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Date: October 30, 2017 (1 year ago)

Pia: How was your day mahal?
Clint: Tiring, meetings left and know my routine every Monday
Pia: hmmm...
Clint: Okay spill it out. What are you thinking?
Pia: Well...
Clint: We don't have all night Pia...common, tell me
Pia: You had meetings left and right. Tayo kaya babe kailan magmimeet?
Clint: I'll meet you before this year's out-of-the-country strategic planning. I told you that last week.
Pia: When will this happen?
Clint: Babe...we are on the third quarter of our fiscal year. Anytime soon kasi it usually happens on the last quesrter for the plans and programs for th comming year.
Pia: Okay. I trust you naman kasi you have always been honest pero I'm kinda getting impatient. I wanna see you na and do all the things we imagine we would do hihihi
Clint: Hmmm...
Pia: Yes...I also remember na we would have dinner or a movie muna sa first date
Clint: Good. Did you also remember that I love PDA?
Pia: Yes
Clint: And that I would require you wear a dress or skirt and not wear a pair of knickers?
Pia: Of course I remember that *wink wink* kaya nga excite na ako
Clint: Pero wag masyado makulit ha. It'll come. Our first date and I will make it memorable.

3 weeks after...
Clint: Are you free this Sunday?
Pia: Just have a lunch date with family in lieu of our supposedly weekend out of town kasi long weekend. Holiday ang Monday diba.
Clint: Ok. What time do you think you'll be free?
Pia OMG!!! Is this what I think it is Clint?
Clint: Yes :D
Pia: Fuck! My pussy got so excited I think I'm cumming!!!
Clint: Whoa babe...hold your horses. It's only Wednesday.
Pia: Clint!!!!
Clint: What?
Pia: Shit! I'm so wet with excitement.
Clint: Talaga lang ha.
Pia: Yes babe.
Clint: Then I'd expect you to be on time?
Pia: Wala pa nga actual time wag na ako malate ang bilin? hmp!
Clint: Babe...sino ba inaantay kong magsabi ng time na ma-free? Diba ikaw ang may lunch date?
Pia: Ay, oo nga pala hihihi
Clint: What time will you be free to have a date with me Pia?
Pia: 5pm should be fine.
Clint: Ang haba ng lunch nyo ah! Inaabot ng almost dinner time?
Pia: Nah, usually hanggang around 3pm lang pero I'd like to freshen up a bit and change clothes. Alam mo naman conservative manamit sa family.
Clint: Okay, let's meet na lang ng 6pm sa Greenbelt 5. I'll make reservations a favorite kong Japanese Restaurant.
Pia: Thank you babe
Clint: For what?
Pia: For giving me more time to freshen up and to finally see you

Sunday, 5:45pm
Pia: I'm sorry babe...running late...may dumating kasi mga kamag-anak from the US
Clint: Not a valid reason.
Pia: I'm on my way na babe. Just a few mins and I'll be there na.
Clint: You know how I hate waiting
Pia: Sorry sorry talaga
Clint: Just be safe, wala naman na talaga akong magagawa kasi late ka na. I'll change the reservation na lang.
Pia: Love you babe...muah muah

After about 40 minutes...
Pia: Babe...where are you? I'm standing here na sa tapat nung fountain...
Clint: Yeah, I'm seeing you alright. Buti na lang 1 hour ko inurong ang reservation ko...a few minutes pala's almost an hour babe
Pia: Ang kulit ni manong driver e...naligaw tuloy kami. Nasan ka? Why can't I see you?
Clint: Mag-antay ka lang dyan. Ikaw naman ang mag-antay...few minutes lang. Face the fountain and don't look for me.
Pia: Okay
Clint: Good. I'm getting a good view of you butt and I want to spank you for being a bad girl.
Pia: Hihihi
Clint: You think that was funny...humanda ka mamaya
Pia: Clint! You're making me wet...wala akong panty
Clint: Not my fault

Clint: Hey! wag ka malikot. Just stand still babe
Pia: You really do see me
Clint: I do

After reading Clint's last message, someone touched Pia's shoulder, turned her around and kissed her straight on her lips. The hand that was touching her shoulders moved to her back, waist, cupped and squeezed her right butt cheek. They kissed for maybe a minute, deeper and deeper and hands are being touchy until they remembered that they are in a public place.

Clint: Hi. I'm Clint. Nice meeting you Pia.
Pia: And I'm happy to be kissed and groped in public Clint. *bleh* Naughty naughty you! (sabay hampas sa braso ni Clint)

Clint started to walk holding Pia's hand...

Clint: Well...I was planning to tame my introduction to a short french kiss but you made me wait for almost 30 minutes
Pia: Ha! Is that my punishment for being late?
Clint: Umpisa pa lang yun.
Pia: Talaga?
Clint: Yes. You will be my whore tonight....

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