A Summer Dream

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Date: July 21, 2014 (8 years ago)

It was an unusually hot evening. I had just finished taking a bath. I know the next day would come early for me.Will be busy again with paperworks, with meetings…. ahhhhhhh. I'm bored with my life, wala na bang bago, walang excitement. My first one: an 8:30 a.m. breakfast meeting for BSPs newest project.So I have to get up early for a run-down of presentations.

A small nightlight burned next to my bed and four scented candles flickered around my room as I read the information and the documents given by my boss, Jem for tomorrow's presentation. It was a little after 10:00 p.m. when I decided that I had enough.I turned the lights off to get some sleep before that dreaded meeting.

I tossed and turned in my warm bedroom – fighting hard to sleep. Wala talaga, throwing off the covers and my pajama (left only my pajama top and pink cotton panty), I got up and paced the room. With nothing to do, I opened the window and let the cool night air in.

I am 30 years old, single – my dad is the only living relative but he's a thousand miles away.My life, as my friends says is monotonous, very dull, nothing is exciting about me either.Just a simple woman with simple interests and needs.Haizzzzz … I looked up in the sky … I'm really getting bored with my life. I am 5'6" in height, 130 pounds and now – gaining (sarap kumain eh), w/ long-straight black hair – my friends and the people who knew me tells me that I have a striking appearance.Hmmnnn…. I'll be a hypocrite if I'd say I don't love the attention, but there was no time for any of them now.I know I am warm and fun to be with. But all of my warmth and charm covered up a sense of insecurity.

This insecurity has intensified since my break-up with my 4thboyfriend.I was left heartbroken, vulnerable and afraid to commit. The better I got to know someone, the more I would shut down my emotions for fear of being hurt again.

Leaving the window cracked open, I made my way back to bed to try once again to sleep. Closing my eyes, I lay awake struggling for the sleep that wouldn't seem to come. My mind still thinking about the morning meeting and the potentially lucrative account for the office I've learned to love so much, I finally began to drift off to sleep.

With sleep came a dream.

Or am I fully awake because the story is very detailed and vivid? Nah….

I could feel a hand slowly caressing my body.Then a finger was slowly inserted into my pussy, my own, no doubt about it. But, in my dream, it was a man I didn't know. It had to be someone unknown to me because of my past experience and the accompanying shattered hopes and dreams. It was a familiar dream. I struggled to look into his eyes, but it was my faceless man.

Sa ibabaw ng kama ko, di ko napansin may biglang nagtakip sa aking bibig. Pagkatakot ang unang naramdaman ko.Nanginginig ako at wala akong magawa.Di ko pa makita ang kanyang mukha o ayaw ko lang tingnan dahil takot ako.Ang kabuuan lamang niya.Matangkad ang lalaki, katamtaman ang laki ng katawan.Sa pagkakatakip niya sa aking bibig, natitigan ko siya. Malamlam na mga mata – He then signal me to be quiet.Wala akong nagawa kundi ang tumango.Inalis niya ang kanyang kamay sa aking bibig while he waited for my reaction.Not a sound escaped my lips.

There I was, sa gitna ng kama, di ko alam ang itsura ko…. Magulo ang buhok, takot na mukha, nag-iintay sa mga susunod na mangyayari.He was facing the room, scanning it.Until he stopped and looked straight into my eyes.I was filled with fear. Hindi dahil sa malaking lalaki siya, ordinary nga lang.Ang takot ko ay dahil isang lalaking di ko kilala ang nasa harapan ko, nasa loob ng bahay ko.He is looking at me intently and then I heard his quiet words…"Wag kang matakot, di kita sasaktan."

And I believe him. God, what is happening to me.I don't even know him and yet I sensed gentleness about him.

I studied the man in front of me. He was well dressed in a pair of slacks and a blue long-sleeves.A typical call center guy..huh.Hmmmn …. He just stood there looking at me intently and I was mesmerized.I didn't blink when he slowly took off his shirt, folding it neatly and placing it on the working table near my bed. I couldn't take my eyes off him.Robbery didn't seem to be his intent and, to me, his slow, deliberate movements and his demeanor certainly didn't suggest he was a rapist.

When his shirt came off, I knew exactly what he wanted. Different thoughts raced through my mind. I studied his chest again, his broad shoulders. Weird …. I should be scared now…. But how on earth I felt a stirring in my loins; a feeling that confused and excited me at the same time.

I wondered if the lust in my eyes gave me away to the stranger as he unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor. My eyes dropped to the white cotton underwear he wore.Nae-excite na ako – i can clearly see the hard cock through the material and it excited me more.I know about that bulge… I've already seen and actually hold a few (4 to be exact), but my mind and body is chilling about that thing that would come out once the underwear was removed.

Tinitigan kong muli ang lalaki.Hmmm…. Edad 35 hanggang 39.Nakita ko kung paano niya hinawakan ang elastic bond ng kanyang underwear – pulling them gently over his hips and down his long legs – first one leg and then the other.He just left his socks, and he stood naked in front of me… As if waiting for me to do the next move.

