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All names, places and events in the story are base on fiction, a product of the author's fantasy. Any similarities names and events in real life is just purely coincidental.

It was 28 degrees and heat alert has been hitting the news in the past few days. It's been almost a week since we moved to our new house outside the city and the place was still a mess. Boxes are every where and I have to bring my kids to their grand parents house so me and my husband can fix, organize and clean the place up. It's kind of difficult to move around the house with kids running every where. I filed a vacation leave so I can just have some headway in getting rid of all the boxes around the house. My hubby for what ever reason can't file a vacation leave. With our current work schedule, it will take a while for us really to put the entire house in order.

The following day I started early since it was almost weekend and my in laws might drop by with the kids just to check our new house. My husband left early but promise he will take half of the day off since it was already Friday just so he can help me around. It was ten in the morning when the door bell ring. It was Nadia my neigbor whom I met the day we moved in this neighborhood. She promised me that she will drop by to help move things around. Nadia aside from being a wife and a mother of two is also a professional fitness instructor in a near by gym. She's into strength training which made me feel confident that she can really help me with all these boxes. "Hello!, good morning, how are you doing? ", I asked. " I am doing just fine and by the way this is my husband Ray who will also help us , " Nadia said. I was completely surprised since I wasn't expecting anybody other than Nadia, much more a guy. " Oh hello Ray! , guys please come in! ", I said as I try to cover my upper body with a news paper since I wasn't wearing a bra at that time. "Hey guys please feel at home and sorry really for the mess. I just have to change and be with you guys in a second", I said with utter surpised. " Sure no worries, take your time", Nadia said with matching laughter on her part. Obviously the couple noticed immediately my tits and nipples protruding from my sweaty tank top.

After several hours of moving and carrying boxes here and every where, we decided to take a break. I ordered a pizza, chicken wings and served some ice cold beer. We went to the sun room and tried to know more about each other. I learned that the couple were from Sweden and just moved to Canada five years ago. Ray is good looking and has a body of someone who obviously spend a lot of times in a gym not mentioning that he is married to a fitness instructor. Nadia aside from being a fitness instructor is also a doctor in psychology with quite a number of books under her belt. Rey on the other hand is an engineer working as a project manager for a construction firm in downtown Toronto. "Hey Sandie what do you do?", asked Ray. " I am a registered physiotherapist ", I answered. "Oh really cool!" , Nadia replied. "Maybe you can help us?", Ray asked. "Sometime spending a lot of times in the gym can give you some body pain especially on your lower back", Nadia replied. " Sure no worries!", I said.

Around two in the afternoon when my hubby arrived. "I'm sorry sweetie, I know I said I will be home by lunch time but I just have to finish a lot of things in the office", Mike said. " No worries, I got some helped anyway", I said to my husband. " Hello, I'm Ray and this is my wife Nadia", Ray said. " Hi, I'm Mike and thank you very much guys for helping Sandie here", my husband said. " No worries , it's our pleasure to help", Nadia replied. After everybody shook each other's hands, I noticed Nadia's eye's continue to glare while looking at my husband. I can't blame her, my husband is good looking but Ray is not bad at all especially with the built he has. "Why don't you guys come over to our place tonight and have dinner with us", Nadia said. "Yah it's a good idea, anyway our kids are in summer camp right now and we have the entire house for us alone", Ray said with extreme excitement. Mike and I just looked at each other and tried to get some answer from each other. "Don't worry nothing fancy, just an ordinary meal and few drinks by the pool trying to know each other more", Ray said. "Also bring your swimming outfit guys, heat alert is still up in the air", Nadia said. After few minutes of contemplating, we accepted the invitation. "Nice, is seven will be fine with you guys?", Ray asked. "Sure!", I replied.

