To Whom It May Concern

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Date: November 14, 2022 (23 days ago)

I met this guy over a year ago. I met him on Tinder. He was very straight forwards with his needs. He wanted a fubu. Before saying yes, I asked myself if it's worth it?

A comitted, 20 something Engineer looking for a fubu. This was his profile.

I, myself, back then was a single, 20 something Manager looking for love in the wrong place.

I don't know what convinced me but I said, "yeah! let's do it." Without even seeing his face or hearing his voice. As if it was just a sex arrangement.

It took weeks before we saw each other for the 1st time, around this month last year.

I booked a hotel in the city with the aggreement that we split 50/50 on everything.

Him: I'll see you at 6?

Me: Yeah, 6pm at _____.

Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting a dinner invitation that I could not refuse. He ended up waiting for me 'til 9:30pm.

Me: I'm on my way, please don't be mad.

Him: Just please send home your friend and siputin mo ako.

Me: Of course, yes!

He waited for another 20mins before we actually met outside the mall.

Me: Please don't be mad.

Him: I'm not, pagod lang ako from work and wasn't expecting for you to be this late.

Me: Sorry about that. I-cacancel na sana kita but you insisted.

Him: Ofcourse! I've been excited since pagka-gising ko noh. Di ka ba excited?

Me: Excited ako pero kinakabahan din.

Him: haha why?

Me: I'll just tell you in the hotel. Nagdinner ka na ba?

Him: Yeah, anong oras na kaya.

Me: Sabi ko na nga ba, galit kana.

Him: haha hindi nga eh.

Sumakay kami ng taxi papunta sa hotel, when I felt his hand on my thigh. Di ko ma-explain pero may kuryente. Ganon ba ka exciting for him ang ginagawa namin?

Unfortunately, the excitement died down when we arrived at the hotel and the attendant told us na the booking didn't push through because there was a convention.

Him: Can we find a different hotel?

Me: Yeah, meron naman within the area.

So we went to another hotel an that's where we settled.

Boy oh boy he was pretty horny! The moment he locked the door dumiretso agad sya to kiss me.

Me: Wait, hold on. Let me breathe.

Him: haha why? something wrong?

Me: Wala naman, nagmamadali ka ata.

Him: Kanina pa ako excited sayo.

Me: Kaya ba yung kamay mo kanina di mapalagay?

Him: Napansin mo pala?

Me: Yup! May shockwave eh.

Him: haha right! How about now? Can I kiss you now?

Me: Sure!

Without second thoughts he kissed me, yung halik na sabik na sabik. He slowly pushed towards the banyo took off my clothes and started fondling my nipples.

Me: ahhhhh wait, ang bilis. Slow down.

Him: Why slow down? You were late.

Me: haha I know but can you take it easy? Like hubarin mo din muna ang pants and brief mo?

Him: Huhubarin mo rin naman 'to for me.

Me: I know pero baka kasi mabasa sa shower.

Him: Fine.

He took of his pants and his briefs. He was physically fit like ang sarap papakin. I don't normally go for guys na fit kasi matigas yakapin but his body was fine for me - nice shoulders, formed chest, sexy ass and long thick dick.

After taking off his clothes he then again kissed me, yung kiss na ayaw bumitaw kahit nahihirapan ng huminga. Imagine the steam inside the bathroom.

Him: Come, sabunan kita.

Me: Okayyy

Him: And this, too.

Me: Ahhhh my pussy doesn't need soaping. Titi kailangan nyan.

Him: Oh good thing mine is ready.

Me: I can see that. Baka yung sayo kailangan lawayan, este, sabunan?

Him: Whatever works for me.

Then he kissed me again. Every kiss may kasabay na pisil sa nipples ko.

Me: ahhhh, I'm done. Can we continue this sa bed?

Him: I'll be out in a few.

While naliligo sya I made sure na mabango ako. Little lotion, little cologne and viol I'm ready.

He was done and paglabas na paglabas nya ng banyo para bang nasa isang movie scene. Half naked and drying his hair.

Me: Wag kana magbihis, huhubarin ko lang yan

Him: haha I know that, naunahan mo lang ako.

Me: Really?

Him: Isn't that what we came here for?

Me: Oo naman, I just thought y...

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November 14, 2022 (23 days ago)

ganahan ko sa imong style😍

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November 14, 2022 (23 days ago)

how so?

Have you seen my Daddy? Let him know I'm lost.

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November 16, 2022 (21 days ago)

Ung sunod na agad

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November 14, 2022 (23 days ago)

ganahan ko sa imong style.

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