko. You sound so sad.

You already planned this night. Get him to this hotel. Make love to him. Leave him. Forget about everything.

"Kung hindi ko makikilala kung sino ka ngayon, I swear I am going to lose my mind thinking about you."

I could feel my heart being torn apart.

Lumapit ako sa'yo at hinalikan ka sa mga labi.

Thank you and I'm sorry.

Itinaas ko sa ulo ko ang hood ng aking jacket. Kinuha ko ang kanang kamay mo at nilagay ang mga susi sa ibabaw nito.

Kumaripas ako ng takbo palabas ng kwarto.


Hindi ko alam kung bakit pa rin ako tumatakbo kah...

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Finally!😍 will this be the last chapter though? Hope not 😕

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May kasunod pa ma'am. Thank you!


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I like your story. ❤

No one ever said that there's an easy way.

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Thank you for reading and leaving a comment obiwan :)


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March 24, 2018 (5 months ago)

One of the few series na excited akong abangan. Namaintain mo ang element of suspense up until this chapter and Im really excited wha's gonna be it for the lead characters. Husay pa rin.


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Thank you so much maam!


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