Fates: Chapter 1

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Date: June 7, 2018 (10 months ago)

A/N:Hey guys for credits I bases this story on a game called fatehaven(good game trust me) and since I was mind blown by its ending I decided to make it a story in FSS with the usual Smut ;) anyway this is PURE ENGLY so if you have trouble reading English well this ain t for you. Comments highly encouraged enjoy XD

Narrator's POV

Our story begins in the humble village of Eldminton, simple and friendly the village has lots of wooden houses to represent the villages simplicity in architecture some huts even have straw roofs, very bad for rainy weather I must say, what do you think?. I know breaking the fourth wall by speaking to you the reader is against the rules but I love a good chat or two

Reader:Just get on the Damn story!

Oh yes alright we now got to the house of our protagonist, Arthur Donell a young 20 year old lad living in a houshous e with his parents and 7 siblings tough time for you Arthur. They aren't rich or even well fed they are one of the many people in the village that lives with the forest. Why? They are hunters and arrows are their lifeline. His father Roy was a great hunter but he is getting older and being the eldest son he is being trained by his father how to hunt to sustain his family, Arthur is not that happy,he wants to learn and go to school instead of shooting dears in the forest. Thats why almost everywhere he has his hands on a book. His mother never liked the idea of school "a waste of food" she always said to her sons and daughters which sometimes put her and Arthur on a row. Which ends up on one of Arthur's books getting burned. But he just gets another from his uncle who is quite rich. And when the fight happens again the book burns,almost an endless cycle. Even the fates might have lost count on how many books did Arthur's mother burned. Oh boy. Now we go to our man,snoozing of dreaming of going to school and

"ARTHUR WILLIAM DONNELL! GET YOUR ARSE ON THE LIVING ROOM NOW!!!" The mother shouted,damn my eardrums are aching

Oh boy I'll let Arthur have the story, toodles!

Arthur POV:
The sound of my ever noisy mom rings in my room again, honestly I was already awake and I have already red my book titled"Arcana: A history " and its about magic,boy I'm fascinated with magic,fireballs holy light and summons!? I'll kill to be able to le-

"THATS IT IM BRINGING THIS DAMN DOOR DOWN!" a very familiar voice said, I quickly hid my book beneath my sheets and blankets as I feign asleep knowing that mother will eventually


destroy my door..ohh boy here we go again.

"Arthur you sick good for nothing pain in the ass get up you idiot and go downstairs! Your father needs you NOW!" Mother said in a half- I'm gonna kill you and half-go down now voice
I quickly stood up like a soldier before his drill Sergeant and walked and went down stairs. As I was going down our rotten stairs my two little sisters are playing tag, surely mom gonna throw a fit when she catches them. But I doubt it, these 2 are the best in hiding themselves,in the cupboard in trees hell even in wells(me and pops had a hard time on that trying to get them out before the village chief kicks our ass). I saw father readying his bow and I see another already done and ready,I knew it was mind already,pops always sets my bow first though he is the instructor.

"There you are son! I need you to come with me hunt today I heard bears are already in season so I decided to hunt as some" my fearless father said,

He is always so fearless,stared at death and gave it the finger with a matching"fuck you". Why well he was a former army ranger for the kingdom but he lost the position when he marries my another and gave all hiserits and decorations to a military museum. So a bear is not even a dent on his seemingly expression less face. Problem is, he is chilling when I'm scared as fuck, we usually just hunt dear, wolves if we can manage. But bears.not yet. For me anyway.

As we head to the forest I hear a rustlin in the bushes I aim my bow at it but before I can get an arrow something...or someone pinned my ass to the ground

"Hey dumbass! Out for a walk" well what do you know my ever loyal girl best friend is here. Alicia Galac,describe her she is a redhead(red hair + very short temper) petite, a bit boyish but I must say a little bit beautiful, I dont like her but I can't help hut notice her beautiful face

"What's the matter? Bear got your tongue? Hahahahaha!" She then rolls on the grassy field, I forgot to tell she is a humorous person, always ready with a joke. One of things I like about her despite her tendency to pin my ass on the ground like some sort of rapist..

"Alice give my son time to get up,son I invited her she wants to hunt besides we could use her sword." Father said as he walked to the path to the forest leaving us alone,I got up and glared at Alice, who isn't done laughing.

"Haha sorry dummy i m gonna tag along I want to train myself so I can become a knight." Alice said, she has only one dream, to become one of the kingdom's knights, she constantly says that every time the topic involves hunting,sword or anything you could relate to a knight,unfortunately almost every topic leads to her talking about nlknights. She particularly likes the order of the fates, a holy warrior-monk dark mage hunting knights sworn to rid the world of dark magic. According to my very talkative friend here, the order accepts anyone who can can show them talents needed to vanquish evil,either by strength or magic, I never dreamed about joining the fate loving assholes. I want to become a scribe or mage not a warrior monk. Alice on the other hand...

"Boy when I'm in the order I'm gonna rid this world of every foul being" she said while pumping her fist in the air.

"Why not start with you?" I teased and I suddenly laugh so hard, I even heard father chuckle. Alice however, I swear I can see dark auras coming out oh shit.

"Why you idiotic" she punched me in the balls as I scream "AHHHHHHH SHIT MY. PRECIOUS!!!" I say as I lay down in pain, she is strong and I proved that many times. But she never punched me in the gut. Its her turn to laugh while father smirked and turned to get me up

"Haha never mess with her dream son. Alice try not to make my son unable to creat e children by destroying his balls" father said chuckling

"Hahaha hahahahaha he deserved it! "

Father turned to the forest and said"thats how his mother and I met" he smirked as I see a blush on Alice's suddenly embarrassing face I chuckle suddenly at the face of her she lifts his hand to slap me but I avoid it, laughing

"Dont e-even think about it D-Donell no way I'm marrying you!" She said blushing "haha okay fine if you say so" I tease

"Now son dont deny I see you blushing too" father said as I feel my cheek burn shit!

And now the awkwardness slips in. Neither me or Alice spoke, thanks to father he managed to make us quiet. Now I wonder if that was his plan

"AHHHHHHHHH!!" A woman screams as I hear a metallic "Clank" father immediately run to the voice I followed while Alicia ran as well.

We arrive at a opening and I took a deep breath, a beautiful, super hot lady was there prone but my mesmerizing was stop when I saw a bear trap on her leg. She might have activated the trap and the metallic teeth bit her leg causing utter pain. I rush forward with a knife while father gathers some leaves Alice is at the front talking to the woman comforting her as I commence something that will really hurt. I jab the knife at the part where the matalic teeth sunk in and I get another scream

"AHHHH it hurts!" Her soft but panicked voice said,

As I steadily lift the teeth with my knife she constantly pleads to stop.but a leg bit by a bear trap has only two options. Cut the leg or force the teeth to come out by living in form the skin with a knife. I don't think she'll like the former either. In a few minute I have the removed the bear trap from her but she is bleeding fast father chews some leaves and puts it on the wound. I recognize it. Its healing leaves,tastes like shit but if eschewed will temporarily heal the wound and ease the p...

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June 7, 2018 (10 months ago)

Looks Good sir! May promise ang story :-)

Question lang Related ba to sa Fate yung animation at game?

More chapters to come po :-)


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June 7, 2018 (10 months ago)

To answer the question wala po hahaha based sya on the text based game called fatehaven which I recommend to anyone.

Of course, malaki ang plano ko sa story na to I got it all planned out, sa mga una dalwang chapter medyo tikim lang I'll wait till chapter 3 for something "naughty" to happen tnx for the compliment sir ! XD

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