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Date: May 5, 2022 (21 days ago)

This happens last 2020...

About this account rep if I'm not mistaken is around 40's but she has this good figure even she have teenager kids na...

To start the story with our office is one of their client but Tess(not her real name) is not the AR assigned to us. However everytime I saw her I always check her out kasi nga even she's older she has good figure. Then one day I need to coordinate with our AR and Tess was the one answered the call telling me that my AR is not available at the moment so I asked her if I could wait nlng then she say yes and ask her if she's not busy?

She told me its okay so we talked for a couple of mins, then ask her FB or viber binigay naman, hehehe tuwa ko naman. Pagdating ko sa bahay ng hapon nag early dinner nko then have a rest since whole day sa office kahit pandemic. Then I start to chat si Tess, siyempre nangumusta muna ako if nkakain na nakauwi na mga ganun... "Hindi ko na mxado idetails un" after a couple of mins of exchanging messages, I asked her if okay lang ba na nakikipag biruan heheheh, sabi nya okay lang nmn since her partner nmn is not with her. so ayos heheheheh so that night we have naughty conversation.

The week after I started to ask where siya nakatira if malayo ba or malapit, she's told me from part of manila(will not tell the loc for her safety nrn)... so ayun at night conitues yung chat ng naughty heheheh... Then after a weeks passed by asked her if I could give her a ride since meron akong need tignan kung san malapit sa knila... While we are traveling syempre kwentuhan then I asked personal matters narin. Nun nakarating na kami sa knila sabi niya stop ko sa malayo baka makita siya, sabi ko naman tell them na grab ka, then di muna siya bumaba kwentuhan lang kaunti then nun baba na siya nag thank you siya, sabi ko thank you lang walang kiss(Joke) sabi nya next time nalang daw hahahah...

Then ganun parn routine pag uwi chat, until dumating yung day na nagusap kmi tapos napunta na sa sex usapan. So started to ask kung anu mga gnagwa nila or niya during sex ganun din siy...

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May 5, 2022 (21 days ago)

Nxt pls

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