Some expressed their doubts and it's understandable. I won't try to force you to believe. It's just that if your friend or acquaintance ever got wasted at a drinking party, then you must know what I'm talking about. Said person won't wake up that easily. I saw many times how some of my male friends/acquaintances had their faces smeared with powder, lipstick or whatever it is that made us laugh. They just won't wake up.

Now, let me continue.

Pleasures of the flesh. It is a simple sentence but with an overwhelming meaning if you know how the taboo feels. Once you taste it, the word pleasure will have a whole other meaning in your dictionary. You will understand why taboo is called taboo. You have to delve into the abyss of immorality and depravity for you to understand this.

We happily committed one of the most taboo relationships there is known to us humans who are weak to the temptations of the flesh. It's something dark indeed. Once you start descending into the depths of immorality, you will have a hard time controlling yourself, you will find yourself unable to get out. Actually, you yourself won't want to get out. You will want to stay there. That's how it is for me and Daddy.

After we recovered from that mind blowing orgasm, we still didn't leave the living room where Justin was sleeping. We just fucked each other's brains out, we moaned, our flesh slapped against each other and he was still dead asleep.

Daddy sat up and rested his back on the sofa while I positioned myself on his thigh. I was leaning sideways against his body while we were recovering and his arm was wrapped around my waist.

"Tulog na tulog talaga."

I said while Daddy kept caressing my hips and waist. That hand would occasionally grope a breast while his mouth was kissing and tonguing my neck.

"Sabi sayo e."

Then he positioned my back against him so he could use both hands to molest my mommy breasts.

"Grabe talaga tong katawan mo Baby. Walang tapon. Siksik ka talaga sa laman. Sarap pa sa pakiramdam ng pwet mo."

I wriggled my butt when he said that as he licked my nape.

"Kaya mo pa ba Daddy?"

I asked as I enjoyed the feel of his hands on my breasts. Hands that would roam down the my waits, hips and thighs and then would travel again to my tits.

"Wait ka lang Baby."

There we were, basking in the taboo pleasure as he continued to pleasure himself using the immoral body of his son's wife with his needy hands and I, the unfaithful wife, willingly let him explore my married body. I was looking at Justin as Daddy did it. Eventually, he got hard again.

"Napaka effective talaga magpa tigas ng katawan mo."

I liked what I heard and smiled at him before asking him.

"So what position this time Daddy?"

"Sitting tayo Baby. Harap ka sakin."

I followed his order and positioned myself, straddling him.

"Kiss mo muna si Daddy."

I stuck my tongue out and he sucked on it. We weren't fighting for dominance and just enjoyed the pleasure of each other's sinful tongue. All the while his hands were kneading my butt cheeks.

"Ang laman talaga."

He licked some of my sweat on my neck before continuing.

"Ituhog mo na sa malandi mong pekpek Baby."

He ordered when our mouths parted and his hands were still on my ass.

"Yes, Daddy."

I lifted my hips, took his hardened member and slowly impaled myself.

"Aahhh… Langit talaga."

He moaned and then I began to move my hips. It was a combination of back and forth and circular motions and just the right pace. We were savoring the pleasure. Taking our sweet time with just my husband beside us.

I looked over to his sleeping form. The sight of him sleeping and clueless to the immorality occurring around him just magnified the taboo pleasure I was gladly experiencing. So I quickened my rhythm. I couldn't help myself. My husband's sleeping form ignited my demon again. Intense lust coursed throughout me causing me to slam my hips even harder.

"Daddy, nakaka libog talaga na nandyan lang si Justin."

I said while still fucking that cock with my breasts bouncing up and down as his hands helped my hips move.

"Oo nga e. Sobra. Ang sama kong tatay."

He said before laughing. He really let himself go. I suddenly grabbed his face and we had another french kiss. Then our lips parted.

"Baby, painom naman ng laway mo."

Oh my. We were so nasty and we loved it.

"Open your mouth Daddy."

He opened it wide and I slowly let my saliva drip inside his mouth. He swallowed it happily.

"Masarap ba Daddy?"

"Oo naman, Baby."

Then it was his turn to grab my face and kiss me. Just like earlier, we found ourselves slurping each other's tongue. Our tongues rolled and sucked each other out of pure pleasure. We were a man and woman just wanting to enjoy the taboo. That was all we concerned ourselves with.

I kept riding him like a whore. I would grind my hips from time to time. While Daddy would help himself with my breasts and suck on each of my erect nipples. Flicking his tongue on each of them, sending shivers all over my body. All of which would feed the devil in me.

From time to time, I would find myself looking again at Justin and surprising even myself, I smiled. That smile of mine must have looked devilish. I was grateful to him. Because of him, Daddy and I could taste the forbidden. The sick, twisted pleasure we greedily enjoyed that night.

Justin moved. I remember it was two times. The move changed his sleeping position. Every time he did, I would have a mini heart attack and we would look at his direction. But that was not enough for us to stop enjoying the delicacy known as immorality. My heart was already pounding because of the intensity and depravity of the situation but those movements from him made my heart pound even more. And it felt so damn good. The thrill of it made my body shiver in ecstasy. Pleasure ran throughout my body freely. I'm sure Daddy felt the same. That was how deep we were in the depths of perverted lust. And we just went in deeper.

