A Matter Of Sex Education

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Date: July 4, 2014 (8 years ago)


Jeff Friesen was out of work and desperate for a job and so when his uncle, who was going into hospital for an operation on his knee, asked him to fill in for him for a few weeks he was excited. It was only a janitors job but it was at a small private progressive women's college and every one of the students was over the age of consent.

Compared to his uncle Otto, Jeff was a real looker and he attracted a lot of attention on his first day and even a couple of wolf whistles. The job itself was incredibly boring for someone who had been trained as a graphic designer but he had to pay his bills and so he gave it his best. However, when an opportunity came up for a little extra cash he jumped at it – even before he knew what it was about.

It turned out that the school was a little more progressive that he realized and a Ms. Justina Petersen, the teacher in charge of health education, made him a proposal that he was ill prepared for.

"I'm looking for a fit looking young man like yourself to be sort of a training model for my sex class."

"Sex class?"

"Yes – although most of my students have had more pricks than a secondhand dartboard some are still are a bit naive and it's my job to make sure they all go out in the world with a healthy respect for sex."

"What do I have to do," he asked, a little apprehensive.

"Well most of the time you just stand there naked and I point out and demonstrate things using your body."

Jeff began to think of the Monte Python movie "The Meaning of Life," and he wasn't quite sure if he was cut out for the job.

"You will be doing me an enormous favor," she said, addressing the doubtful look he had on his face.

Justina was really a gorgeous looking woman, probably in her late twenties with a fair set of tits and long slender legs. He certainly wouldn't have minded demonstrating his sexual prowess with her in private but he was a bit scared of what was expected of him in public.

"You will stand on a little plinth," she said.

"Naked," he interjected.

"Yes and as I talk about the penis, the scrotum and other things connected to sexuality I shall point them out with my finger."


"Yes it's a lot safer than a wooden pointer – I know that from experience."

When it got down to discussing the remuneration he got a lot more enthused – it was quite generous and so despite still having some misgivings he agreed to take the job.

On the following Wednesday he reported to Petersen's room and found around 15 women, ranging from 18 to 25 sitting there waiting in eager anticipation for the class to start. Justina directed him to go behind a screen and take off his clothes, although he thought the screen was a bit redundant as they would all be seeing his bare ass and dangly bits quite soon.

When she called him to come out from behind the screen his nerves of steel turned to jello, and so did his legs. Much to the amusement of the class he emerged with his hands over his balls and in a slightly stooped position. There was a lot of giggling at first and then when Justina came over to him, removed his hands from his scrotum and made him stand up straight there were cries of "Wow" and "OMG."

Jeff did work out quite a bit so his body was nicely toned and his dick, although looking a little bit shy in the face of the admiring crowd, it did show enormous promise.

"Now I want you to take this class very seriously," began Ms. Petersen, "You will all have to face up to sexual relationships at some point in your life," she paused and winked, "If you haven't already done so, and today I'm going to explain how you can make those relationships more meaningful."

"Do we all get to fuck the model," asked a cheeky looking redhead at the back.

"Now behave – I have promised Mr. Friesen that no harm will come to him." she smiled, giving his bum a little pat before proceeding with her lecture.

She began by describing the male anatomy and everything was fine until she started to finger his balls and lift up his dick. Red faced and unable to control his reaction the girls cheered when his dick rapidly expanded and appeared to be reaching for the ceiling.

"Now class – you can see that the penis reacts to the slightest stimulation so you don't have to rough with it. You'll notice that Mr. Friesen isn't circumcised, a practice that is in rapid decline, and although the skin draws back as the penis gets larger you can help it to do so like this."

As Jeff closed his eyes and was about to die from embarrassment, she took her thumb and forefinger and gently pulled back the skin.


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