Hello guys! I'm Sydney or you can call me Syd too. This is gonna be the first time na magpopost ako since initially I just want to be a silent reader. But reading the stories made me want to write my own too. So here goes nothing :)

PS: Stories i'll be sharing can be based on true experience, fiction, or combination of both. Not a professional writer so please bear with me but let me know your feedback or if I need to improve some things pa.


Alexa's POV


*slurp.... slurp..... slurp*

"Ahhh fuck.. Deeper...," I whispered while im catching my breath and my mouth was hanging wide open.

He inserted another finger in me, going in and out and at some point tumigil sya to massage the spot that will surely make my knees wobble. I can feel the chills building up my spine while he's sucking my clit. Busy din yung isang kamay nya lamasin ang right boob ko and playing with my nipple.

God his tongue is made from heaven.

"You taste so fucking sweet."


"I can't get enough of your juices."

*flicking his fingers in me*

"Kakainin kita araw araw."

*finger fucking me so fast*

In.. out.. In out.. Then playing my clit with his thumb and sucking my nipple then going back.

"Ahhh... ohhh.. Ahhhh...," I moaned kasi what he's doing to me feels so good. I can't do anything but sabunutan yung buhok nya and ipitin yung ulo nya in between my legs.

He moved up, licked my ear while whispering to me. Tinaas nya pa yung isa kong leg so I'm fully exposed in front of him while thrusting his fingers inside me harder. Natatamaan din ng thumb nya yung clit ko.

"You're so wet. Do you want me to suck you more? Hmmm?"

"Yessss," I whispered softly lang.

"What do you want?"

"Your TONGUE!" sabi ko, louder than normal.

He went down on me again and sucked hard, his finger still in deep and that's when I squirted all my juices on his face, wetting his shirt at the same time.

Ahh fuck that was good.

I just laid there on top of my table, tired, spent and still catching my breath from napakasarap na orgasm. Naramdaman kong umalis sya and then I felt him wiping my pussy with warm towel. Tinulungan nya din ako tumayo and picked up my clothes so I can get dressed habang punupunasan nya yung office table and chair.

"I have extra shirts there. It looks like you have the same size as my ex so just take it," nasabi ko b...

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December 19, 2022 (1 month ago)

I love the setup sa office nag fuck. Nice din ng gusto mo ha. Professional but slutty yung character mo nice.

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