I don't know what's got into me. Parang biglang lumakas ang loob ko.Nawala ang hiya… ang pumalit ay tapang.Slowly I inched myself up, holding on the sheet covering myself as if it was my lifeline.I looked up again at his eyes, then moved them south to look at his cock. It was large and thick and hanging down between his legs.

Lumapit siyang dahan-dahan habang walang kurap na nakatingin sa akin.Tumigil siya sa gilid ng kama at lumuhod.Then he reached out – he touched my disheveled hair. Using the back of his hand, he gently caress my face without taking his eyes off me. With his fingers, he traced my lips.A simple touch yet it brings a thousand volts in my inner thigh – I had to close my eyes and feel it.

He then stood up again.I am mesmerized, that magnificent body just a breath away from me. With the heat and a new found courage – I reached out, touched his chest and felt it.I want to make sure that he's real..then I slowly eased my hands down.I loved the smooth skin. And then I proceeded further.And there it was… the one that makes me more excited. I touched it, tentatively at first, then wrapped my hand around it.Sliding my hand up to the head, I noticed it was getting hard and large. Watching my own hand move, hinawakan ko ng walang kimi at takot…. Aahhh… andun na naman ang excitement and the sensation that's building inside me. Mainit na kamay sa mainit na laman….hmmm….it's expanding too…lumalaki at lalong nagkakabuhay.

I tilted my head and met my intruder's eyes while still holding his growing cock. I know what he wanted and he's waiting for my move. … Then… I bowed and licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip. Hmmm…. My tongue swirled gently over the top, my fingers just under the head, squeezing and slowly turning back and forth.

Ohhhhh…ooohhhh… I heard him moan.I could see and feel the man's hips start to move slowly. As I continued sucking the large head into my mouth he continued his quiet moan."Yeah… love… that's good… ang sarap….hmmm…", I heard him say.Para akong nakiliti when he called me "love".

Now all my inhibitions are gone.It just left me… where it goes? I don't know and don't care anymore.

As I withdraw myself from his throbbing cock … I pulled the man down my bed, I pushed him to his back. My queen size bed just fits him there, as if it was made for him.Hayzzz….

Climbing on top of him, with my pajama top and my now drenched panty, I held myself up with my hands and arms. Tinititigan niya ako… and returned it with equal fire.I could see the trace of smile on his face as my mouth moved toward his.He met me halfway and I shuddered when my tongue moved tenderly across his lips. His tongue pushed out of his mouth slowly meeting mine. I took it into my mouth, feverishly sucking it.

Naramdaman ko na lang ang kanyang mga kamay sa ibabaw ng pantulog ko…. Sa dibdib ko. Slowly he teased it…. My pajama didn't hinder the heat I felt, he cupped my breast and tweak my nipples.Ramdam ko ang boltaye mula sa dibdib pababa hanggang sa gitna ng hita ko. I heard myself moan…hmmm…oohhhh….. Kasama ng lakas ng loob.I pulled away from him to remove my top but he stopped me when I was about to remove my soaked panty.

He cupped my breast again… parang sinusukat niya ang laki nito. I heard him laugh.."Umaapaw pa sa mga kamay ko… love" ang sabi niya. And he continued kneading it.Playing with my nips… gently rubbing the tip in his palm.God.. ang sarap I couldn't contain myself from arching my back."Hmmm… ahhh…. Continue please…. Don't stop..", I pleaded. He then replaced it with his mouth. He took one nip and sucked it. Gently biting it…sucking…licking and tasting it – while he continued massaging the other one.I don't know where to hold him. I grabbed his shoulders and pressed his head to give me more.I'm feverishly hot now.Malikot na ako.Napapaliyad ako sa sarap and I moaned out loud.

I tried to reach him down but he refrain me. Instead, inihiga niya ako sa kama. Pinaglandas muli ang mga kamay niya sa buo kong katawan.Sinundan niya ng daliri ang masinsing buhok pababa sa pusod ko… "Ang ganda mong tingnan…. Balbon...

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July 21, 2014 (8 years ago)

so true..

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July 22, 2014 (8 years ago)

Sarap sumama sa panaginip mo. Hindi kaya 35-41 ang age nya? Para lang pumasok ang age ko? Hahaha.

When it comes to wet dreams, I have countless times of orgasm since my teenage years. Ang sarap kaso palagi akong nagigising after cumming. Hahaha

"You learn nothing from life if you think you're right all the time." - Prof. Richard Feynman

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July 22, 2014 (8 years ago)

Hello Sir Bebe... baligtad tayo  mas masarap ang tulog ko after the big O.

Hmmm... sige sana one time magkasalubong tayo sa panaginip...swak kaya? :)

Salamat po sa pagcomment.

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July 22, 2014 (8 years ago)

Naku mahirap magkasalubong...tyak may mangyayari! Hahahahaha

"You learn nothing from life if you think you're right all the time." - Prof. Richard Feynman

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July 24, 2014 (8 years ago)


Do what you love and the rest will fall in its place.

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July 24, 2014 (8 years ago)

...ansarap mo otor!...

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July 27, 2014 (8 years ago)

..nuon pa, boy, nuon pa, yummy na ako... LOL

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