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Did I think about stopping?

Yes, I did. But it was impossible for me. What awakened in me was so powerful it blew away any thoughts of stopping. My body didn't want to stop too. As for me myself, I gave in to what awakened in me. Whatever resistance I had was weak. It easily crumbled.

Do I still feel guilt every time we commit the immoral?

Yes, but it gets mixed together with the taboo pleasure, enhancing its already addictive taste. Conscience and guilt serve as necessary elements to the taboo pleasure. Hence the saying Masarap Ang Bawal.

Why do I keep doing it despite knowing it could ruin my marriage?

Because it feels wonderful. It's addicting. This immoral relationship we have has a firm hold on my entire being. Every time we commit the immoral, we would be sent to a different realm of pleasure, numbing us to whatever guilty feelings we might have.

Let's continue.

I woke up the next morning still naked. I had a wonderful sleep. I wore my sleepwear without bra and panties before I went down. And Daddy Bernard suddenly hugged me from behind.

"Good morning, Baby." he greeted as he kissed the side of my head then to my lips.

I softly muttered "Good morning…"

Later on, when I finished breakfast and my coffee, Daddy started talking.

"Rose, bago ka umuwi a. Sa CR ulet."

Napa smile na lang ako sa sinabi niya. But yeah, I wanted to fuck one more time before I go.

"Iwan ko lang yung door naka bukas. Sunod ka na lang."

I wasn't in any rush to leave so we took our sweet time fucking. Daddy alternated between my ass and cunt but he used the latter more and came in it.

That was it and I went back home using our car. Before I could leave though. Daddy reminded me about our next time. I told him I'd chat him up using my dummy account so we could plan it properly.

Life went on after ako solohin ni Daddy. My usual everyday life returned but there's definitely a humongous change. I could feel it strongly. My married life looked loving on the surface. I would welcome home my husband every night after a long day at work. We would hug and kiss, declare our love to each other and I would feel pangs of guilt every time we did so. But without him knowing, I was already thinking about when I would have another immoral encounter with Daddy Bernard again. The fact he has no idea just intensified the excitement. I was overflowing with immoral passion. The feelings of guilt was no match for the taboo. The voice of reason was weak compared to what had awaken inside of me, that demon. It devoured whatever feelings of remorse I had. Justin and I still actively had sex. He could satisfy me but it was lacking. It's not his size. I didn't lie to myself on what I needed for me to be fully satisfied. It was obvious. I knew I had to be fucked by Daddy Bernard again and again. My need for the immoral would grow in each passing day. My demon needed to be fed those sinful delicacies again. I was craving for it.

My mind would go travel to the first night we did the immoral when I had time to myself. There was this mixture of feelings within me. What I strongly remembered was Daddy Bernard was willing to go that far to have his way with me. It was the shock of my life. How could a father do that to his own son? It's sick and twisted. The ultimate betrayal a father could commit. That told me he was that obsessed with me. This was what constantly played in my mind before talaga. It's devilish. It made me feel sinful. I'm aware I possess a well-endowed body but to think that it would drive a father to betray his son, his own flesh and blood like that. It's wicked. I felt like my gifted body was built for sin. My heart would beat wildly and I would feel horny every time I would muse about how my sensual body drove Daddy to be obsessed with me. It corrupted his morals. Spawning impure thoughts about bedding me in his mind. It's really an intense arousal. I felt hot talaga.

I absolutely can't give specific details that could jeopardize us but if you know them personally, you really wouldn't expect it from Daddy Bernard. He gives off a fatherly vibe. That was what I felt when I first met him. His face looked serene, composed. That's why I couldn't forget what happened the first night and the day it was just the two of us. That serene face was overflowing with lust for me. They say you won't forget your first time. That saying applies to our first night as well. I pushed things further by proposing to commit the immoral right next to Justin. I was really daring. I would find myself aroused. My nipples erect, my flower dripping every time my mind would travel back to that night.

I knew talaga na there's no turning back. As I said, something awakened. I'll try my best to explain it. It was so strong. There was a force, presence that welled up within me. It made itself known. It's fierce. It overwhelmed and took over my entire being. A lustful force that allowed me to be unfaithful to Justin. Commit those shameless acts with my biyenan.

