My Corrupted Side III

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Date: May 20, 2022 (1 month ago)

When Steve saw me, his face beamed with a smile. The fact that he didn't know that I just got fucked, cheating on him before coming to the airport gave me mixed emotions. Relief he didn't suspect a thing, excitement because I could do it again. Shame because of the immorality of what I just did and nervouseness that he might notice something. That's why my focus was on him at the time. It can't hurt to be careful.

Usually, kasama namin si Kuya Leon sa mga lunch kapag sinusundo namin si Steve but that time I wanted to test the waters so I could make sure na walang suspicions. I gave money na lang to Kuya Leon for his lunch. He already had for me lunch though.

So there we were in a restaurant, eating our late lunch and Steve was really happy. I couldn't deny the guilt I was feeling at that time yet I felt at ease too since he didn't look like he noticed something. But I'm already going down the immoral path of an unfaithful wife and despite the guilt, there's no denying to myself that I wanted to continue to pursue the carnal pleasure.

On the way home, Kuya Leon drove. And nag usap din silang dalawa. Omg talaga yung time na yun. I could tell na he really had no idea what happened between the two of us before we headed for the airport. My gosh! I was fucked before welcoming you back.

I was still focusing my attention on Steve. Trying to sense any sort of suspicions from him. I didn't sense any which was good. I just acted like normal. We arrived home and I was surprised by what I heard from Kuya Leon. He asked if he could stay the night since he had "something" to do in the morning. I knew what that something was. I may have looked calm hearing their conversation but deep down, I was nervously excited. It's that mixed emotions which kept me awake.

That night, Steve and I made love but as he was tired from travel, he could only last for one round and he slept. Usually, he could go all night but I couldn't really blame him as he was tired from his flight. My heart was freaking pounding from what I was about to do. My husband was sleeping and I waited. Waited until I was sure he was sound asleep but I still carefully took my steps when I headed off downstairs where depraved pleasure awaited me. I even carefully locked the door.

Kuya Leon and I had agreed through texting to meet each other in the guest room. I knocked on the door while feeling anxious yet aroused. The door opened and there he was, just in his boxers. I instantly entered and we locked the door. We immediately kissed each other while our hands roamed each other's body. We were hungrily kissing, motivated by sick, twisted lust. Even though we just fucked each other's brains out earlier in a motel. His mouth went down my neck. Lavishing it with his saliva and then down to my cleavage. I massaged his hard on through his boxers. Gosh! He could still get that hard. So virile.

I was wearing a baby doll nightgown. Kuya Leon grabbed its hem, telling me he wanted it taken off so I raised my arms in response to his desire. I didn't wear a bra but I wore a crotchless thong lingerie. I let him take the lead. He made me lay down on the bed. I was excited on what he was gonna do. He put his body on top of mine and we started french kissing again. We love it. Kissing like animals. My breasts were squished in between and my nipples were hard. Then I felt his hand snake down to my cunt. He played with it and I liked it. It made me arouse even more. Then he opted to focus on my clit which elicited a moan from me while we were still fiercely, lustfully kissing. Tongues embracing, sucking each other.

We pulled apart and smirked at each other. Then he pulled himself up and his eyes hungrily roamed my naked body. There was that look again on his face as if he couldn't believe it. That he could have this access to a married woman of my stature. Even though we had already fucked each other many times. "Baka mahuli pa tayo. Fuck me na." I told him. He inhaled and exhaled. I looked down and saw him position his rod at my wet entrance. I grabbed his face so we could have an intense eye to eye contact. I gave him that look with my alluring eyes. And he was in, fully. I breathed deeply. Feeling his warm meat inside of me. A pleasant feeling. A bliss. I didn't need to say anything and he started moving. My breasts were squished again as he leaned down to kiss me. I loved our wild kissing while his member sends waves pleasure throughout my body. It heats me up even more.

