Roommates, Part 2

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Date: June 10, 2022 (16 days ago)

Author's Note: The following story is fiction. All resemblances to people, places, and events are purely coincidental. If you enjoyed reading, leave a comment below and let me know what you think! This will be the second part of a 4-parter series I finished. The whole story will be published on Wattpad once I post all parts!


It's been a couple of days since I opened up the question to Keith. Haven't noticed anything change between the three of us though. Miko has been a bit more friendly with me now, especially after giving the stuffed giraffe that I keep right on me and my boyfriend's bed. However, we now plan out our dates with Miko in consideration, and it seems like the three of us are heading to a wonderful friendship.

One night, Keith and I went out to the barcade again to drink and have some games of our own. I felt like I drank a bit too much though, so we went home a bit earlier than expected. What we got home to greatly surprised us.

"Ah, fuck, sorry Miko." I heard Keith say as he entered the door. Drunkenly, I peeked in, and it was like a deja vu event. There, again, on his bed, was Keith, pulling his pants up as he hurriedly got dressed. But instead of getting mad about it, I giggled.

"Shit, bro, sorry man." I said amidst stifled laughter. "We forgot about the schedule and got home early."

"Teka, bihis muna ako. Sorry, dapat pala naglock ako." Miko said as well. Not a minute later we were all in the living room, sharing bottles of beer with each other, laughing and talking about the day.

"So kamusta date nyo? Aga nyo napauwi ah." Miko asked us after taking a sip from his drink.

"Ayun, uminom etong si Gail ng Gut Punch, nagsuka pa–" But he was cut off from continuing when I elbowed his side.

"Gago di ako sumuka. Nahilo lang." I said, sipping from my bottle. "Tara, movie tayo bago matulog." The two nodded, and we returned to our room.

Keith layed a futon on the floor of the room, and we turned on my laptop to watch Wonder Woman 1984. We all crammed into the futon, with me and Keith under a blanket of our own and Miko in his own blanket too.


"Ganda ni Gal Gadot, no?" I heard Miko say. "Sexy talaga." I looked over at him and he was intently focused on the movie. I was, too, until I almost jumped up when I felt a hand on my lap. Gail was squeezing my thigh, and I could feel her warm hand running up my thigh to my crotch, and felt her squeeze my bulge through my shorts.

I totally forgot that Gail gets horny if she's drunk. I shoot her a look, and she stops trying to grope me up. I'm horny too, but I don't want anything to happen while Miko's here.

A couple of minutes pass and Gail says, "Man, this movie is boring." She sighed, then laughed. "Parang gusto ko na lang manuod ng porn."

"Oo nga eh, yun na lang din gusto ko panuorin." Said Miko, joking back at her.

"Ano ba yung pinapanuod mo kanina Miko?" She asked suddenly.

"Gail–" I said, but before I could finish my sentence, Miko embarrassingly replied.

"Wala, porn lang. Bakit ba?" He said, a bit seriously.

"Eh, di nga." Gail pressed on, and I tapped her shoulder but she shook it off. "Keith wag nga magulo. Girls watch porn too. Ano nga yung pinapanuod mo?"

"Ayoko sabihin. Sayo muna, what's yours?"

"Fine. Daughter swaps." Gail answered casually. I was surprised she was actually into that.

"Ugh. Sige na nga, I like cuckold porn." Miko admitted. He was very red in the ears.

"Ano yun?" Asked Gail curiously. It's also the first time I've heard of the term.

Miko sighed heavily, then went to the laptop, got to Pornhub, and looked it up. "Eto." He simply said, as he played a video of a guy jacking off while watching what the title of the video says is his girlfriend getting fucked from behind.

"Uhm, weird." Gail says. "Guys like this? Parang, I mean, jowa mo yan eh tapos, I dunno. . ." Her voice trails off. I, however, felt something deep down. It started as a twitch at first, but I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. I had to take a pillow to cover it up. "I mean gets ko if girls like this, but. . ."

"Okay, how about a daughterswap video then? Para even tayo." Miko suggested as the cuckold video ends.

Gail then went to the laptop and picked her favorite video on the site, and we watched. It was obvious that she was already getting more and more horny, as I can notice her bite her own lips and fidget with her hands.

"Right, I think medyo nagiging intense na 'to." I piped up, after noticing that Miko himself is getting a hard-on as well. "Dude, labas na muna kami, you can jack off tapos switch na lang tayo and me and Gail can let off our steam–"

"Wait, don't guys jack off in the same room together pag kunwari sa sleep overs?" Gail suggested, clearly intoxicated. "What if–"

"Gail, that's a bad idea." I say. "May almost nine months pa tayo magkakasama sa bahay."

"That sounds fun actually, pero yeah, tama si Keith. Di ata magandang idea yun." Miko said.

"See, Miko thinks it's a good idea." Gail was smiling drunkenly.

"He said fun, not good." I replied immediately.

"Miko, ano ba fun para sayo?" Gail asked suddenly, completely ignoring what I said.

