To Whom It May Concern II

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Date: November 18, 2022 (11 days ago)


White ceiling, cold room but warm body. I woke up to the sound of the airconditioning unit and some noises outside, also the little snore near my ear. He was sleeping peacefully.

Yes! I remembered may kasama akong natutulog.

I usually wake up early pagdi ako sa bahay natutulog. While waiting for him to wake up, I was scrolling through my phone - 6:17am. Pretty damn early kahit madaling araw na akong nakatulog. Inaaliw ko sarili ko with tiktok, a few minutes passed and I felt him move.

His arms now wrapping me. I took his hand and hold it while I was on my phone. Parang naglalambing ba.
It made me realize a few things:
- He has a girlfriend
- He made it clear na no commitments
- Aalis din sya sa city after his work project
- DON'T GET ATTACHED! crazyyy girl!

Napapikit nalang ako with this thought, with that I adjusted my position dahilan para magising sya.

Him: mmmmm

Me: Hey, good morning (smiling enthusiastically)
Him: mmmmm

Me: hehe okay, matulog ka na muna

Akala ko matutulog pa sya ulit, when he suddenly searched me. Looking for my pussy. Natatawa nalang ako.

Me: Akala ko ba matutulog ka pa?

He kissed my shoulders while fitting his finger on my pussy lips. Naawa ako kasi parang nahihirapan sya so I spread my legs.

Me: Oh, ayan na.
Him: Yeah
Me: mmmmm

He was playing with my clit, arousing me which eventually worked kasi tumigas nipples ko.

Me: Okayyy, I know what you're doing. But you promised me last night.
Him: Promised what?
Me: That I can return the favor
Him: Oh okay. Go on, I'll behave.
Me: You better!

Wala ng gargle-gargle or toothbrush, diretso ko na syang hinalikan. Lips to Lips, Tongue to Tongue, Laway after Laway.

Me: Ahhhhh mwaaah!

Kissing from the lips down to his neck, then his chest, his nipples, then his rock hard cock.

Na-excite ako to suck him since he was pretty hard and I wasn't able to do much last night.

I focused on his cock. Licking it from tip down to the balls. Kita ko yung expression sa mukha nya.

Him: Ahhh fuck
Me: Do you want me to stop?
Him: Nooo, please no!
Me: haha okay, sabihan mo lang ako if di mo na kaya

Nakabukaka legs nya at nakatuwad ako na nakaharap sa titi nya. Dinidilaan, sinisipsip.

Me: Ahhhh!

I couldn't help myself, pinasok ko ng buo at nagulat sya.

*gawk - gawk - gawk

Him: Ahhh shit! Sarap! Cge pa

I continued, naka-ilang deepthroat ako at bigla nyang hinawakan ang ulo ko habang nakasubo iniikot ko dila ko sa titi nya.

Him: Ahhh fuck! Ang aga-aga, ang sarap-sarap!

Di ako makasagot 'coz he was holding my hea...

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November 18, 2022 (11 days ago)

Hot ng update. Salamas 🔥🔥

Tall, dark and Happy 😉

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User Not Found admin
November 19, 2022 (10 days ago)

Hot. As always.

Ganito din sana gusto ko kaso madali talaga ako ma-fall. Ending, iyak 😅

More please 😈

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November 20, 2022 (9 days ago)

ikr. kaya careful tayo on this side ,sister!

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