I needed to think about what I'm gonna keep doing. To process things. There's also the risk of us being caught running through my mind. You might say I could just stop seeing Daddy Bernard altogether but no, it wasn't that simple. There's a driving force behind. That force would make us plummet deeper and deeper into the abyss of depravity. It's so strong. There's this fierce presence that would make itself known, wanting to be immoral again.

I would think about these thoughts from time to time but what aroused me intensely was thinking about it inside our bedroom. I just knew we were going to commit the immoral there. There was this obvious feeling and it excited me nonstop fantasizing about it. Only Justin and I ever fucked in our bedroom. And the impure thought of Daddy Bernard fucking me there sent tickling pleasure all over my body as my heart danced wildly. Anticipating for that sinful act. Ang sarap ng arousal na yun. Sobra.

We talked about doing the sick and twisted using my dummy account. He was just as aroused as I was. That wasn't all. We happily talked about our time together. He kept saying how he misses the warmth of my body and my slutty face as he pounds me nonstop. The way I would quiver, shake beneath him as pleasure coursed over me. He sorely missed seeing that side of me. He asked me if I missed him too. I said yes and that I was craving for our immoral copulation.

Anyway, I think I'll focus more on our sexual encounters that I loved the most. Such as our first night and our first solo day. It's hard to do a full version of every sexual encounters since Daddy and I fucked a lot.

I'll try my best to remember the words we used every time we were left on our own. What we said to each other. But I don't think I could write all of the sex we did in secret.

So our next encounter happened on a weekday. Daddy and I met at parking lot. It was so easy to lie to Justin that day. Good opportunity too since he had to go to work. I dressed casually. A simple shirt and jeans that hugged my body tightly. I still remember na super excited ako habang on the way na ako. I felt like a girl that had just turned into a woman. A newbie in sex. Well, back then, I was a newbie when it came to this sort of immoral relationship. I experienced the pleasures of the ultimate taboo and I was craving it. The embers of my lust were ready. I just needed the physical sensation of a man I'm not supposed to sexually touch to turn those embers into a fiery inferno.

Both of us smiled lustfully at each other the moment I entered Daddy's car. He immediately wrapped an arm around me to pull me closer so we could kiss each other. The kiss quickly turned to a frenzied kissing. I missed our heated kissing. One of his hands traveled to my breast and fondled it. I missed his touch too and so did he. He wasn't being gentle about it.

"Na miss ko tong suso mo Rose." Being fondled like that by Daddy was a starting to boil my arousal even more.

"Obvious naman. Tara na Daddy. Sa motel para makita mo ulet akong nakahubad. Sure ako na miss mo yun." I said as he continued to fondle me.

"Tatamod tamodan ko ulet yang malanding pekpek mo."

What I heard excited me. We hurriedly went to a motel. And on the way, I leaned closer to Daddy so he could have access to the breasts he so missed. He fondled me when there was a chance before we arrived.

The moment the door was locked we hugged each other. Going to a motel with my father-in-law for the first time was definitely a sexual adventure. That wasn't the first time I went to a motel for sex but going with my biyenan added spice to it. It burned my arousal stronger. We kissed, suck each other's tongue and exchanged saliva like animals in heat. I was a bitch in heat. We got near the bed as we roamed each other's mouths. And he would lick my neck, slathering his saliva there before he would go back inside my mouth as his hands reached for the hem of my shirt. We stopped kissing when he lifted my shirt. I lifted my arms so he could remove it completely. I wore a simple bra but that still made Daddy drool at the sight of my cleavage.

"Ho… Na miss ko talaga yang mga yan." Then he proceeded to fondle them. I let him have his fun. And then I smiled and removed my bra myself. Letting it fall on the ground. He drooled even more. Lust was painted across his face.

"Putang ina talaga Rose. Pamatay talaga katawan mo."

I smiled and pulled his face closer to mine. I stuck out my tongue and Daddy gladly sucked on it. I let him dominate my warm sinful mouth as his hand fondled my breasts. All this was making me more primed for sex. I could feel his erection through his pants. I snaked a hand there and gently caressed it. He was freaking hard. He was backed up.

