We stayed on the bed for a little while. Daddy couldn't help his hands on his volutpous manugang after all. Panay haplos siya sakin until we decided it was time for breakfast.

Daddy put on his shorts and came down first and I went to Justin's old room to put on my bathrobe before I went down to the kitchen. He was reheating left over foods using the microwave.

A grin spread across Daddy's face when he saw me.

"Alam mo pag nakikita kita dati na naka ganyan ka, tinitigasan talaga ako. Bagong ligo ka tapos tatambay yung halimuyak mo. Grabe talaga sarap mo kaladkarin sa kwarto."

It was my turn to smile. I can imagine what he would have loved to do to me. I walked over to him.

"Oh? So ano ba mga na fantasized mo every time nakikita mo ako na naka bathrobe lang?"

He pulled me closer to him and we kissed before he spoke.

"Sarap mong kaladkarin agad tapos titira-tirahin kita. Dali pa naman hubadin ng ganyan."

"I'll remember that. Tutupadin natin yang fantasy mo."

With that, we ate breakfast and did our respective morning routines.

I was still in my bathrobe when we were watching TV. We were sittingcloselywhile Daddy's right arm was wrapped around me.

I would sense from time to time that he would look down my cleavage as he rubbed my waist.We were in that situation for a while when he started speaking.

"Rose, bigyan mo naman ako ng show sa banyo. Tagal ko ng pinagpapantasyahan kung paano ka maligo e."

Oh? What a naughty Biyenan I have.

"I'm sure matagal mo na akong gustong bosohan habang naliligo ako noh?"

"Oo naman. Dati pa talaga. Ang hirap lang talaga."

Even if he wanted to, he couldn't. Maayos yung cr e. I always make sure din na nakasara parati yung windowall the way.

I felt aroused by what we were talking about. A manugangand biyenan in the shower together,committing something they shouldn't.It made my twisted self jump in joy.

"Ngayon na ba?

I looked at him before I asked.

"Oo. Tara na."

We huriedly walked to the only CR of the house. I lead him by the hand. I opened the door and turned on the white light. We went inside and locked the door.

I was so excited by what I was about to do for my him. A manugang letting her biyenan watcher her take a bath. It felt erotic, sinful.

I stood in front of himand undid the knot of my bathrobe. Exposing some skin. Especially the flesh of my breasts he loves so much.

He was eyeing me up and down and I was smirking as I completely undressed my bathrobe off my shoulders. Completely exposing myself to him again. He was looking intently.

I then hanged the bathrobe on the wall hanger and proceeded to turn on the heater and shower.

I felt the water hit my body. Cold at first but it eventually turned warm. Daddy wanted to watch so I focused on my shower.

"Yan. Yan ang gusto kong masaksihan nuon pa."

He said when my whole body wasgraduallycovered in warm water. I looked over at him and a grin was spread across his face. My manyak biyenan was clearly enjoying the view.

I turned off the water before I used lofa to scrub my body. My legs, my arms, armpits and neck. Every nook and cranny of my body was scrubbed. All the while my biyenan was watching with lecherous eyes. I looked over and his face was full on manyakmode. My sight went downwards and there he goes, full mast and raring to go. He was definitely saving this show in his brain.

I turned the water again when it was time to wash my body.

"Tang ina. Sarap ng manugang ko."

He couldn't hold back anymore and approached me with lustful intents. He hugged me from behind. For a few seconds we stayed like that as he nestled his head on my neck. He was smelling me.

"Bango bango ng Baby manugang ko."

He said after he inhaledand exhaledmy smell. I know for sure that made him light headed. I even heard him exhale sharply. His right hand gradually roamed down my pussy and he played with it while his left hand cupped my breast, kneading it. I turned off the water.

His right hand played with my clit causing me to moan slightly. I started getting into the mood even more. Getting watched by my biyenan was already hot enough and his sultry touches just made the sinful situation even hotter.

He opted to move his right hand to cup my other breast. It was now two greedy hands assaulting my tits. The other one was kneading and massaging it while the other one was pinching my erect nipple. All this was happening while Daddy was licking my neck and I could feel his erection poking me from behind. His manhood was wild for his manugang again.

I was feeling warm and getting hot, no longer because of the warm shower but because of the way he was romancing me, his son's wife. It was so bad.

I turned my neck to the right to face him as my right right hand reached for his head. Daddy understood I wanted a kiss and he gladly gave it to me. It was a kiss at first and I wanted tongue action so I shoved my flirty tongue in his willing mouth. He welcomed me and our obscene tongues danced together, slurping and exchanging fluids. French kissing while having my breasts fondled was a huge boost to our twisted libido.

