Sex On Phone - The Rendezvous (Ali's Place) Part 3

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Date: June 13, 2022 (24 days ago)

DaVinci Grey: I love you.

Silence, I'm not even sure if she heard me. It was not an easy thing for me to do. Those words mean a lot to me and I only say it when I am sure that I mean it. I am a man of action, if I love someone, I do things to make that person happy kasi para sakin madaling sabihin na mahal mo ang isang tao pero mahirap patunayan lalo na kung hindi naman totoo. It's easier for me to do things to prove that I love the person rather than saying it. I also do not want it to be just empty words. So if I confess that I love the person, I am sure na it's genuine.

Madaming beses na nyang sinabi sakin yon. I don't say it back. I told her why and she understands. But that moment when I pictured her with someone else, even when I am into cuckolding, it pains me. I don't want that to happen, I don't want to share her with anyone.

I love her, I know I do and aside from showing her and making her feel that I do, I also want to say it - out loud.

I fucking love this woman who not only can drive me crazy in bed but also changed me in so many ways.

She was still in shock, maybe trying to absorb what she heard and what she feels.

SexyGal_6969: Did I hear you right?

DaVinci Grey: Yes, and that's the first and last time you will hear it from me.

Spoiler alert, that didn't happen. I ended up saying it every day kasi that's what I feel. Mostly after making love.

We then kissed. We savored the moment. It was passionate. It was intense. It was full of mixed emotions. We see eye to eye. We touched. We ached for each other's body.

SexyGal_6969: I love you baby.

DaVinci Grey: I choose you every day.

SexyGal_6969: I'm all yours.

DaVinci Grey: You're all mine.

SexyGal_6969: Kiss me more please.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm, you like this?

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby.

DaVinci Grey: Lalo kang nalibugan.

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, make love to me again please.

Nilawayan ko ang magkabilang utong nya saka sinipsip ang kanan habang nilalaro ang kaliwa. Nanigas na naman ang utong nya sa libog.

SexyGal_6969: Baby kagatin mo please.

I then sucked her nipple in between my teeth, just enough sensation to make her feel the bite.

SexyGal_6969: Tangina ka talaga, ang sarap. Sige pa please.

Itinuloy ko ang ginagawa ko. Ang sarap paglaruan ng utong nya.

SexyGal_6969: Pisilin mo yung kabila please.

I did and lalong lumakas ang ungol nya. Nakakabaliw ang libog na nararamdaman ko from her. I honestly cannot explain how pero somehow, ramdam ko yung intense ng pagka horny nya.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm, masarap magpasipsip ng utong?

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, sige pa please.

DaVinci Grey: Ang libog mo baby, ang sarap mong gamitin araw-araw.

SexyGal_6969: Yes please! Tangina ka! Putahin mo ako.

DaVinci Grey: Kanto...

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