A warm breeze of wind pass by between my legs enough to lift my sun dress exposing what's underneath. Ray had glimpse of my powder blue panty's but immediately look the other way as I continued my glass of mojito. Mike and Nadia continued to talk about our kids as the two tried to formulate a play date. "Sandie, do you still have some drinks?", asked Ray. " Yah, I still have, thanks!", I answered as I approached him. " So what are you up to tonight? ", I asked accompanied by a smirky smile on my face. Ray seems to be caught off guard with my question. " Oh oh I really don't know!", he replied with his dumb found face. " I mean what are you cooking?", I asked with another smile on my face and a clarification of what I really meant. "Hahaha! , sorry about that, I'm having some sorth of scattered brain here", Ray said. "Just a beef and chicken kebab with some greens on the side", Ray added. "Oh nice looking forward to it", I said.

Half way thru our dinner, laughter and fun continued to pour in as Ray shared some of their experiences when they just moved in the neighborhood. They were newly wed then and without kids yet and Nadia for what ever reason mentioned that they used to walk around their new house completely naked. Sometimes only wearing a socks, butt naked while reading their subscription or just simply watching movies. Sometime they take their coffee in their sunroom completely nude while the blinds are just half closed. "Wow!, really?", I asked surprisingly. "Yah our neighbores here seems to be in oblivion as you will notice", Nadia said. "They don't care also since most of them are european and doesn't have kids of their own", Ray added. "Really?", Mike said. As the night continue to get dark and the mojito with matching moscato continue to get into our brain, the conversation shifted to each couples sex life and Mike, my husband seems to be into it more than I can imagine. Nadia and Ray generously shared their experiences also.

The night continues to provide a warm breeze of wind from the east when Nadia asked everybody, " Hey guys who wants to cool off in the pool?". The two guys immediately agreed but, "wait I don't have my trunks with me", Mike jokingly exclaimed. " No worries, just used what ever you have underneath that pants!", Ray said with a laugh. " Yes and besides you might not need anything later on!" Nadia added. We just all laughed about it but I showed my husband a hint that I am not amuse. " Yah anyway we are all adults here and besides you guys don't have anything there that we haven't seen before ", Nadia said. I was completely dumb founded with that. " Ah what the hell!", Mike said as he and Ray removed their trousers and jumped on the pool. " Mike what the fuck are you doing?" as I exclaimed with disbelief. I thought he was just joking. "Relax Sandie, Mike is not violating any federal nor provincial laws, Ray said laughingly. I just rolled my eyes and continued with my moscato. Then Nadia stood up and asked, "so sweetie are we not going to join our hubbies?". She took off her sundress and dove on the pool wearing only her panty's. " I will, I will just finish my drink here", I replied as I gave my husband as stare gesturing that I will not show my tits to our new friends.

I went home to change and as I walked back to my friends house after changing my panty's to a less revealing one and a sports bra since I can not find my swim suit , I could hear the euphoria. Ray and Mike's loud voices can be heard from a distance. When I entered the backyard, Nadia was sitting by the pool side, top less. " How come it took you so long?" , Nadia asked. " I can't find the box where I put my swim suit ", I said while pretending as if I've seen nothing unusual. I removed my robe and immediately went to the pool. As we continue to have fun and drinks, for what ever reason, our conversation shifted to swinging. I was trying not to get involve with the conversation by shifting to different topics but to no avail. Ray was already cuddling Nadia and we could clearly see that his playing with her nipples even though it's submerged under water when Nadia asked us if we ever had experienced with swinging. Mike immdiately said no while I went under water so I won't hear it but to my surprised, I saw Ray's hand inside his wife panty's and playing with her pussy . On the other hand his pants was down and Nadia was stroking his enormous dick that really made me gawk. So vivid that I immediately got up and try to grasp some air. "Your ok sweetie?", Mike asked. "Yah Sandie are you ok?", Nadia asked also. I was trying to clear my brain with what I saw and trying to think if it's really for real. "Yah I'm fine guys!", I replied. I got out of the water and and pour some drinks for my self. " I just need a drink! ", I said.

"Ray can I open the Patron, it's been a while since I had a t...

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Welcome back in writing a story its a nice to read your writings again.keep it up.😊.take care and hope more stories come😊😊


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Waiting for the next update.I can't predict what's next to happen.


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