Most masculine type of lesbian will agree with me when I say majority of us don't do 2 way. Personally, I am used to giving pleasure. Gusto kong naririnig at nakikita na nasasarapan ang partner ko and so I do most of the job. I only cum when I play myself. In my 36 years, twice pa lang ako nilabasan na iba ang naglaro ng clit ko and super effort yon as in lahat ng ugat sa katawan ko was at work para lang labasan ako. Maybe I am so used to doing it myself kaya ganon. So usually, I have my partner play with my nipple and talk dirty so I can cum. That's it. I don't let her touch my pussy. I don't do scissor. I don't do 69. I am also not confident showing my pussy to my partner kahit pa long term na kami. Hindi ko alam kung bakit basta ayoko. I don't undress when I'm having sex. I usually make my partner imagine that I have a dick instead of what I actually have. Never akong nalibugan nor naging comfortable to talk dirty with pussy to pussy.

I watch lesbian porn but sobrang seldom. The usual is still dick to pussy or may dildo na ginagamit.

With all this in mind, you can imagine how stereotype I am.

Never in my entire life did I imagine I will do 2 way.

Then, SexyGal_6969 happened.

If you're a fan of my stories, you'll know the background. We were SOP buddies back in 2016. We stopped talking on the same year and reunited last year for some odd reason. A week after, I told her who I really am, specifically my sexual preference and luckily, she did not take it against me. We continue to be SOP buddies until we decided that we want more than that. We became lovers.

I know, ang haba ng intro. Boring, but then believe me, all this is relevant to what I am about to share.

Hindi ko alam bakit komportable ako na aminin sa kanya ang totoo. Na tomboy ako. Back then I have no doubt nor fear as to what her reaction will be. She took it lightly, she was even surprised kasi never nyang nahalata with my voice na lesbian ako. That's because my real voice sounds like a teenage guy. Madami na akong naloloko sa boses ko and sir madalas ang tawag sakin ng kausap ko sa phone na hindi ko kilala kasi panlalaki talaga ang natural kong boses.

Lalo pa kaming naging close. She appreciates that I told her the truth. For her, it means a lot. Sobrang na admire ko sya don.

She's very vocal sa mga bagay that she likes about me. At first hindi ko gets what she sees in me pero she always reminds me that I am more than what I see or think of myself.

Nakaka flatter, sobra.

One of our similarities is our libido hype. We both like to talk dirty at minamanyak ang isa't isa. Yung binabastos every time we have the chance kahit nasa public place.

Since I confessed that I am a lesbian, she's been curious as to how I do things in bed for real. She wants to know how I cum. What makes me cum. Gaano kabasa ang puke ko kapag we're doing SOP. Gaano kadaming tamod ang inilabas ko. She's been asking me as well if ipapahawak ko ang puke ko sa kanya. Kung papayagan ko syang dumede sa akin. She wants to know kung matigas ang utong ko. Kung masikip ang puke ko. At first tumatawa lang ako. Hindi sa hindi ako komportable but more of hindi ako sanay na sabihin ang mga sagot sa tanong nya. Again, never akong nakipag dirty talk ng pussy to pussy. But with her, it's different. She makes me feel that she wants the real me. Hindi ko kayang ipaliwanag pero she makes me feel that I am enough. Mind you, it's her first lesbian relationship. But then, the thought that she gets turned o...

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