Samantha And Their Hardinero 2.5

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Date: May 3, 2022 (15 days ago)

A little bit introduction for our new character in Part 3.

Errol's POV:

It's been now a year since I started dating you, Sam.

"Sige na! Bilis! Say cheeze!"

Nagulat ako nang bigla akong hinila ni Samantha at isinigaw iyon. Pagkakita ko sa harapan ay hawak niya pala ang phone niya at nakatutok na sa amin. she clicked the camera and nasilaw ako dahil may flash pa. Malakas ang tawa niya nang makita ang mukha ko roon sa pic na paniguradong pangit dahil nabigla ako sa ginawa niya.

"Hahaha! Ang ugly mo dito ah Errol. But cute at the same time." Nakangiti niyang wika. Napangiti rin ako. It's always soften me out whenever I see her smile in a very happy way. Call me corny but seeing her happy also making me happy too. Para akong bakla ika nga ng mga kaibigan ko. But I know this is my genuine feelings toward her. Napakalambot diba, I just fuckin love her thats why.

We did a couple of selfies again in front of our blackboard as backround. Nasa school kami ngayon. Kasagsagan ng Final exam. We're both in the 12 th grade, we're also both 18 years old now. Though, mukhang hindi na nga kami magsasama next school year dahil sa paparating daw na pandemic. I hope bluff lang iyon.

And the two of us became lovers. A late bloomer, I was so shy and found it hard to be honest about my feelings. Bold and assertive, you were just the opposite. But now, I've finally realized how madly i'm inlove with you.

"I-i guess It'd be better to do it in a proper bed huh?" She whispered shyly.

The pandemic wasn't a bluff after all. Narito kami sa condo ko. All windows and curtains are closed, while, she is sexily laying on my bed, nakadapa while nakatingin sa akin. Though, it's a bit uncomfortable to her since wala pang foam ang kama ko sa condo ko. My family just bought it weeks ago, mukhang hindi nga lang magagamit dahil sa paparating na pandemya.

Napalunok ako ng malakas sa ayos niya. It feels like I'm seeing a goddess' and I'm more done grateful dahil nakatitig siya sa akin na puno ng pagmamahal. Napakaganda niya. She's only wearing her panty and her breast is being covered with blanket. I can clearly see her flawless skin. Her curves, and her fat ass inviting me to touch it. But I know it's not the time, for now.

"Y-yeah..." Tugon ko sa tanong niya. T-then w-we better stop here muna. I'll just have to be patient and wait." Wika ko saka tinggal ang condom na nakasuot na sa pagkalalaki ko. We were supposed to have sex today.

I heard her sighed but I know she is also disappointed. Hindi pa kasi maganda ang condo ko. So it will really feel uncomfortable if we would do it right now.

After I removed the condom. I saw her sat down next tom me and held my hand. I looked up to her and I saw an apologizi...

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I fricking love Thighs!
I also love reading Manhwas-18 (Korean/Chinese Comics) Yes, I'm already an adult I but still love reading them. One example is my profile. You can also use that if you can't imagine Samantha. Siya yung naging basehan ko sa looks niya eh. She's a character from Secret Class (story by: Gang-Cheol Wang).
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May 3, 2022 (15 days ago)

Lupet, my malupet na naman akong aabangan ^_^

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