My Niece And I Part 2

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Ang kwentong inyong matutunghayan ay pawang kathang isip lamang at alinsunod sa mapanuksong imahinasyon nang may akda. Ang mga pangalan ng tauhan, lugar, at bawat eksena o kaganapan, kung may pagkakahalintulad man sa tunay na pangyayari ay hindi sinasadya.


Part 2 my niece and i

Nagsumikap ako noong araw na iyon, ngunit tumatakbo ang isip ko sa nangyari sa aking pamangkin. Fuck, she and I made out on the couch and she gave me a great blowjob, but what was to happen next and did she or I want more. Huminto na ako para magpahinga nang tumunog ang phone ko, si Davie pala.
"Hi there" she said, "working hard?"
"Oo, But just having a drink. What's up?" Sumagot ako.
"Mum wants to know if you would like anything special for dinner"?
"You would be nice" tumawa ako.
"Ha ha, maybe for desert" she replied quickly.
That comment caught me off-guard. 'Shit' I thought.

"Well," I started, "how about we all go out for dinner to 'Benjarong bar and restaurant', my shout for letting me stay with you all."
There was a pause and muffled voices from the other end. "Ok sabi ni mama salamat."
"Great, I call Paul and get us a table for 7.00pm"
"Are we dressing up?" Davie asked, with a hint in her voice.
"Sure why not, we don't get to dress up much" I responded.

Binaba ko ang tawag at tinawagan si Paul. Matagal ko nang kilala si Paul, mula noong high school, and the his place 'Benjarong bar and restaurant' was my wife's favourite restaurant, We went there for most of our special occasions, and knew most of the staff too. Paul was only too happy to assist, I continued working through the afternoon then grabbed some "dressing up" clothes and headed to my brother-in-law's.

Mario and I grabbed a beer and sat on the verandah and chilled out until the coast was clear. We chatted about basketball and work and life, when out of the blue he asked if I was seeing anyone.
Mabilis akong sumagot ng "Hindi" ngunit medyo na-curious kung saan ito pupunta. "I don't know when I should move on, and I might not know until it happens, but I think it will one day". I hadn't talked to anyone about this, not even my grief counsellor had raised it yet.

Eloisa called out that the bathroom was free, so I finished my beer and moved in to get cleaned up.
I was in the lounge when the girls walked in. WOW they were smokin' hot. Eloisa had already said she was going out clubbing after, so was dressed for a night on the town. She had on a short black skirt that clung to her butt and legs, while her top was an ivory coloured silk number, with only a camisole underneath. She wore heels that made her butt sway even more when she paraded in front of us all. Davie was dressed a little more conservatively but looked stunning; her dress was an Asian number with a slit up the side that exposed her leg when she walked. I whistled to wind them up and earned a punch from Eloisa and a smile from davie. Even Mario saw the funny side and got in on the ribbing.

Sa restaurant, Paul greeted us and showed us to our table, sina Eloisa at Davie na nakaupo sa magkabilang gilid ko kasama sina Mario at Nora sa tapat. It was a lovely relaxing evening, good food, great company and a wonderful way to relax. The music started in the lounge around 10.30, so I suggested we move to the booth. A great local jazz band was playing which was just the music that got my wife and I in the mood and by the embarrassing looks from Davie and Eloisa , also seemed to get Mario and Nora in the mood. No kids like to see their parents flirting so openly, even though we all know it happens.

The girls decided not to stay to long, so they headed off to meet their friends at a club, while we ordered drinks and settled in to listen to the music. Paul joined us for a bit, and ribbed me about the 'talent' in the room, going to great lengths to point out all the single and available women.
Mario and Nora got up to dance, and a little while later, a very attractive women walked over and sat down next to me.

"Hi, I'm Natasha" she said. "I haven't seen you here for a long time."
"It's been a while" Sagot ko.
Siya ay matangkad, payat na may magandang puwit (kamukha nya si Miranda aldana). and maybe on any other night I might have moved on the invitation, but not tonight. Tonight was about family. I moved my hand on to the table and she saw my wedding ring. I still wear it as I am not ready to take it off just yet.
"Oh, you're married?" she started. "That's OK I can do that."
"Natasha, you're beautiful, but I'm not ready for this just yet. my wife died more than a year ago." I responded.
"I'm sorry" she mumbled. "I'll just go now, but I will look for you again" and with that she got up and left the booth. Tonight was about family, but I was also thinking about Davie and what else might occur between us.

Mario and Nora returned from dancing, needing a drink, and by the touching and kissing, a room too, and fast!!

"Uuwi na tayo" sabi ni Mario sabay kindat. Isang mapaglarong sampal at halik ang ibinigay sa kanya ni Nora. "You coming too?" Nora said laughing as she realised just how that sounded. "Hindi" mabilis kong sabi, "Sa tingin ko mananatili ako at mag-eenjoy sa musika. Gusto mo ba ang kotse ko?
"Hindi, sasakay tayo ng taksi, lasing si Mario para magmaneho."

We said our goodbye's and Paul booked their ride home. I settled back in the booth and took in the great jazz, remembering how my wife and I used to spend hours dancing and listening, kissing and cuddling, then making love for hours after we got home. I missed it so much, but could not get Davie out of my head after last night even thinking it would be nice be with her now..

My phone rang, and saw it was Davie. "Hi there beautiful, I was just thinking of you" I said smiling.
"Where are you? Still at the lounge?" she was shouting as the noise where they were was loud enough to hear down the line.
"Yeah, your mum and dad just left. I think they need a room" I was laughing by now.
"EEEEW, that's such a bad image" she yelled. "Stay there, we are coming back. Can you get four of us back in tonight please."
"Sure I'll let Paul know your coming back. See you soon" and hung up.

Maya-maya ay dumating sina Davie, Eloisa at dalawang kaibigan. Umupo si Davie sa tabi ko at marahang hinimas ang hita ko gamit ang kanyang binti. Nakita ko ang kislap sa kanyang mga mata, na nagsasabing natutuwa siyang kasama ako dito. We all continued to talk and dance, and I certainly got some looks dancing with three young women who looked HOT. At about two in the morning, Eloisa and her friends took a cab to Beth's house, while Davie and I stayed until closing, talking and dancing and just having a good time careful not to do anything that an Uncle and a niece shouldn't do, at least in public.

Habang nagmamaneho pauwi, umupo malapit sa akin si Davie, marahang hinihimas ang hita at balikat ko. "Let's go to your place for dessert" sabi niya sabay ngisi. "Gutom na ako" Nakarating na kami sa pwesto ko.

"God I need to see and feel your cock again Uncle Will" she moaned, grabbing my shirt and helping me out of it.
We lay back on the couch together and we leaned in and kissed gently at first but then with passion. "I wanted to stay with you the whole time at the restaurant, as you make me feel so great" she said breaking the kis...

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