Continuation of Paula's confession about her first encounter with exhibitionism.

<Paula's POV>

"Ughhh... I can't believe I'm this wet and horny na"

I whispered to myself.

Shit. I've never been this horny while at school, I thought to myself. Not even when I was fooling around with my one of my exes during class.

I can't even imagine why I found it so arousing, more so, I don't even make small talk or kwento to any of the men who work for my parents, including sa family drivers and houseboys. With the exception of Mang Jun, who's been daddy's trusted driver for several years na, since I was in my early teens.

Like I was finding it even hotter na he was just some random blue collar worker, like how he was completely not my type, and that I was leagues above him in everything, but there he was stroking his rock hard dick in front of me.

Perhaps this was an innate nature that I had yet to discover. The experience I had kanina awakened a whole new fetish within me.

Before I realized, I was squeezing my thighs together in my short skirt na pala in the middle of the hallway.

I was getting increasingly wet as I walked through the school corridor.

My cotton panties drenched with my sticky fluids. I even stuck my legs together and felt that my juices were making strings na in between my thighs.

In my head I could hear the vulgar words he was saying kanina all over again.

As if I was under a hypnotic spell, I could hear his voice inside my head. Closing my eyes and meditating didn't help, as I could still visualize his hand stroking his cock for me, and the look of his unappealing face drowning in pleasure as he finished.

"Panoorin mo muna ako pagjakulan kita ha miss?"

"Aghhh sarap mo pag jakulan miss"

I could hear my own heartbeat like a metronome, scynchronizing his voice and my vivid memory of him jerking off his curved dick. Ah. Fuck. I was lucid dreaming of him while I was still awake. Daydreaming of him cumming at the sight of my barely covered thighs.

"Miss itaas mo pa skirt mo ang sarap kasi ng hita mo"

"Tangina miss lalabasan na ako sayo!!"

Ughhh... Fuck.

I could hear my heart murmur.

I need to get off. No, I need to cum. I wanted to cum.

I wanted to finger my pussy na. Finger it hard. I knew I was too horny to function na in that state.

Thank god it was Sunday.

Wala masyadong tao sa campus, kaya I rushed myself to the girl's restroom. I didn't care if anyone saw me as I ran along the hall. But I entered that restroom quickly, and thanked my lucky stars na it was empty, hurried myself to the last stall I saw and locked myself inside.

"Shit. Am I really gonna masturbate here?"

I whispered to myself with a hint of doubt in the back of my head.

I've never done anything too sexual in public up to that point. Pero, fuck it.

The depravity and the horniness of the situation was enough to make me lose all reason and drown myself in lust. I just wanted to finally satisfy this itch wringing my insides.


I sat down on that toilet seat with my skirt lifted up my waist.

(Sidenote, it was newly cleaned, although I admit, at that moment I was too horny to care na)

Finally, I saw with my own eyes how my undies were completely drenched. My cotton white thong now completely gray on the bottom part as my wetness soaked into it, only the ribbon part on top was left dry.

I massaged my soft mound on top of it. Usually when I play with myself I have to lick my fingers pa for lubrication. Pero right now, andami na agad lube tapos ang sensitive ko na.


A soft moan escaped my mouth.

Closed my eyes and imagined how manong would've reacted if he saw how wet my panties got after I watched his dick cum for me.

Would he jerk off his dick again at the sight of it?

Or would he ask for something more?


I start to imagine his voice in my head, as if he was still in front of me right now.


"Puta sabi ko na nga ba miss basang basa na nga panty mo!"

"Nalibugan ka na jinajakol ko tite ko sa harap mo?"

"Putanginang yan! Hilain mo sa gilid yang panty mo miss"

I pulled my panties to the side, to reveal my moist glistening lips.

While my imagination was already running wild, I imagined his voice getting rougher and more demanding, and escalating the tension we had kanina.

"Basang basa na puke mo miss! Tumutulo na sa katas mo sa upuan! Angkinis pa nyan at pink na pink!"

"Tangina ang sarap halikan niyan at dilaan katas mo!"

"Pakita mo nga sakin pano mo nilalaro yang malibog mong puke!"

My clit was throbbing and swollen with my pinkish labia salivating with juices on both sides, as if it was inviting to be eaten or to be fucked.

At that point I was furiously rubbing my clitoris na in a circular direction. Pushing on it hard with my index and middle finger. My fluids continued to flow like there was no end to it.

"Ohhh... good g-goddd... ohhhhh"

I was starting to make slightly audible noises na.

I was imagining him stroking his newly hard cock ulit for me as I was playing with my clit. His hand furiously jerking up and down as he watched me pleasure myself.

I felt I was melting from the pleasure and electricity I felt jolting throughout my system. My body tingled from my nape, then to my spine, down to my butt and pelvic region. I was craving this pleasure like an ice-cold water after travelling for months through a desert. I was thirsty, and dying to rid myself off this wicked desire, yet I was simultaneously drowning in it too.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I pulled my panties all the way down to my ankles and spread my legs further to the side.

Slapped my hand across my now naked and fully revealed pussy. Caressing my index and ring finger across my slit, tracing it and covering it with my fluids.

If anyone happened to enter the stall I was in at that time, I'd be fully exposed. They'd see me legs raised up in a spread eagle position as I was teasing my pussy, ready to get fucked.

I thrusted two fingers right away inside. Feeling my fever...

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Damn that was too hot bro your a lucky guy :)

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