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Date: January 12, 2023 (20 days ago)

Good day everyone! I've been a silent reader here on FSS for several years now. For the first time, here I am trying to share an experience of mine for you guys. I hope everyone likes it!

Disclaimer: all exchanges of lines are non-verbatim. This is also my first time writing and publishing any story in my life, so please bear with me.

This story of mine happened several years ago when I was just still in my early 20s. I have this ex-gf, let's just call her Annie, not her real name. Annie is really a fine woman; she is just also around my age, 5'5" in height and has curves with very fine proportions in her body. Her boobs are not that big but definitely not flat, and the good thing is, it fits perfectly in my palm whenever I try to caress it, which is what I really prefer. She also has a pretty nice butt that I really love to slap then squish whenever we're alone.

My ex-gf and I met at my former work. We both have the same field of technical expertise and we were teamed up to prepare proposals for some high budgeted projects. Being teammates gave us the opportunity to talk to each other frequently and that's how it started going really well between us resulting in developing our mutual interest for each other.

One day, Annie and I decided to go on a date in a Mall. I asked her out so that we can spend time with each other out of work and we can release the stresses we accumulated from our job.

As common couples do whenever they're dating, we ate, went to a playhouse and looked around the area until we went to this clothing store to buy some stuffs for us. Annie and I picked some fine t-shirts, polos and shorts to try on and from there we went straight to the fitting room. Annie decided to try her choices first and went straight to the cubicle at the end portion of the area, due to the fact that the other rooms are pre-occupied. I have noticed that the fitting rooms has laminated doors with dry wall above it, instead of tall curtains that can be commonly seen on department stores, because of that a naughty idea popped up in my mind. Before Annie even closes the door i told her if she wanted to, we'll fit the clothes together so that it would be time efficient and we can give our comments on each other's choices. Good thing my ex-gf agreed.

As we entered I made sure that I had properly locked the door. Annie and I then undressed our top. As soon I remove my shirt, I saw my ex-gf's reflection on the mirror. I was stunned due to the scenery in front of me. She was wearing a baby pink colored bra and currently removing her pants that's when I saw her white panty. Her curves are definitely in the right places and fuck; I can't even help myself not to feel aroused. I then immediately executed my plan. I hugged Annie from the back and gave her shoulders some soft kisses and told her "Ang sexy mo talaga, sobra" then she replied "Sabi na, may binabalak ka nanaman sa akin, ang naughty mo talaga", I just then smiled, while looking at her face through the mirror in front of us.
I continued kissing her shoulder then went straight up to her neck. As i looked at the mirror, I noticed she had her eyes already closed and enjoying what was happening between us. Because we're in a public area, I decided not to waste any time and quickly grasped her left boob then played it like I was kneading dough. I heard her soft moans and whispered to her ear "Babe, wag ka maingay, baka marinig tayo". Afterwards i then put my right palm on top of her panty then used my middle finger to trace her pussy, I felt that she was already wet.

I then raised her bra's left cup so that I can play with her nipple. I pinched, flicked and pressed it while simultaneously playing with her pussy. Soft moans have once again came out from her mouth, which for me is a sign that she is really enjoying our little play time. Afterwards, I then decided to try to remove her panty. Annie noticed that I'm having a hard time removing it and then she helped me to take her panty off.

As the opportunity has come, I once again reached her pussy, but this time I'm finger fucking Annie. I gave pleasure to my ex-gf for a short while until I decided to lean her back on the wall. I was already in front of her. I kissed Annie on the lips torridly; we played with our tongue, gave one another some soft bites on each other lips. Afterwards, I kissed her
neck, then down to her boobs. I completely removed her bra off to give myself an easier access on her tits. I simultaneously sucked and playes her nipples inside my mouth using my tongue, while playing with the other one with my hand. Next thing is I...

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