Sex On Phone - The Rendezvous (Sol & Robert)

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Date: May 13, 2022 (1 year ago)

I met someone online long time ago and for some weird reason, after not talking for several years, we reconciled. We do not know much about each other, except that we both love sex. We have similar fetishes which feeds our libido almost every single day. It's as if walang oras na hindi kami parehong libog na libog sa isa't isa. Kahit tanghalilng tapat, even while on work (of course kapag walang meeting), after shower, as soon as she wakes up, before she sleeps, we were addicted to it - Sex On Phone (SOP).

Walang araw na hindi kami magkausap. At first, most of the conversation was about sex. Our previous experiences, past relationships, current, fling, all that sort. Then it became a routine to say goodnight and greet good morning. We keep each other updated sa nangyari sa maghapon, kung may lakad, with whom, anong gagawin, san pupunta, what time aalis, if maliligo na, kakain na, anong ulam, remind each other to take our daily meds, share how our day went, and so on.

I became part of her system and her to mine.

3 months after, kinailangan kong lumuwas ng Manila and we decided to meet. We've seen pictures of each other pero we never did video call thus, we never talk face to face. We planned everything, OTW, medyo nagkaron ng more than an hour delay but she patiently waited sa meeting place.

As soon as I arrive, I called her kasi hindi ko sya makita and I don't know what it is pero when I turned around and got my eyes fixed to someone walking towards me, my heart skipped a beat. She was wearing a face mask and medyo malayo ang distance (code name for I cannot see her kasi I have poor eyesight) pero something told me na sya yun.

There she is, walking towards me and suddenly I feel conscious of how I look, as if I want to look nice in front of her. Yung feeling na ayaw mong gumawa ng something na makaka turn off. Shy type kahit puro kabastusan at kababuyan ang madalas na pinaguusapan.

DaVinci Grey: Hey!

SexyGal_6969: Hi!

A bit awkward more on my part kasi feeling ko I don't look good enough for her or at least decent. Nasa S&R kami non and the plan is to buy a set of Jack Daniel's as part of my collection. She was against the idea pero I talked her out of it. She thinks it's expensive pero it's a hobby of mine and so that is why we decided to meet sa S&R.

DaVinci Grey: Shall we?

SexyGal_6969: Sigurado ka na na bibilhin mo lahat?

DaVinci Grey: Yes, I mean nandito na din naman and at least hindi ko na need magbayad ng SF if I buy it online.

SexyGal_6969: Here it is, alin ba bibilhin mo?

DaVinci Grey: All of it.

SexyGal_6969: Okay.

DaVinci Grey: After this kain na tayo.

SexyGal_6969: Sige, gutom na din ako.

DaVinci Grey: I just have to tell the driver to wait sa parking while we buy food.

We proceed as planned, ordered to go, parked somewhere near the building where I need to do some stuff (reason why I need to travel to Manila) and had lunch in the car. Medyo hindi kami makapag landian kasi kasama naming si kuya driver so tamang holding hands lang kami. Pero at the back of my mind, I want to kiss her hard and press her body against me. Pigil na pigil lang ako.

Afterwards, we went to my apartment kasi may kailang...

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May 18, 2022 (1 year ago)

That one was a Hella confession. Haha. So dapat may period para walang galaw. Haha.


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