Sex On Phone - The Rendezvous (Red Door) Part 1

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Date: May 23, 2022 (1 month ago)

A week after our first meet up, we planned our second. Throughout the weekday, we talked about where we plan to meet, where we plan to stay and what time. We're both very excited on what is about to happen.

Saturday came and we met around 10:00 AM, we booked a ride to the hotel. We checked in and ordered food kasi hindi pa kami nakakapag breakfast. As soon as we're full, we took a shower and went straight to bed. We already know where this is going, bakit naman patatagalin pa diba?

We waited so long for this and finally, we get to do it for real.

She was wearing a spaghetti strapped sando and super shorts short with no undies while I was on my sando and boxers. Obvious na ang titi kong semi hard then. It was starting to raise a flag. I was on the right side of the bed and her head in my arms when I reached for her lips. Syempre medyo konting romansa muna kahit alam ko naman na she is so wet then.

DaVinci Grey: Finally!

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, it's about to get real.

DaVinci Grey: Mamamaga na talaga ang puke mo for real.

SexyGal_6969: Matitikman ko na ang titi mo sa loob ng puke ko.

DaVinci Grey: Basa na ba ang puke mo?

SexyGal_6969: Kanina pa.

Hinawakan ko ang dede nya, nilamas ng dahan dahan. Ayokong pangunahan ako ng excitement ko. I want to take it slow. Savor every move we both make. Her eyes speak aloud how much she wants it. I can feel her body releasing heat of lust and mine absorbing all of it. Expected yung libog pero it feels like it's more than that. Hindi naman kami baguhan sa kama, we've been been with several people before pero I have a feeling that this one is different. I'm not sure if it's because we waited a while for it or if it's something else.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm, ang sarap lamutakin ng dede mo.

SexyGal_6969: Sige pa, lamasin mo pa please.

DaVinci Grey: Take off your shorts, gusto kong makita paano maglaway ang puke mo.

SexyGal_6969: Eto bang puke na 'to?

DaVinci Grey: Shit, ang tambok!

SexyGal_6969: Namamaga na ang puke ko sa libog ko sayo baby.

DaVinci Grey: Mamumula yan mamaya paguwi mo sa kantot ng titi ko.

SexyGal_6969: Tamodan mo ng madami ha, pabaunan mo ako ng madaming tamod.

DaVinci Grey: Yes baby, lahat ng tamod mo ipuputok ko sa loob ng puke mo.

SexyGal_6969: Shit, tangina ka. Feeling ko lalabasan na ako.

DaVinci Grey: Ang puta mo, dirty talk palang lalabasan ka na.

SexyGal_6969: Libog na libog ako sayo.

I took off her sando and stared at her breasts. Shit ang tigas na ng utong nya. Dinilaan ko.

DaVinci Grey: Padede ako baby.

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, dede ka. Sipsipin mo please.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm. Ganito?

SexyGal_6969: Yes, ganyan.

DaVinci Grey: Tapos lamasin ko ng ganito yung kabila.

SexyGal_6969: Tangina ka. Ang sarap.

DaVinci Grey: Lalong kumakati ang puke mo?

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, sige pa.

DaVinci Grey: Ang sarap ng dede mo baby, hmmm.

SexyGal_6969: Dede ka pa, sige pa.

I sucked it hard. Halos isubo ko na yung buong dede nya. Nahihirapan akong makahinga pero wala akong pakealam kasi masarap. Nilalamas ko yung kabilang dede nya tapos iniikot ko yung palad ko sa utong nyang kanina pa matigas. Nakikita ko kung paano gumiling ang beywang nya sa sarap. Napapatingala pa sya habang nakahawak sa ulo ko at isinusubsob lalo ang mukha ko sa dede nya.

SexyGal_6969: Sige pa baby. Ang sarap mong dumede, putangina ka!

Lalo akong ginanahan sa sinabi nya. I sucked it harder, as if I was putting a kiss mark on her whole breast. I grasped for a breath and sucked the other one. Habang nakasubo sa bibig ko ang dede nya at sinisipsip, nilalaro ko ng dila ko sa loob ang utong nya.

SexyGal_6969: Tangina ka, sige pa! Sipsipin mo pa.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm. Tangina ka baby ang sarap ng dede mo

Hindi ko pa hinahawakan ang puke nya kasi gusto ko pa syang pasibikin. I am into long foreplay that is how I am able to stay long in bed. I know na hindi ako nakakarami ng putok unless may p...

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