Kuya Leon would alternate between kissing me and watching my breasts bounce. Increasing the pleasure he feels. I do enjoy having my breasts watched as they go up and down for him. My breasts wildly bouncing must have had a hypnotizing effect on him. We were on missionary for a while before he asked me to be on top. I sank my body onto his member. Sheathing him fully inside. I was intoxicated by my infidelity. I started riding him. Giving much effort to the movements of my hips. I was undulating, dancing on top of him. Making sure the two of us were having ecstacy pumping through our blood. I was moaning loudly then due to how wild I rode him. So Kuya Leon pulled himself up to kiss me. Muffling my moans. I slowed down, giving in to the warmness of his mouth, tongue. Then while still inside me, he laid me on my back. He was on top again and instantly rammed his rod in and out of my dripping cave. Every time I would moan loudly, he would cover my mouth with his own or his hand. But I preffered the mouth. My legs were locked tightly around his body. I wanted to make our sex much more wilder so I whispered in his ear. I used my seductive tone. To keep fucking me, the slut wife. To turn me into his personal cum dump. His puta. And keep using me as his personal sex doll. Gosh! Calling myself those derogatory words gives me this ticklish feeling in my body. It arouses me. It feels so good. To the point that I reached my climax first. Add to that how Kuya Leon kept groaning, howling that he'd keep fucking me like a puta while Steve was here. All the while I was having my own explosive release. The pleasure was enought to turn my brain into mush. And then he gave a hard thrust, pushed his rod fully and his body went still before moaning. I felt him explode inside. Kuya Leon's hot sperm marking again my married cunt.

We could go have had more rounds but I opted to stop there. Even if Kuya Leon could still go. There was the risk of Steve waking up. It would have been a different story if he was drunk though. I had to turn down the intensity of playing with fire. We said our goodnight to each other but before I could go for the doorknob, Kuya Leon pulled me for a goodnight french kiss.

Tomorrow morning, Steve didn't show any signs of knowing anything. He really trusts me. I'm still this loyal wife in his eyes. How innocent of him. But even that fact stoked the fire of my carnal desires. That day was also part of the routine. Our son was at my Mom's house so Steve and I could have time as man and woman. Our respective families understands this. So it's almost always like this every time Steve comes home for vacation. Actually, Kuya Leon knows about this and that was why he had to take advantage of that night because he knows it would be week/s before we could have a tryst again.

After we had spent time as wife and husband, we spent the following days of Steve's vacation with the three of us. ; I, my son and Steve. It was fine din naman since doing that alleviated my guilt. Yet that guilt made me more aroused too. It's a whirpool of conflicting emotions. Contradictory. The guilt was weak in comparison to my dark desires. Then the usual happened. We visited Lola and Mom-in-law and my parents. And well, Steve was the one who drove. Back at Lola's (Steve's) house, Kuya Leon and I just gave a knowing look at each other. He knew naman na wala talagang mangyayari nung mga time na yun. Too dangerous.

During those days I couldn't meet Kuya Leon, I was thinking how good of a front cover I possess. I'm the, no, I was the loyal wife. I was, yet to them I'm still that proper wife. The fact that no one knew, no one has any idea even now, that I'am, was already being a slut, a puta for Kuya Leon turned me on. My heart strings loved the feeling of it. There's this giddy feeling inside, making my heart skip a beat with delight.

Steve and I did fuck a lot though. Yes, he can still make me feel good but I could clearly feel the difference. He could still satisfy me but he can't scratch that itch. It's not my g-spot. It's the itch, hunger of wanting to experience the forbidden again. I want to keep tasting that forbidden fruit. No, I want to keep devouring it. My body craves for it.

Our chance came one day when I had to report to my work. I had to go to office. I needed to go early and that was perfect. I used our car. My dad and some of Steve's cousin was at the house at the time. I wore an open lingerie underneath my corporate attire. I had already told Kuya Leon earlier to meet me at a mall carpark after my report. It took a little time but I told Steve that it might take a while.

