Arra and Ruby - Chapter 6

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Date: June 20, 2018 (7 months ago)

Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 6 -

As it turned out, all they had to do was to simply ask Rey. The girls joked and argued about who would be the one to ask him. It turned out to be Ruby, but they kind of knew it all along. The thing is, Rey didn't even look shocked, he just kind of shrugged and said OK. He seemed more surprised to even be approached by someone then by being asked to fuck. Most people, guys as well as girls, were somewhat afraid of Rey. Ruby told him they would pay him.

They decided they would also pay for the room, they didn't want to do it in Rey's place. It should be somewhere more neutral, less creepy. They pooled their birthday money and allowance together along with their meager savings and reserved a decent, adequate room in town.

Maybe it was the milennial 'porn-generation' thing or maybe it was something else... but neither girl seemed shy or reluctant to be fucked by a stranger, even a bad boy like Rey. The more they talked about it and looked forward to it, the more 'normal' it seemed to them. Or maybe they were just psyching themselves up.

A long week went by, it seemed like it would never end. Then finally Saturday came, the appointed day for losing their virginity. They agreed that Rey was just a tool (no pun intended), that it was a date for the two of them, and separately they dressed for each other. They both looked stunning as they met at the room ahead of Rey. Nervously, the two sat on the bed and kissed, and their passion quickly rose. They were nearly ready to tear each other's clothes off when there were two firm knocks on the door.

"Get it bebs!"

"No you get it....!"

"Hmmmpf, ok!"

Ruby got up to get the door as Arra's tummy went into a knot. She realized it was too late to back out now as Rey stepped through the door. She stood, not knowing the proper etiquette of pre-cherry-popping festivities, and wondered if she should shake his hand. Before she could decide, Ruby escorted her to the bed and laid her down as Rey silently took a chair in the corner and watched. The pair seemed oblivious to Rey as they began to make love as usual. But this time, it was more intense because they knew what the end result was going to be.

They kissed deeply and sensuously, hands roaming each other's bodies, feeling every curve. Slowly, they freed each other of their outer clothes. It had taken them hours to dress, and now their clothes lay crumpled on the floor within minutes. They continued to kiss in their underwear, sexy lingerie that neither had seen the other in before. Kilig now, they were approaching fever-pitch as Arra glanced over to see that Rey now had his shirt off and his dick out. He slowly stroked his lucious hard cock as he watched the girls make love.

Soon the lingerie joined their clothes on the disheveled pile, and the naked girls went into a 69 on the bed. This was a first for them, and they savored each other's pussies with delight. After they both came, they rearranged head-to-head and began tribbing, Arra on bottom. When Ruby sensed the time was right, she motioned to Rey in the corner with her head. He stood and dropped his jeans and boxers on the floor. Ruby whispered to Arra, "Close your eyes, baby". She spread Arra's legs open then lay beside her and held her, kissing her neck softly as Rey spit on his dick and rubbed the head into Arr's moist slit.

Rey entered Arra's tight passage and slid all the way in, not stopping as her hymen tore. Arra gasped and Ruby covered Arr's mouth with her own and kissed her deeply as Rey began fucking her best friend. He was on his knees between her legs, pumping now, as blood flowed out of her pussy and stained the bedspread. Ruby kissed the tears from Arra's face, as the pain spiked through her pussy and up her back like lighting.

Arra's only thought was stop, stop, pull it out! but even as she internally screamed, she began to enjoy it. The pain was localized now, only in her pussy, and besides the actual tear it felt pretty damn good! Now lubed with her blood and her increasing moisture, Ruby held Arra's naked body closely as Rey fucked her steadily and firmly. Ruby allowed Rey to have his way until Arra came with his dick inside her, then she climbed on top of her friend pushing him out of the way. Rey's dick popped out of Arra's cunt as Ruby climbed aboard and lay on top of her friend with her butt in the air, poised and welcoming Rey's dick.

Rey pushed into Ruby now, his dripping, hard cock entering the larger girl's pekpek. Ruby yelped as the head of Rey's dick pushed against the barrier and stretched it, but didn't yet penetrate. Rey pulled out and pushed in again, harder the second time, and Ruby felt her hymen give way as Arra wiggled beneath her. Ruby didn't bleed quite so much, just some spotting on the bed and on Arra's pussy below her, as Rey fucked her with the same force he used on Arra just moments before. Ruby bit Arra's neck as Rey stroked, and Arra clasped her arms around her and held their bodies together. Ruby yelped again as her orgasm hit her hard, followed by another in close succession.

Rey had great control, but deflowering two gorgeous teens took his toll on him. He withdrew from Ruby, stood up, and hosed the two girls on the bed, wanking his cock as his load splashed on their sweaty, bloody ex-virgin pussies. The last few jets hit their tummies and the two girls lay side-to-side mixing all three of their fluids together as they kissed. They forgot about Rey for a few minutes.

Finally, the pair became cognizant and caught their breath. They sat up on the edge of the bed and stared at Rey's cock as he stood before them. It was still 3/4 hard and dripping cum, the head purplish and angry looking. They admired Rey up and down, his rock-hard abs, tattoo, defined chest, and his rugged face. Beads of sweat had formed on his upper lip, and his hair was wet and dripping. There were beads of sweat on his chest also, which gleamed in the light of the lamp.

Ruby got on her knees before him and took his 7.5" cock into her mouth and began to suck. Arra joined her, kneeling on the floor, sideways to Rey and licked his shaft and sweaty balls as Ruby feasted. Rey was becoming hard again already, and Ruby could feel his cock swell and enlarge inside her mouth. Now she changed places with Arra and let her enjoy his cock inside her mouth as she licked. Now Rey was fully hard and ready to go again.

This time Arra wanted it from behind like Ruby had it, so she got onto the bed on all fours. Ruby guided Rey's hard dick into her friend's pussy and watched as he fucked her gorgeous young friend. Ruby could feel her pussy heat up and begin to seep as she watched her friend take it from behind. Somehow, she knelt and wedged herself between Rey and the bed and began licking his nuts. From her vantage point, she could see his cock disappearing into Arr's beautiful shaved pussy and hear the sounds of it plunging in and out, the "squishy" sound. Occasionally a drop of something would hit her in the face, warm liquid... maybe pussy juice or pre-cum.... she didn't know.

Arra's pussy was beginning to get sore now, irritated where her hymen had seperated from her vaginal wall and it was stinging. When she couldn't stand any more, she wiggled out from under Rey. He stepped back as his dick popped out of her and pointed straight up. Ruby got up off the floor and lay on the bed missionary-style. Rey climbed onto the bed and thrust into her as Arra now took the third spot, between both of...

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