Bad Mira : Partners In Crime

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Date: September 26, 2022 (2 months ago)

"I know you saw me sucking your dad's dick, Mira."

Pagkatapos niya bitawan ang mga salitang iyon, nawala na ako sarili ko at tuluyan na nga akong nilabasan.

"So you did like it."

Hinahabol ko ang hininga ko sa sobrang pagod.

"Shut up Rena! I didn't cum because of it." sabay irap ko sakanya.

"Yes you did." sabay ngisi niya.

"So you knew I was there and you still sucked him off ... ginawa mo ba yon because you like him?" I asked her.

"Of course not. It's not like I planned it Mira. I just got on my knees and sucked him off. You know me. It just happened. But I do think he's hot, right?" sabay tawa niya.

"The fuck Rena, daddy ko yon!"

"Fuck I know I'm sorry, It's just I was really horny and I saw your dad. Kung alam ko lang na hindi mo ko pipigilan nung hinalikan kita, hindi na sana ako lumapit sa dad mo." sabi niya.

"Really, kasalanan ko pa ngayon?"

"No, I'm just saying."

"Slut." she smiled. "Stop smiling bitch." I told her.

"Are you really mad?"

"I am. But more like dissapointed ... Like, what now? Do you still wanna do it with him? Are you gonna suck him off again? Are you gonna let him fuck you? What?"

"My God Mira! It's just a one time thing ... Unless, your dad wants more."

I didn't respond sa sinabi niya.

"Fine, you know what ... if it really bothers you I'll stop. Happy now?" she said.

"Shut up, from now on I want to know everything if ever may gawin kayo, no secrets and this concerns me too. He's my dad, I think I deserve to be included."

"Oh ... included, you mean?"

It took me a while bago ko na realize yung ibig niya sabihin.

"No! Not like that, what the hell Rena! He's my dad!"

"Sinisigurado ko lang, and some people are into that you know." sabay kindat niya sakin.

"Not me."

"Sure, but I do really think your dad is hot. And I know you're as horny as I am, magaling ka lang magtago."

"It's Illegal Rena."

"Illegal? Nasa tamang edad na tayo we can fuck who we want. Even your da–" I cut her off.

"Enough about me and my dad."

"Fine, fine."

"What about what happened to us right now?" I asked her.

"Im glad we did it, we're bestfriends you know, partner in crime ... and now helping each other cum. Also, I really enjoy it. I didn't know you were good at it." Sabay kiss niya sa lips ko.

I know that Rena had a few girlfriends before when we were in high-school ... pero never naman niya pinaramdam sakin noon na she wanted to do more with me, not until now.

"Don't worry it'll be one of our little secrets. Gabe won't know about it."

- - - -

I am watching Rena right now sucking someone.

"Do you wanna try it Mira?" she asked.

I tried too look at the man's face, but it's just dark.

"Come Mira. I know you'll like it." I heard Rena's voice. Pero, wala na siya sa harap ng lalaki, ako na ngayon ang nakatayo sa harap nito.

Lumuhod ako ... and I start sucking him.

He put his hand to my head and start pushing me up and down to his cock.

"Aaahh yes Mira, my baby."

I tried to look at him again and It is ... my dad.

"No!" nagising ako bigla.

"Fuck, you're so wet Mira and why are you yelling your dad?"

"It is your fault! You give me ideas kahapon with all the nasty and dirty stuff you talking, you put these thoughts in my head!" I told her.

"Holy shit! You dreamt about your dad? Is that why you're so wet right now huh?" sabi niya na may halong pang aasar.

Yes, we decide...

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September 26, 2022 (2 months ago)

Very hot! Continue author and get it more exciting 😉🔥


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September 26, 2022 (2 months ago)

Init naman nun. 🔥

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September 27, 2022 (2 months ago)

Ughhng hoooot naman! Papunta na tayo sa exciting part..🥵🔥 ganda author!💦

"naughty mind w/ a good heart."

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September 28, 2022 (2 months ago)

Wow, then Rena will convince Mira to try and suck his Dad thinking he wouldn't know - but he will and pretend he doesn't know it's his daughter sucking him. He got so turned on having his cock in Mira's mouth he came in her

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