Before anything else, I would like to inform everyon that this story is not purely sex. It is a romance novel with detailed bed scenes. So, you have to be patient for romance to bloom, bago tayo dumako sa exciting part! Anyways, I will guarantee that this story is worth the read!

TITLE: Alluring Desire on Motherhood


Celestine's POV.

"Being one of the young Billionares of today's world, and a business owner of a well-known clothing brand for women, you seems to have accomplish a lot at your age, Miss Celestine." I was listening to the interviewer in silence, while she was speaking.

"Yes, I guess we can say that," I agreed to her as I gave her a curt nod.

Today, I was being interviewed exclusively by Met Magazine, one of the pretigious print media in the Philippines. It was both honour and pride that I was given the privilege to be featured in their newest edition for this year.

This is a great oppotunity for my image and for the exposure of my clothing line, that's why I immediately said 'Yes' for this interview. Not to mention that the interviewer is also a good friend of mine in college. Phoebe is the editor in chief of Met Magazine.

"Now that we are down to the last question of this interview, let me read to you the most intriguing question that the neitizen would like you to answer," saad niya tapos ay tumango na lamang ako at ngumiti. "Celestine Amor Guezon, after all of the things you have accomplished in life, when are you planning to settle down?"

Natawa ako ng malakas nang madinig ko ang huling katanungan niya. "Is that what you guys wanted to know?"

"Yes. Definately. A hundred percent," Phoebe answered directly.

"I'm not planning to settle down, honey. That's my answer," I said confidently as I leaned my back against the swivel chair.

Phoebe gave me a bewildered look on her face. Obviously, she was surprised after hearing my answer. "S-so does that mean that you are not considering on having a kid?" she asked while lifting her brows at me.

Bakas ko ang gulat at pagkabigla sa expresyon ng kanyang pagmumukha, dahil ni minsan ay hindi ko nakwento sa kanya ang plano ko tungkol sa pagpapamilya. Phoebe and I were close friends and I understand why she is giving me a surprised look right now.

"Of course I am. I never said that I'm not going to have a kid," sagot ko sa kanya.

"I wanted to be a mother. But I don't want to be a wife," I added.


"I wanted to be a mother. But I don't want to be a wife." Nadinig kong pagsasalita ni Sachzna tapos ay isinarado iyong librong hawak niya at humarap kay Phoebe. "Iyon ang sinagot ni Tin sa tanong mo kahapon?"

"Oo, girl. Naloka kaming lahat sa naging sagot nyang kaibigan mo," sagot naman ni Phoebe habang nakatutok pa din sa kanyang telepono.

"Ano namang klaseng drama iyon, Tin? Paano ka naman magiging isang ina, kung hindi ka muna magiging asawa?" pagtatanong naman sa akin ni Sachzna, noong ako naman iyong lingunin niya.

We were sitting comfortably on the waiting bench, while wearing a pair of pink hospital gown and cute slippers. We all together visited the hospital on a Saturday morning, to have our annual physical check up.

"What? I still made sense," I answered in a low rumble of voice.

"Of course not! Paano mo naman gagawing magkaanak nang hindi nag-aasawa? Makikipag-one night stand ka ba?" Sachzna asked me in a twitched lips.

"You're gross, Sachzna! One-night stand is not my thing. There are plenty of ways for it to be possible, okay? Like..." I placed my thumb underneath my chin, obviously I'm into a deep thinking.

"Like what?" she asked again in a frowning face.

"Like... like adoption. Yeah, that's right! I believe in the beauty of adoption anyway. At saka, bakit ba ang big deal sa inyo iyong naging sagot ko?" kunot noong pagtatanong ko sa kanilang dalawa.

"Because it's weird!" sabay pa silang sumagot.

"Weird? I don't think my logic here is weird. Okay, let me clear this out, getting married and having kids are separate things. You can get married without wanting to have a kid. Also, you can have a kid without wanting to get married. I don't think there's a problem with that. Actually, girls your situations are more problematic than mine," saad ko tapos ay itinuro si Sachzna. "Ikaw, although you are ready to commit and but Sean has commitment issues. How long are you still planning to settle on being his fuck buddy?"

Natahimik ang kaninang madaldal na si Sachzna nang biglang mapunta sa kanya iyong spotlight.

"And you." Itinuro ko naman si Phoebe, na ngayon ay nananahimik na dahil alam niyang hindi ko din siya palulusutin sa usapan. "How long are you planning on being just a mistress? Do you really believe in Arthuro's promise on divorcing his wife and marry you?"

Napayuko si Phoebe sabay nagbuntong hininga at hindi din nakapagsalita. They both became silent because they knew that I was right. I crossed my legs and took a sip of my favorite ice coffe like a queen sitting on her throne comfortably.

I put down my drink on the side table and looked back at them. "This is why I don't want to be in a relationship and get married. Boys are piece of shit. It's either you're a fuck buddy or a mistress. They will never be ready for commitment and cheating is part of their goddamn nature. So, as a motherfucking queen, there's no way I'm going to take their shits and dramas."

"Miss Guezon?" Naudlot ang pag-uusap naming tatlo nang madinig kong tawagin na ng nurse iyong pangalan ko. "You may come in na po for your laboratory test," the nurse said and she smiled at me.

I rose from my seat and smoothed the wrinkles on my hospital gown. "So, for the love of God. Girls, you have to consider dropping those guys on your lives. I know you're better off alone. For Christ's sake. Don't settle for less. You both deserve better," saad ko sa kanila tapos ay nagkatitigan lang iyong dalawa.


Nang matapos ko ang laboratory test ay naupo ako sa harap ng doktor, habang inaayos ko ang gown na suot ko. Nagtaka ako nang mapansin kong tahimik lamang siya habang magkasalubong ang mga kilay niyang binabasa ang dokumento ko.

"Is there a problem, doc?" I asked her in a low rumble of voice.

After few moments of scanning through my data, she looked at me in a concerned look on her face. "Iha, you're still single right?"

"Yeah, I am. Why?" I asked.

"When are you planning on having kids?" she said a she folds her arms against her chest and leaned towards the table.

"I still don't know when. I haven't think of it yet because I am too focused on my career," I answered.

"But do you want to have kids?"

"Of course, I do. I also wanted to have kids on my own, pero wala pa sa palano ko iyon ngayon," seryosong sagot ko sa doktor.

Nadinig ko siyang huminga ng malalim tapos ay tumitig ng seryoso sa aking mga mata. "Honestly, Celestine. If you really wanted to have a kid, you better do it now or you will be sorry later. You are actually running out of time," aniya.

"S-sorry, I'm not quite following. What do you mean?" I gave her a puzzled facial expression.

"You are diagnosed with premature menopause, Celestine," the doctor said with dead seriousness.

My jaw dropped in a split second and I was too stunned to speak. I felt that my tongue became too thick to formulate a verbal response and my knees weakened like soft noodles after what I have discovered.




Celestine's POV.

"Tin... you will be experiencing a premature menopause for the coming months. You cannot get pregnant anymore once you've reached your menopausal period," the doctor explained to me in a soft, monotone voice.

"M-menopause?! Is this some kind of prank? I'm still in my late twenties, doc! I'm young and healthy! How is that even possible?" I asked her in a frowning face. Obviously, I'm not totally buying what she just said.


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