"I dunno, like, feel ko it's more fun watching two people do it in real life instead of nasa screen. . ." He muttered, a bit embarrassed but still looking visibly pleased at being the object of questioning regarding his sexual preferences.

I couldn't understand Gail's face, but she immediately asked, "Oh parang cuckold thing ba 'to? Keith, we should fuck tapos let him watch–"

"We are not making decisions like that while we're all drunk and watching porn." I shut her down.

"What if it's still a good idea when I wake up in the morning?" Questioned Gail.

"Then we can argue about it in the morning." I retorted. Nodding, me and Gail went out to give Miko some space. After a few minutes, Miko went out and we went in.

As soon as the doors closed, I immediately pushed Gail on our bed, pulling off her clothes and pressing my lips against hers. After watching that cuckold video with them, I couldn't help but imagine Gail being taken from behind by some other dude.

Turning her around, I grabbed her by the waist and entered her in one thrust. I was balls deep inside her, gripping into her flesh as I went in and out, faster than I have ever before. I could feel her walls gripping me tightly, groping down for her breasts, fingering her nipples while I slid in her hard and fast.

She couldn't say a word; all I could hear was her moans. She didn't bother cupping her mouth too. It was music to my ears as I listened to her moan for my dick. And my mind couldn't move away from the image of her moaning on a stranger's cock.

I turned her around again, and pinning her down, I buried my dick inside her, thrusting hard, thrusting deep inside her until I pulled out, nutting on her crotch and belly. Taking my shirt off, I wiped the cum off her body, and made out with her. I told her to get dressed as I stood up and unlocked the door, letting Miko in so we could finally sleep.

During the night, I heard Gail muttering drunkenly how it was the hottest sex we've ever had.

The following day, I woke up in our bed, slick from sweat and shirtless, our blanket covering my body. I was alone in the room, so I stood and got myself dressed up. It was a bit of a warm morning, so I just dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Getting out of the room I immediately smelled the scent of cooking bacon.

"Uy pre, sarap naman ng luto." I said loudly, looking to the kitchen to see Miko on the stove, frying some bacon and eggs. Looking round I saw Gail sitting on the dinner table, still dressed in the clothes from last night, her head in her hand.

"Hon, wag ka muna sumigaw. Puta sakit ng ulo ko." She whispered, a mug of hot coffee in her hand.

Miko turned around and placed a plate of bacon and eggs on the table. "Men sumuka yan si Gail sa CR kanina pagkagising. Pinagtimpla ko na lang ng kape. Wawa eh." He said, then laughed loudly. I did too, because I liked teasing Gail whenever she had a hangover every morning after our late drinking dates.

"Yan kasi, inom pa." I said, sitting beside her and elbowing her on the side.

"Tangina mo." She simply said, and me and Miko laughed again.

That afternoon, it was just me and Miko chilling in the house. Gail was out with her girlfriends shopping at the mall, so that left me and my buddy just playing on the PS4. Well, he's playing on the PS4. I was just watching him getting his ass clapped by the Smelter Demon in the Iron Keep.

As I watched him get burned for the umpteenth time, I got up from the couch and said, "Pre, nap lang ako saglit. Parang kulang pa ata sleep ko kagabi."

"Go lang men, stop na muna ako dito. I'll let you fight him instead, you're better than me in Dark Souls anyway." He replied, turning off the PS4 and going to the kitchen to grab a snack.

I went into the room and lied on the bed. I didn't actually feel sleepy. Taking my phone from my pocket, I went to Pornhub and started to search for cuckold porn.

"Dami palang ganito." I whispered to myself, finding videos after videos of guys having their girlfriends or wives getting fucked by one or more people. A couple of pages into it I found a video that really got me turned on.

It was a video that started off where the couple was making out on the couch. The POV was from a CCTV camera at the corner of the living room ceiling. Then their friend came in, and acted like they all got ashamed. The girl whispered something to her boyfriend, and they nodded at each other. Their friend walked to the boyfriend and they switched places, with him kneeling down in front of the girl and taking off her pants to eat her out. I could already imagine Gail in that situation, just moaning while she gets her pussy tongued by a stranger.

The boyfriend in the video then sat against the counter, taking out his phone and his dick. "He's recording?" I thought. It was sorta weird, they already have a CCTV video of it, but I guess a sort of POV video was nice too. Anyway, their friend and his girlfriend switched now, and this time she was sucking their friend off. Her head bobbed up and down on his dick, and he was rubbing and combing his hair.

As the boyfriend started to jack off, I did the same. Pulling my dick out I started to masturbate, imagining me and Gail in that situation. I couldn't contain myself and immediately came as the girl sat on their friend's dick. In all my years of watching porn, after cumming I just stop watching and proceed to clean up. But this time, my dick still remained erect, and I still felt horny. I continued to watch and jack off as the girl was getting fucked doggy style, and I came again just as the boyfriend started cumming on the floor. He left...

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