"Who was that guy?"

A dialogue.

Chapter 2
"What guy?"

"You know - yung kausap mo kagabi for like half the night."

"Oh, him."

"Yeah. Mukhang close ata kayo with the way you were talking - but I don't think nakwento mo na siya sakin before?"

"Yeah, no. Hmm, where do I begin. Well, coworker ko siya from that company I was working at siguro mga 10 or so years ago na."

"Wow, tagal na ah."

"Yeah tagal na rin."


"We just chatted, nagusap lang kami about things, ganon."

"What kinda things?"

"Stuff, mainly."

"You're gonna have to be more specific."

"Huh, why naman?"

"Hmm. I dunno, really, just, conversating I guess."


"Hm. You seem kinda cagey about it."

"I do?"

"Yeah I mean, I just asked a question didn't I."

"Yeah. I suppose you're right, I am being kinda vague, no?"

"Yeah, bakit naman?"

"Well, I wanna know muna why you want me to go into detail about him."

"Hm. Well siguro the fact na napasarap usapan niyo kanina, and the fact na never mo pa siya sakin nakwento before has kinda made me curious since paguwi natin."

"Well I guess wala lang talagang reason to bring him up."

"Uh huh?"

"Yeah I mean, sure he was someone I closely worked with all those years ago--"


"Yeah, closely."

"Huh, and how come I've never heard of him from you?"

"Well, kasi--"


"He was in our company around the time we broke up for a bit all those years ago."


"And nung nagkabalikan na tayo, it was at the same time nung napromote siya to a higher position and so hindi na kami basically hands on working together."


"So basically us being tog

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