The moment we entered the car, Kuya Leon immediately pulled me to him so he could kiss me. I didn't resist and kissed him back. I could feel his excitement, hunger. He really missed my luscious lips. He put his rough hand behind my head, on my nape and massaged it. My gosh! I missed his touch. It sent shivers down my spine. I gave in more to our animalistic kissing and we explored each other's mouths. Our tongues sucking each other was such a bliss. And just from that, I already felt my nipples got erect. My blood heating up. His mouth moved from my lips to my neck, lavishing it with his saliva. He kept groaning how he missed me. We couldn't wait any longer. We were supposed to head immediately to a nearby motel but goddamn. Our torrid kissing was so intense. So firstly, I had to calm down Kuya Leon. I unbuckled his beld and unzipped the zipper of his pants and pulled out his already engorged member. It felt hot to the touch. No doubt filled with sexual desire for me. I looked at it for a few seconds and bit my lip. He really is well endowed.

Before I got to work his member, Kuya Leon reclined his seat and relaxed himself. He was looking longingly at me. And so I began to lick his head as if it was a chupa chups. That elicited a moan from him. I wasn't being gentle with his manhood. I focused on those sensitive spots and before long I felt his strong hands on the back of my head. Pushing his cock deeper in my mouth till it reached my throat. I closed my eyes and gagged a little before I started to move my head up and down for his pleasure. He was helping me move. I lathered his engorged member with my saliva. Then my pace increased. I was slurping and tigthening my mouth's grip on that angry manhood. Savoring its manly taste. His moans clearly told me how much he enjoyed my sinful mouth. The married mouth of a woman which shouldn't be used on another man. But there I was, enjoying every inch of Kuya Leon's meaty member. It got to the point where he grabbed my hair and used his strength to face fuck me. Gosh! I love it every time he does that. Fucking face as if I was sex doll. Just an object to be used by him. Then he thrust his butt upwards and without saying anything, he unloaded everything down my throat. It was too much but I managed to swallow most of it. Some it spilled out though.

Kuya Leon's hot sperm tasted good. I did tell him to eat more fruits so he would taste good. He did and that was why I enjoyed the meal he unleashed deep my throat.

I was already primed at that point and Kuya Leon told me that he had been saving up. I could tell from the sheer amount of cum he shot. It was definitely a lot. He said something about clearing his pipe using me. Well, I did let him use me without any complains.

He rested for a few minutes before we headed off to a nearby motel. And while he was driving, he put his hand on my knee and proceeded to caress my leg up and down. I moved my leg closer to him so he could have more access in violating my inner thigh. I loved the feel of his hand.

We wasted no time the moment the door was closed. He threw me on the bed, I hiked up my skirt and he instantly spread my legs apart. Kuya Leon paused a little when he saw what I was wearing down there. I looked down and saw his perverted smile. "Ang landi ng suot mo." He said and started licking my willing cunt. It was instant pleasure for me the moment he used his mouth, his tongue. He really knows how to eat a woman. It was Kuya Leon's turn to taste my dripping nectar. I could clea...

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nakaka libog

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May 20, 2022 (1 month ago)

Hahahaha damn.

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May 20, 2022 (1 month ago)

Damn so fucking hottt. thanks for the update. hope you guys fuck in each corner of the house while your husband is oblivious about it

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May 20, 2022 (1 month ago)

i'm lost for words!

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May 20, 2022 (1 month ago)

Was waiting for this update thank you author. Loved every moments of this.

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May 20, 2022 (1 month ago)

Niceeee, as expected.

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Ang hot sobra papabuntis na hahaha thank you sa update mam 👌🏻

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May 20, 2022 (1 month ago)


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Sobrang hot nito galing mo

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May 21, 2022 (1 month ago)

Buti di nagtaka c mister na hindi sumikip c kepay ng pag uwi nya samantalang matagal na walang kantot

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May 22, 2022 (1 month ago)

Wow nice story

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May 30, 2022 (1 month ago)

What a masterpiece..

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May 31, 2022 (1 month ago)

Very very good story next please

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June 1, 2022 (1 month ago)

Waitings pa rin sa update hahaha

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June 4, 2022 (28 days ago)

nxt part po

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