Arra and Ruby

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Date: June 15, 2018 (8 months ago)

Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 1 -

Arra and Ruby had been classmates for years, but lately they had become friends. It was kind of surprising they came to like each other, as they were very different and ran in different circles. Arra is brainy, smart and shy, while Ruby is daring, sarastic and outgoing. They are both beautiful, but again in different ways; Arra is cute and Ruby is hot. Arra is petite while Ruby is athletic. Arra had never been kissed since birth, Ruby had several boyfriends. Arra had never been touched, Ruby had been kissed, felt, and fingered. Both are virgins, although Ruby had felt a boy's erect penis once. Arra is the one you want to take home to Mom, Ruby is the one you want to take to bed. And most any man would give his right nut to spend even a minute with either of them.

They formally met during first semester in Chemistry, as they were assigned lab partners. Neither was particularly excited about the other, each had seen the other around but had never spoken. Ruby always thought Arra was a nerd, and Arra thought Ruby was a slut. They soon discovered that neither of them were correct, they found each other cordial and pleasant to work with. Within a week or so they were avid phone and text mates. Naturally, the time came when they visited each other's homes. Arra had a close, loving family, but Ruby's family was largely dysfunctional. Arra spent most of her non-school hours at home, while Ruby typically spent her's at the mall or arcade.

The two girls soon discovered they could learn a lot from each other, and the relationship was good for them both as they expanded their knowledge of the world and themselves. Moreover, they began to adopt each other's habits and sense of style. They also defended each other when one was criticized by their other friends, mostly out of jealousy. The two spent more and more time with each other and less with their old crowds. By fall they were best friends, forsaking their lifelong friends for one another.

Ruby slept over at Arra's house and was amazed by the way her family prayed and ate dinner together. Arra's parents were so nice, the atmosphere was totally different from her own home. She felt both happy and sad being with them, and more than a little envious. They made her feel comfortable and at home with them. That night, they watched a movie on netflix with the family, then retired to Arra's room. There they surfed the net and talked about boys, eventually becoming tired and putting away their phones and Arra's laptop and seperately using the bathroom to change into their sleep clothes. Arra had a cute nightie while Ruby wore an oversized tee shirt and shorts. They climbed into Arra's bed and in the dark, they resumed their conversation about the various boys at school. Arra confessed that she never had a boyfriend. She asked Ruby if there was something wrong with her, why don't the boys like her? Ruby told her that the boys are probably intimidated by her because she was so smart and studious. The conversation deepend and Arra asked Ruby how far she had gone. Ruby confessed she had made out with boys, let some of them feel her breasts over and under her bra, and had been fingered by one boy.

"Was it good?"

"Yes, really good!"

"Did it hurt?"

"A little at first... but I think he really didn't know how."

"And then?"

"And then he kind of figured it out, I guess. Plus, I relaxed and it started to feel really great. I was so wet!"

"Did he kiss you while he did it?"

"Yeah, he did. And he was a really good kisser."

"What do you mean, good? What's good and what's bad about it?"

"Well, first, his breath was nice and his lips were soft. He knew how to use his tongue...."


"Gosh... grow up, Arra. It's not 'ew'!"

"Well I'm going to feel like a dork when someone kisses me... I have no idea how".

This is what Ruby had been waiting and hoping for, the perfect time. She had feelings for Arra for nearly a month now, but didn't know how to tell her. She was confused, unsure if it was love or merely lust she felt. All she knew for sure is that she wanted Arra, but she just kept that aching feeling to herself because she didn't know if it would be reciprocated or rejected. Laying beside her in this comfy bed, in this girly room, in this beautiful home... it was really getting to her. She couldn't let the opening pass by and took a chance.

"It's no big deal, Arra... Kind of like this..."

And with that, she rolled onto her side and kissed her best friend, her heart pounding and wondering what the reaction wa...

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