Our kissing gradually turned even more furious to the point I had to completely face him. He hugged me tightly, pressing my delicious tits again his chest as his hands roamed to my ass and gave it a squeeze before molesting them with his traitorous hands.

We were breathing hard when our mouths parted for air and looked at each other's eyes.His eyes clearly told me how much he was enjoying the corrupt situation. I'm sure my eyes told him the same thing.

His hand sensually moved to caress the outer thigh of my leg before lifting it up. Daddy wanted to fuck me na. So I wrapped a single leg around him, hooking itand he positioned himself.

I looked down and saw his erection enter me, his unfaithful manugang, again.

"Fantasy come true nanaman para sayo, Daddy."

I said to him and a manyak grin was spread across his face.

He started moving. It was a slow tempo at first. Slow because we would kiss and he would lick my neck, chest from time to time. Lasciviously licking my neck before his tongue would travel to my mouth to hungrily french kiss me. We were savoring the sinful moment as my hands were holding onto his shoulders.

Gradually, Daddy quickened his pace. Both of us were moaning, enjoying this betrayal of his son and my husband.

As he fucked my unfaithful cunt even harder, I found myself wanting to kiss Daddy and so I did. I stuck my tongue outobscenely, he picked up on what I wanted and opened his mouth to suck my lustful tongue. He sucked and sucked and I let him. I found myself feeling lightheaded due to the blissful sensations of being fucked by my biyenan while having my tongue greedily sucked. Our unfaithful mouths would part when he needed air but we would do it again. It was that pleasurable. The leg that was wrapped around Daddy untangled so I supported myself by hugging him with my arms.Our faces were in front of each other. He grabbed me by the waist and we kissed again that quickly turned into a heated embrace of our sinful tongues.

I would press my cheating cunt every time I would cum. Daddy would only stop for a moment and then ram me again with his angry manhood.

Then we would have another sinful torrid kissing as his hand would roam from my waist to my breast to molest it. We sucked each other's tongue as Daddy fucked me hard and fast while fondling my breast, adding to the impure pleasure. It was a heated indecent sex in the bathroom between a manugang and biyenan.

"Eto na ko Rose! Tatamudan ulet kita!"

He growled as the thrusts of his hips lost its pattern. He pumped a few more times and erupted deep in me. Spurts after spurts of cum defiled my cunt. We had another round of torrid kissing as I felt his hot seed continue to spread inside my unfaithful flower. It felt wonderful and I enjoyed torrid kissing Daddy as he shot ropes of cum.

He finished shooting his load. We were hugging for a while until we went down from our bliss.

"Tang ina. The best manugang ka talaga. Uulitin natin to a."

"Yes Daddy."Of course we would.

I said and he kissed me again. Then we took a bath.I helped scrub his body.He was having the time of his life, being cleaned by his unfaithful manugang. We stayed in the shower for a long time. He clearly wanted to make the most of our first time taking a bath. His hands would find its to every part of my body. Places he shouldn't touch, he kept assaulting. He didn't give a damn.

Afternoon late lunch...

We were eating lunch and talking about various things when I thought to ask him a question later. I wanted to try it again. Something thrilling I experienced before. I was wearing Justin's loose sando. The gym type one. So it really showed off my enchanting breasts. Lots of cleavage and side boobs were bared, on view, for Daddy's eyes. And sure enough, he would boldly ogle me as he ate.

"Daddy, may tanong ako."

I said after we finished eating.

"Ano yun?"

"You watch porn naman right?"

I knew he watched porn. I just knew but still, I felt I had to ask.

"Bold? Oo naman."

He replied immediately. He even seem shocked a little I had to ask. Nothing surprising there. It was kind of silly to ask. Natawa na lang din ako.

"Puro daughter-in-law porn no?"

It was his turn to smile. A manyak one.

"Aba malamang. Ikaw ba?"

"Yes. Nanunuod din ako. Even before. Lalo na pag kasama ko mga girl friends tapos overnight."

Those were good times. We dared each other before.

"Kami din ni Justin, we watch together." I added.

I continued asking him about something I wanted to do again. Our immoral relationship really made me remember those thrilling memories.

"So nakapanuod ka na ba ng scenario na having sex while on the phone? I have experience kasi sa ganun. I thought baka gusto mong I-try."

I want to explore so many vulgar acts with him.

"Pwedeng pwede sakin yan. Tapos si Justin(He used his nickname at the time) yung kausap?" He said with a laugh.

I was sort of surprised by his immediate answer. There was not a ounce of hesitation from him to fool his own son. Taboo pleasure and lust really breaks down any morals of a person. The taste of his manugang's body was that powerful on him. What a sinful woman I am.