"My god. Grabe Daddy. Ang hard a." I looked down on it.

A manyak grin was painted on his face before he spoke.

"Inipon ko talaga lahat para sayo."

What I heard made me giddy and I bit my lip. He'll definitely fuck me a lot. I proceeded to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants and removed it together with his underwear. His meaty cock sprang up. Shit! He was extremely hard. There was even pre-cum. I looked at it for a few seconds before I wrapped my fingers around it. Shit! He was hot to the touch. Definitely ready to fuck me. I missed that meat in my grasp so I started licking it right away as my hand jacked him off. It didn't take long before I was moving my head back and forth and my other hand massaged his balls.

"Ohhhh..! Ooohhh!!! Aaahhh!! Putang ina!" I didn't start gentle. I went full throttle on that man-meat.

Daddy moaned. I liked what I heard. I looked up and saw him close his eyes. It was that good for him. I popped him out of my wet mouth and used my tongue to pleasure the length of his cock. Especially below the head.

I was enjoying giving him a head when he reached his hand on my breast, groping it to my and his pleasure. Heating me up more. He would massage the full flesh before he would use his fingers to flick my hardened nipple, eliciting a soft moan from me. He did the same with my other tit. While my hand changed position to unzip my jeans so I could play with myself. I was already dripping at that point. The immoral situation definitely had an effect.

"Ooohh…!! Ooohhh! Rose, tama na yan. Hubad ka na. Gusto ko iputok lahat sa malanding pekpek mo." I could tell he asked me to stop because he almost came.

I was feeling malandi talaga. I gave his cock a few more licks and slurps before I popped him out. His cock was already covered in my saliva and glistening. I stood up to completely remove remaining clothes, fully exposing my unfaithful form to him. Once again, the two of us were naked together.

Daddy couldn't wait any longer and he pounced on me. Pushing me on the bed. I was on my back as he lined up his cock on my leaking wet cunt and slid it inside. My unfaithful cunt gladly welcomed him. Our eyes locked onto each other the moment he was fully inside me. I missed that immoral cock. He was finally inside me again. His lovely manugang. My demon was rejoicing at our immoral connection. It was going to devour all the sick and twisted pleasure that would course all over our bodies.

I grabbed Daddy's face and kissed him. Shoving my tongue inside. Our tongues found and rolled with each other and we kept on torrid kissing. The sounds of our obscene mouth and tongue filled my ears. I loved it. We were kissing wantonly when he started to pound his hips.

"Sobrang na miss ko talaga sa pekpek mo Rose! Ang init mo! Sarap tang ina!" He growled while we were face to face. My breasts were pressed against his chest. I'm sure he loved the sensation of it.

"We have time naman Daddy. Let's take our time. Enjoyin mo manugang mo. Puta mo naman ako right?" I must have looked like a total slut when I said that. He grinned like a manyak. That revved up his engine even more. He fucked me furiously. He was a beast in heat indeed. He had no concern whatsoever for anything but fucking my obscene cunt. And I gladly let him. The room was cold but it didn't bother us. Our fiery copulation kept our sinful bodies hot.

We would kiss and suck each other's tongue from time to time as he kept on ramming his raging cock inside, messing me up. He would grab my face and suck on my tongue before he snaking his tongue on my neck to my ears to lick it and suck on my earlobe. His greedy hands would come to molest my breasts to his heart's content. I loved all of that! It added to the waves of depraved pleasure my body was being assaulted with. I kept moaning. My earlobe was being sucked and licked at the same time. Nakaka-kiliti na ang sarap.

"Pati ungol mo na miss ko ng sobra."

I smiled at that. He kept thrusting his meat in and out as I kept moaning. Moans which were no doubt melody for his ears. We kept on fucking missionary style as sweat covered our bodies.

No words were needed where Daddy would cum. He didn't have to ask as my legs wrapped tightly around him. That's all he needed to know he could erupt inside me whenever he felt like. Defiling me again. And so, after a few more pumps,...

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