My Best Friend's Dad : Part I

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Date: September 8, 2022 (8 months ago)

Disclaimer : A fantasy with a touch of reality. To differentiate what parts are fantasy or reality, imagination ay paganahin and I'll leave it up to you. Have a great day, reader.

I have always been attracted to men who are older me, to be specific I prefer men who are atleast 10-25 years older than me and with that having sex with an older man is one of my greatest kinks/fantasies.

This is the story of me and my sexual encounters with my best friend's dad, David.

Leah is my best friend, we met in college. She was my seatmate. Leah and I are complete opposites, she's wild and liberated while I was the tamed and timid one, LOL I wouldn't be writing this story if this is really me, okay let's just say nasa loob ang kulo ko. Even with our different personalities, we clicked and instantly became best friends. If there is a common denominator sa aming dalawa, both of our father's were OFW's at that time. My dad was a seaman while her father was an engineer abroad.

Leah is an only child and she lived alone in her condo during college. She lost her mother when she was still in high school. His dad had a few relationships here and there but never re-married, if Leah is to describe his dad, she would say he's "cool and chill lang, hindi kame palaging magkasama because of his work, pero we are close, like a friend." To compensate for not being present with her only daughter, everything she asks, binibigay ng kanyang ama. Some people say she's a brat, yes it is true but she's a brat with a heart.


I first met David when we were in 4th year. Post duty, Leah invited me to come over sa unit nya to work on our thesis, defense na kasi namen in 2 weeks. Typical na samen ni Leah na after duty, we remove our uniforms at mag trabaho or mag chill in our inners (naka-sando and cycling shorts or kamison or nighties). Busy kame with our thesis and we didn't realize, may pumasok sa condo.

"Leah, anak. Why are not answering your phone, kanina pa ako tumatawag?"

To our surprise, bigla kameng napatayo and then I saw him, Tito David, 5'11, athletic build, moreno, a few but noticeable white hairs, with a boy next door aura. He was 45 years old at that time. He glanced at us, pero I felt like mas matagal syang napatingin sa akin, I mean who wouldn't I was wearing a hot pink underwear set, but during that time I wasn't for him. It was for my boyfriend.

"Oh Dad, I'm sorry, busy kame ni A with school work. Ah by the way, this is my classmate, A."

"Hello po Tito. I'm A po, classmate and groupmate ni A" then suddenly it came to me, oh shit what am I wearing. I immediately grabbed my uniform and hurriedly went to the bathroom. Both of them were in shock ng bigla akong tumakbo, I saw him smirk at me and heard Leah's laugh too.

Sa loob ng CR, I was panicking. "Shit ka A, ano yang itsura mo!" I recalled his face and remembered na napatitig kame sa isa't isa for like 5 seconds at parang may kuryente na dumaloy sa likod ko. Habang nagbibihis ako while looking in the mirror, biglang pumasok sa isip si Tito David, he's hot, definitely my type, then I smiled.

"WTF is happening to you A! That's Leah's Dad at may boyfriend ka" sabi ko sa sarili ko. As I buttoned my blouse, I suddenly felt the urge to check myself down there and shit I was starting to get wet. Fuck, that 5 seconds stare did something to me. I couldn't help it, pinasok ko middle finger ko in my panties and started to tease and play with my clit, soft circling motion around my clit. Pinatong ko ang isa kong kamay sa may counter ng sink to keep my balance, while pinasok ko na ng buo kong kamay sa loob ng panty ko. I started to tease myself, with my 2 fingers nilalarong parang gunting habang mina-massage ang mga labi ng aking puke.

"Ugh fuck" ipit na ipit kong unggol. Mas binuka ko pa ang aking mga hita, a few more tease and I inserted one finger deep inside me.

"Ahh shit" and naglabas pasok ang middle finger ko sa butas ng aking pagkababae. Naka-harap ako sa salamin, and I could see my reflection, I'm horny as fuck. My mouth slightly open habang kinakantot ang sarili. I closed my eyes and imagined David na nakatitig sa akin, "Uhhmmmm" sabay pasok ng isa pang daliri na basang basa kong lagusan. Madulas at mainit. Labas pasok ang 2 daliri sa aking puke.

"Fuck, uhmmm ang sarap" malanding ungol na pabulong sa sarili…nakatingin sa salamin, nakabuka ang bibig, sarap na sarap sa pagkantot ng aking mga daliri. Pabilis ng pabilis. Pinagpapawisan na ako sa loob, ang init pero ang sarap. "Ahhh shet Ahhhhh hmmmmm"

Lumabas ang mainit na likido at binalot ang aking daliri sa mas malapot na katas. Nilabas ko ang aking mga daliri, bago mag hugas ng kamay ay nilaro muna ito para ma-check kung gaano ka-sticky ang sarili kong tamod. Napangiti na lamang ako at tuluyan ng naghugas ng kamay. Kumuha na din ako ng tissue, at pinunasan ang tumagas na katas sa aking hita. Inayos ko ulit ang aking sarili at lumabas ng banyo.

"Antagal mo, anyare? Okay ka lang? Bakit ka tumakbo?" tanong ni Leah.

"Gagi, yung suot naten, nakakahiya sa Papa mo!" sagot ko.

"Oh ano man, at least di tayo nude" sabay tawa neto.

"Gago ka talaga kahit kelan. Teka, di mo sinabi na andito Papa mo, kelan pa?" tanong ko.

"Ah di ko ba nasabi, ha ha sorry, 2 weeks ago na, sabi nya dito na daw sya for good, I don't know kung totoo though ha ha ha. Haaay di na tuloy makakapunta si Carlo dito sa condo" naka-pout nitong sabi.

"Tangina ka talaga kahit kelan" sabi ko sa kanya.

Sa totoo lang, naging open ako sa usaping sex dahil kay Leah. She's like an open book. She talked to me about anything at wala tal...

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September 8, 2022 (8 months ago)

ituloy mo po😍😍

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September 8, 2022 (8 months ago)

Keep it up. Abangan ko ang susunod. 😉

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September 8, 2022 (8 months ago)

Fuck! Ang hot at ang intense....wewwww! Mukahang ka abang² to author... Waiting sa nxt part...😁

"naughty mind w/ a good heart."

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September 8, 2022 (8 months ago)

I'd love the story because it is full of surprises.

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September 9, 2022 (8 months ago)

Kakatuyo ng laway eksena, next! ❤️


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September 28, 2022 (8 months ago)


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November 3, 2022 (6 months ago)

this story is begging for a continuation…such a tease.

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November 22, 2022 (6 months ago)

Still waiting 💚

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November 30, 2022 (6 months ago)

Ughhh tuloy niyo po author. The story is so hot

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