Sex On Phone - The Reconciliation (Final Round)

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Date: May 10, 2022 (1 year ago)

She knows how to turn me on. It's as if she knows me too well na hindi ko kayang pigilan ang bawat pang aakit na ginagawa nya. She is something I cannot resist. I am unsure if tigang lang talaga ako kasi medyo matagal na akong walang actual sex with anyone, just the occasional masturbation while watching porn or reading sex stories. Pwede ding epekto ng stress, medyo mataas ang stress level ko back then e, daming responsibilities and deadlines. Anyways, we decided to do round 2 and frankly, with all the orgasms she had, hindi ko ineexpect yun. The most I had was 7 in a day, hers - I stopped counting at 7 and that was just the first round. Wala pa kaming isang oras na nakakapagpahinga.

She has so much energy and cum, obviously.

DaVinci Grey: You're so horny for me baby?

SexyGal_6969: Yes, I am. I miss you!

DaVinci Grey: Mamamaga talaga sa kantot ang puke mo.

SexyGal_6969: Yes please, fuck me. Fuck me more. Make me cum again and again.

DaVinci Grey: Fuck you. Napakalibog mo baby. Ang sarap mong kantutuin ng paulit ulit.

SexyGal_6969: Gusto ko yun baby. Fuck me. Tamodan mo ako ng paulit ulit.

DaVinci Grey: I will fuck you all day.

SexyGal_6969: I want that. I want you're dick inside me all day baby.

DaVinci Grey: Shit, hmmm. Padede ako baby. Sipsipin ko utong mo habang nilalapirot ko yung kabila.

SexyGal_6969: Yes please baby, dede ka. Shit! Dilaan mo utong ko please.

DaVinci Grey: Ganito? Masarap 'to? Hmmm. Ang libog ng baby ko. Tangina ka!

SexyGal_6969: Ang sarap mong kumantot e. Dede ka pa please, sige pa.

DaVinci Grey: Lamasin mo titi ko please habang nadede ako sayo.

SexyGal_6969: Patigasin ko pa burat mo baby, dede ka pa habang jinajakol ko titi mo.

DaVinci Grey: Shit, yes please baby. Ang sarap mong humimas ng titi.

SexyGal_6969: Ang taba ng titi mo. Ang sarap patigasin. Ang sarap galitin.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm, ang sarap magpa jakol sayo.

SexyGal_6969: Ang sarap mong dumede baby.

I was holding back a bit, medyo umaaraw na so baka gising na ang mga kapitbahay ko. A bit whispering but still may gigil. Medyo ramdam ko pa yung pagod from the first round pero mas matindi ang tawag ng libog. Paano pa kaya kung actual sex, susuko ako neto. Naimagine ko yung sarili ko na napapahiya kasi hindi ko kinaya.

Actually, during that round medyo napahiya naman talaga ako kasi sa gigil, sinumpong ako ng asthma ko. After her 8th orgasm I think during the second round, medyo bumigay yung baga ko. I was smoking in between. We rest for a bit again. She was laughing hard at me while I drown myself to shame.

We talked. She appreciates me kasi we still talk after sex, most guys she did SOP with just hang up after nilang mag cum. As if that's just really the intent. Typical men they cum and go. Expecting ladies to be available at all times and just dumps them when they're done. It's becoming a normal feedback from my girl friends and I never defended this type of behavior kasi at one point of my life, I was like them.

Hindi ko din maipaliwanag bakit gusto ko pa din syang kausap even when we're done doing SOP. Siguro kasi napaka lambing ng boses nya and it gives calmness to my veins. Soothing.

Again, it can be because of a lot of things. Long time no sex. Stressed. I miss SOP so much. She's sweet. She's so horny. She has so much cum to offer. Whatever it is, it feels good.

She started teasing me again and we ended up doing round 3 with limited time kasi may lakad sya ng 7:00 AM.

We did not even realize that we've been on the phone for almost 5 hours. That's just 30 minutes chitchat in between and the rest is sex. Para kaming mga sabik na sabik sa kantot ng isa't isa. Yung akala mo 6 years na walang kantot. My back and legs are a bit shaky na then pero I still want more.

I started licking her tits again while rubbing her pussy with my palm.

DaVinci Grey: You like this baby?

SexyGal_6969: Yes, hmmm. Namumula na ang puke ko sayo.

DaVinci Grey: Sabi sayo mamamaga puke mo sa titi ko.

SexyGal_6969: Ang sarap magpakantot sayo. Ang sarap mong kumantot. Ang laki ng burat mo.

DaVinci Grey: Ang sarap ng puke mo, ang dulas at ang sikip.

SexyGal_6969: Basa na naman puke ko ng tamod, libog na libog na naman.

DaVinci Grey: Tangina ka, pakantot ka talaga.

SexyGal_6969: Ang sarap magpagamit sayo baby. Iyot pa tayo.

DaVinci Grey: Iyot? Kantot? Gusto mong titi?

SexyGal_6969: Yes baby, kantutin mo na uli yung puke ko, kating kati na naman.

DaVinci Grey: Hmmm, ibuka mo mga bi...

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