This is a first-person POV story of the main character who exists in real life (whether she is here in FSS or not, will never be confirmed or denied without her prior authorization) but with an imagined storyline here.

Any similiarity of the said narration to persons, situations and conversations are unintentional and strictly coincidental.


Mina - Desires Unravelled (Part 1)

"I am really going to do this," sabi ko sa sarili ko while I was fixing myself up in the mirror.

Six months ago, nag-umpisa na ang aking career as a junior executive in a top-notch global conglomerate focusing more on Information Security Analysis.

Mina, ito ang preferred nickname ko that I give myself kapag extremely in heat ako or, in other words, kapag nalilibugan ako sa isang tao, mga tao or situations or things. Strange kink? Well, not to me. Parang, it lets me become what I want to be and feel what I desire ng walang limits.

Anne Marie Clarrise T. Fuentes. That is my full name na mababasa mo sa aking resume', which was processed dutifully by the company that I did not look for but searched for me.

I want to be fair to you by describing myself in detail. Para naman magkaintindihan tayo habang naguusap tayo in a way. Ito kasi ang magiging diary ko, of sorts, of what goes on in my life.

Where to start? Simple lang. Let's start with the obvious. I have a large pair of breasts, 42D cup size. Soft to the touch, last I checked. I watch what I eat, but I don't starve myself, I love a fabulous meal. In spite of this, slim ang waistline ko, proportionate to what I have.

Working out, has given me a bit of a tone, with my big butt very visible and jutting out for you to see and now, imagine.

I have a slight morena skin complexion, an average height of 5'3," medyo chinita because of my mom and with a tinge of hispanic looks from my dad. Genes. I am fortunate sa naging parents ko who had me when I was born about 28 years ago, which I will be officially, in 6 month's time.

My childhood was spent mostly sa Manila and because of a scholarship that allowed me to study in the States, I can say I did pretty well in MIT in Massachusets.

I have a brother, younger than me by a few years, who has kept me level-headed kasi he is both my equal and rival, and since we both are competitive, he has been in a way the one who has helped me be as sharp as I am now.

Strong family ties, parents loving and never once had major issues and have both well established careers of their own, all these allowed me to focus on myself and be the best that I can be.

The global conglomerate who has taken me in has given me a great compensation package and I was able to have it in my terms. Espcially in where I wanted to be assigned. You see, my family has already settled in the East Coast where my dad has a thriving private medical practice and my mother has established herself as an investment banker there so for me to stay where they are does not make sense to me since I can be where I want to be in the world at any time with no issues.

So for me, I feel most comfortable to live and be in the Philippines instead.

This is where I want to be in and this is where most of my adventures as Mina actually has taken place.

"Looking great today, Clary," sabi sa akin ng colleague ko...

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December 30, 2022 (28 days ago)

I wonder kung anong iko-cosplay ni Mina? It's so good to see you writing a stories now MG. Susubaybayan ko ito.

I don't need a lot, just a few who truly cares.

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December 31, 2022 (28 days ago)

Yes. My first time to write erotica. Salamat. Kailangan ko ng audience feedback para, malay mo, maincorporate yun sa storyline.

Planning to create an entire MCU-like universe with cross-overs in my stories.


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