"It's about time na din na tawagan ko si Justin if nag lunch na siya."

The call is part of the cover for our immoral affair. I had to put up the act of a loyal wife after all. It's an effort that's absolutely needed for this twisted relationship. But at the same time, we could use it to our advantage.

"Tara, start natin."

I already have experience about I wanted us to do but this was different. It definitely had something with doing it with my biyenan. We were going to actively and willingly fool my husband and that's just so wicked. But at the same time, because of that, the level of thrill soared higher.

Daddy stood up and walked over behind me as I picked up my phone and called Justin's number. My heart was racing. Though not as much as when we did the immoral beside him. It was still a thrilling experience but completely different from my previous ones. The wickedness of it made it very naughty.

I felt Daddy's hands touch my nape, massaging it. It felt so good. He really knows how touch a woman there. Justin answered.

"Hello Hon. Nag lunch ka na?" I asked as my nape was being aroused with a father's touch.

Daddy didn't stop his assault on my nape. He just kept at it.

"Eto kumakain na. Kayo ni Papa? Kumain na kayo?"

My heart was enjoying it. I loved the way my sinful heart thumped against my chest.

"Oo. We just finished."

Daddy's hands gradually increased their pace in massaging my nape. I felt pleasurable tickles course through me.

"Ano kinain niyo?"

"Yung leftovers na dala nila Ashley at Ann (my sis-in-laws' names. Changed) nung party."

When Justin and I had that exchange, I felt Daddy's hands slide down to grope my breasts. Thankfully, I was able to hold back my moan because he slid it down a little slowly.

"Andami pang pagkain no?"


My breasts was being carefully massaged as we continued to talk. No doubt, Daddy was enjoying it. His traitorous hands gladly touching his manugang like a creep would while his son was just on the other side of the call. We were so deviant and we loved it.

I was carefully steadying my breathing. Gosh! I really loved that risky situation.

"So ano oras ka uuwi bukas?"

"It depends. Na miss ko din kasi dito. Ganda ng lugar." And of course, the immoral relationship tastes so fucking good. It's a delicacy.

When we said to each other, that was when Daddy slowly lifted up the loose sando of Justin, exposing my luscious full breasts. Daddy massaged it.

"Sige hon. Tuloy ko na muna tong lunch ko. Love you."

"Ok hon. Love you."

And I stopped the call. I breathed heavily the moment I did and we laughed together.

"Oh my god! Grabe yun. Very different talaga sa experience ko before."

"Tayong tayo na nga ako e. Walangya. Ang sarap ng ganun."

Daddy said before he leaned down his face, grabbed my chin and turned it to him so we could have another heated torrid kissing. Once again, we exchanged saliva. The next part was obvious for the two of us.

"San tayo Daddy?"

"Tara. Sa kwarto ko ulet."

I stood up and he wrapped an arm around my waist. We walked up the stairs to his room as he groped my ass. We arrived at the room and we didn't lock the door. He pulled me closer to him and we started french kissing again as his hand went underneath Justin's gym sando to have his way with my breast again. My nipples were already erect caused by the traitorous phone call I just had.

I was moaning as we continued to torridly kiss each other as we stumbled on the bed. We stopped kissing as Daddy gripped the hem the sando and I lifted up my arms, helping him remove it. My shorts went off and he got naked too. He spread my legs and looked at my dripping flower.

"Sobra din naging libog mo dahil sa tawag mo na yun."

"You like it naman, Daddy."

I said as I spread my arms and legs even more. It was matched with a malandi expression.

"Daddy, fuck mo na ulet manugang mong malandi."

He didn't waste any time and mounted me. We were face to face. My breasts were squished. And he suddenly pushed his raging member to the hilt causing me to moan loudly at the sudden penetration. We kissed yet again and he started moving. The slow pace was just for a minute or so before he went fast and hard, ramming me. The phone call had a wild effect on him. Mas nang-gigil siya.

He was pumping his forbidden meat in and out of his manugang. We were loving it. He moved his upper body so he could take in the sight my bouncing breasts, hypnotizing him even more. Fueling his immoral thrusts.

I was looking at his face. His eyes clearly showed he loved betraying his son to bed me. There was no hint of guilt. Then he would lean down again to have another taste of my indecent mouth and he would go back up so he could watch my breasts again. We were like that for a while until he got tired.

"Ikaw naman ulet sa taas. Kantot na parang puta ulet ha."

He stopped and we were covered in sweat. Daddy was breathing heavily.

"Of course Daddy."

He quickly laid down on his back and I straddled him. I poin...

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