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Date: January 18, 2023 (13 days ago)

This story happened during the height of the pandemic. I will refrain from giving out specific details to respect the privacy of the places and people involved.

Our office made arrangements for the employees to stay at a hotel in shifts to minimize the spread of the pandemic. We would do tests before entering the hotel, and have random tests every now and then to monitor the status of each individual. There were times when we would just work inside the hotel room, because they need to disinfect the office whenever someone tested positive.

They placed us in a very nice 5 star hotel, and the maximum person per room would be 3 with each one have their own bed. Boys would be sleeping with boys, and the same goes with the girls. Each high ranking employee would be in charge of monitoring their subordinates, assigning their schedules, and making sure that we would still be productive.

I had several associates under me, and had a lot of pressure since we were doing additional tasks whenever one of our colleagues get sick. It's a good thing that we had a good higher management team that would ensure that all our needs our met. We were able to use the gym facilities of the hotel with restrictions. Food was provided all day long, and we even get to have an additional allowance to order extra meals aside from the regular food. We also get to go outside and buy groceries or have someone deliver it to the hotel.

As a high ranking employee in the organization, I was able to get free car pass that allowed me to go home. Since I was living with high-risk individuals, I chose to spend most of my time in the hotel. By doing so, I also get to save more on my expenses. I usually have 1 or 2 subordinates living with me when the hotel rooms get full, and sometimes I get to have the room all for myself.

Whenever I have the room to myself, I was able to do all the horny stuff that I can. It was one of the ways I could release stress and cope up with the pandemic. Aside from that, I would spend most of my time at the gym whenever it is available, or I do home workouts when the gym is not available.

The guys that usually stay with me in the room are also from higher management. Sometimes I get to be with rank and file employees, and I get to choose who I want to be with when possible. As guys, we implicitly know when we do our private stuff. You know someone is jerking when he takes too long in the shower, or sometimes you would hear someone jerking off when everyone's asleep. There are also rumors of fuck buddies among coworkers that develop whenever we have drinking sessions inside the room.

One of the guys that I got to be with in the room is a rank and file called Brandon, or Don for short. He's around 5'6" or 5'7", tan, pretty handsome guy. He is one of the guys the got somehow viral because of a transformational body post during the pandemic that he posted in a group. Yeah, fitspiration. Looking back, I remember getting close to him because we would usually meet at the gym and help each other out. He would ask help on how to improve his body since he gained a few pounds. He has a decent body, nice chest, arms, but had a hard time maintaining his 6 pack abs and revealing the last 2, maybe because every now and then the team would have these wild drinking nights. He was dedicated and even ordered supplements to boost his progress. Eventually we became close and he asked to be my roommate so that our schedule would match. I didn't hesitate since he was one of the good employees that we had, except maybe his tardiness pre-pandemic. He's one of those guys that aim to please the boss and kiss ass. He also did side business such being a model to promote some products, and sold stuff online to help his family have additional income. Life became routine at the hotel and office just work, gym, sleep, drink,...

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January 19, 2023 (12 days ago)

Putek pang dugyot pala ito.

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January 19, 2023 (12 days ago)

Buti nalang di ko nabasa ng buo.

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