The thrill of Justin moving eventually made Daddy erupt again inside my unfaithful flower. And so did I. I was panting and moaning as he held my hips with his hands. I enjoyed the feel of his warm sperm exploding inside. I leaned my body against him as I looked at Justin. My husband made me happy in a way he wouldn't want to know. I felt thankful.

After we had enough rest, we decided to call it a night. We quietly went up the stairs. Justin didn't wake up to the sounds of our sick copulation but it doesn't hurt to be careful.

Before we parted ways, Daddy pulled me to him and kissed me. I kissed him back and we french kissed again. He just couldn't get enough of my sinful mouth.

"Rose ha. Wala na talagang balikan to."

He reminded me again. How could I turn my back on something so delectable?

"Oo nga. Ang kulet naman ni Daddy. Don't worry. Makakantot mo ulet manugang mo."

We kissed again before we each went to our rooms.

I woke up in the afternoon and found Justin downstairs still sleeping. Daddy approached me from the kitchen. He offered me breakfast and coffee.

Daddy and I started talking while I was eating. Our voices were lowered.

"Nagising na kanina, wala sa ulirat. Panay suka din."

He said quietly. That confirmed it even more. He really didn't realize what went on around him last night.

"So wala talaga siya alam sa nangyari last night."

I noticed some worry on his face. I guess it was only natural considering what we committed. Did I feel worry too? Only a little. I was confident talaga na walang alam si Justin. As I said, I know a wasted person when I see one. How about guilt? Yes, I did feel it. But I was just fucked last night. I enjoyed it with my entire being. I gave in to the taboo. The sensations of our sick copulation were still fresh on my unfaithful body and the man who did it to me is right next to me. So the lust triumphed in the end.

When Justin woke up, I went full housewife mode. I served him food and stayed by his side. I observed him in secret, to be on the safe side, making extra sure he had no idea. Based on his interactions with the two of us, he's definitely clueless. He even hugged and kissed me on my forehead and lips when he woke up. And looked into my eyes tenderly. Daddy saw it and I'm sure he was smiling like a creep would deep down.

Then the talk came about my sister-in-laws. They planned to come later that day. Daddy and I acted normal. We both knew not to do anything while he's awake. And so they arrived and brought food with them. I interacted with them as if I hadn't just fucked their Dad last night. They missed me and I truly missed them too. Daddy Bernard went father mode as well. He interacted with his children normally. The usual him. When I saw that, I was reminded of the shock I felt by what he did just last night. I had mixed emotions inside me. I knew we were gonna fool a lot of people. And they were no mere strangers. They're family yet that's what made it so hot. Their trust in us is our advantage. And we used it to the fullest.

Later on that day, we drank again. But let me tell you this in advance, nothing happened. We just drank a little. Justin was still feeling hammered so he only drank a little.

"Nasusuka pa nga ako e."

Justin said. His hangover was clear on his face. Walwalan kasi silang magpi-pinsan the night before. And yun nga, may nadagdag na msg. The result was being absolutely wasted.

"Mahina ka Nak."

Daddy joked. I noticed na hinahamon niya uminom si Justin but not possible din to commit the deed that night. My sis-in-laws were there. Daddy actually has a nickname for him but to be on the safe side, I decided not to use it.

The next morning, Justin had to leave for work and we already planned beforehand that I would stay behind so I could spend time with my sis-in-laws. That was not the first time we did that. Even before, there were days where he would go home first and I would remain behind. And that gave Daddy and I a chance to plan so he could have his manugang again. My sis-in-laws stayed for one more day after Justin left before they had to leave for their work too. We weren't able to do it while they stayed there since they weren't really drunk. It was a light drinking session with my sister-in-laws. We had to hold back. We didn't mind. After all, waiting would just make the encounter that much more intense.

Fortunately, my parents had no issue with me staying for at least another day. Our child kept them happy. While I would make Daddy happy.

And so the day came na kami lang dalawa sa bahay niya sa compound. My sis-in-laws left early. Around 4:00 AM to avoid the traffic. They said their goodbyes to me and I wished them well. I locked the door and waited for at least 15 minutes to make sure they didn't come back because they forget something. My heart was jumping in joy. Finally, I was going to experience another unfaithful encounter with my biyenan. After the waiting, I giddily went up the stairs to Daddy's master bedroom. I was excited with the immorality I was going to wholeheartedly commit again. Oh, it was such a joy.

I turned the knob and opened the door. There he was, sleeping. It was my turn gapangin siya. I walked over towards the edge of the bed, near his legs and I climbed up. I was hungry for cock so I checked with a hand the state of his cock. It was semi erect. It must have been because of the early cold weather. I gently played with it through his shorts. Cupping his balls and massaging them. I did that for a while before I positioned myself on top of his legs and hooked my fingers under the garter of the shorts, brief and slowly slid them down.

There it was, a manhood I shouldn't touch or look at with impure thoughts. The forbidden meat. I leaned my face in so I could start licking the head. I slowly used my tongue to lick it like a lollipop before I used the tip of my tongue to pleasure the shaft, downwards towards the base. While my left hand was gently cupping his balls. It didn't take long before Daddy got fully hard. My right hand's fingers were gently going up and down his inner thigh. Then I decided it was time to eat him up. My tongue was sticking out as I opened my mouth and I slowly eased him in. Once Daddy was half way in, I bobbed my head up and down a few times before I used my tongue to play with the head. Twirling my tongue around it before massaging the frenulum area with my eager tongue. I did this until Daddy woke u...

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