Sex On Phone - The Rendezvous (Ali's Place) Part 2

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Date: June 6, 2022 (11 months ago)

I didn't know na nabasa nya yung message from one of my girlfriends. After dinner, medyo nag-iba ang timpla ng mood nya. We went to the smoking area and bought beer from 7Eleven nearby kasi we plan to have a few drinks. Ramdam ko ang pag-iwas nya kahit busy ako noon talking to my colleagues. After we parted ways, on the way to the place we booked, she's cold. Tipid ang mga sagot nya sa tanong ko. I know something is wrong I just can't figure it out then.

We took a shower and tumambay kami sa terrace to drink and for me to smoke. Kinulit ko sya as to what's wrong. She said things as if she's breaking up with me. After a while, dun na nya sinabi what really is going on.

What bothers her are the endearment and the I love you. Also, the fact that that person knows that I am on leave meaning I keep her posted of my whereabouts. She thought I was cheating. The thing is that person was just really a friend who has an endearment to everyone and it just so happened that mine is bibi. She knows I am on leave kasi I asked help to find the place to stay.

She was so jealous that I almost lost her. She listened as I explain things to her. Luckily, she believed me. She knows that I'm not a liar.

After the drinking, we decided to get some sleep. But of course, we did a few rounds pa before doing so.

The next morning, I woke up with her watching me. She already took a shower and smells great. We ordered breakfast and talked afterwards. Since may energy na kami, we started making out again, I can't get enough of her. As in parang yun nalang ang gusto kong gawin maghapon with her. After a few rounds in bed, I decided to take it to the next level. She likes audience and so I asked her to get up from the bed and dragged her sa tapat ng bintana. Hinawi ko ang kurtina. In front of us is the terrace and sa kaliwa nun is terrace as well of another unit. Walang tao pero anytime, pwedeng may lumabas and makita kami.

Nasa likuran nya ako and I removed her top. Pinatuwad ko sya at ikiniskis ang titi ko sa pwet nya. Napaungol sya sa ginawa ko.

DaVinci Grey: Tumingin ka sa bintana, tuwad!

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby.

DaVinci Grey: Imagine your self being watch by someone while I'm showing him what a slut you are.

SexyGal_6969: Shit.

DaVinci Grey: You like that baby?

SexyGal_6969: Yes!

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm, masarap ang kantot?

SexyGal_6969: Masarap ang kantot mo.

DaVinci Grey: Ang puta mo, gusto mo may nanonood habang kinakantot ka?

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