Sex On Phone - The Rendezvous (Ali's Place) Part 1

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Date: June 4, 2022 (22 days ago)

DaVinci Grey: Will you be my GF?

SexyGal_6969: Yes!

\We both know what we have is more than sex. There's been confession beforehand and I think it's just to put a label on it. The feeling is mutual. We both feel the connection between us, and how we understand each other is beyond words.

LDR, how does it work? Being in a relationship is already challenging enough not to mention, I always want to be around my partner, as in as much as we can, I want us to be together physically.

We're no longer SOP buddies. We're partners. We're dating. We're committed to each other.

We do our best to work it out in an LDR situation and one way of doing so is me travelling to Manila and getting us a place to stay for a while. We decided to go somewhere different, with good ambiance.

I checked in late afternoon on the agreed date and she did morning the following day. I woke up early at tumambay sa terrace to smoke. After half a hour, there she was, sweat in her face kasi masyadong mataas yung inakyat nyang hagdan. I let her catch her breath then kissed her.

She looks a bit sad and so I asked her why. She immediately said sorry. She has her period when she woke up that morning. We anticipated that already pero syempre still hoping that somehow, we get lucky.

Turned out may balat ako sa pwet. LOL!

Anyways, of course we didn't just meet to have sex. May iba pa naman kaming plano and one of which is dinner with some of my colleagues. Mahaba pa naman ang oras to do that kaya we ordered breakfast and talk about some stuff.

Afterwards, laid in bed and make out. Syempre hindi maiwasan na hindi malibugan. I keep on kissing her while playing with her nipples. Naguusap kami in between are kisses in her lips and her nipples na nakalabas kasi I really love the sight of those babies. I was playing with them gently. Kwentuhan about anything under the Sun kumabaga. We both can feel the rising tension of wanting to make love. I then decided to suck her breast and she moaned as I did. Gumiiling and beywang nya while I was doing it and alam kong libog na libog na sya. Had she doesn't have her period, kanina pa sya nakakbukaka ng walang undies at naglalawa ang puke sa tamod.

SexyGal_6969: Sige pa baby, ang sarap nan.

DaVinci Grey: Ang sarap dumede sayo, nakaka adik.

Ipinagpatuloy ko ang ginagawa ko at punong puno ng libog ang buong sulok ng kwarto. I then played both nipples with my fingers while whispering to her ears how much I want to fuck her. Dirty words. Things I want to do with her pussy while looking into her eyes. I can see all the lust there is.

DaVinci Grey: Kating kati na ang puke mo baby?

DaVinci Grey: Kantot na kantot na?

DaVinci Grey: Iyot na iyot na ang puke ng puta ko.

DaVinci Grey: Ang sarap ng libog mo, ramdam na ramdam ko.

DaVinci Grey: Kung pwede ka ngayon mamamaga na naman ang puke mo.

DaVinci Grey: Laspag na laspag yang puke mo sa kantot ng burat ko.

DaVinci Grey: Masarap?

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, putangina ka lalabasan ako.

DaVinci Grey: Tangina ka, lalabasan ka kahit nilalaro ko lang ang mga utong mo?

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, I'm cumming. Shit ka. Eto na.

DaVinci Grey: Tangina ka talaga, ang libog mo.

SexyGal_6969: Eto na, I'm cumming for you.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm, shit baby, you're so good.

I cannot describe kung gaano kasarap yung pakiramdam ko non. I made her cum without fucking her pussy nor playing with her clit. I know some can do it pero to experience it for real is different. That was a proud moment for me. As in, I never thought that it can happen for real. Medyo matagal syang nanginig habang...

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