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Date: April 3, 2022 (1 month ago)

The Next Meeting Day. . . .

[Chato POV: I was consumed, exhausted, tired and wasted! Too weak to move. . . even to open my eyes. . . but I had to force open my eyes, walk to the bathroom and clean up! In about half an hour, I'll be having cocktails and dinner with my co-directors and I had to prepare … to present herself as one desirable hot wife. . . demure yet wild! So I slowly but carefully chose my dress for the dinner… getting ready for another lustful evening in some dark cornered swanky place…. Hmmmm. . . .]

. . . . After the dinner, the company chairman led them to the disco lounge of the hotel. Before she could finished her second wine, most of the directors have asked her to dance; and danced with her. The Director just let the others have their dance time with Chato; watching them, and smiling to himself while thinking of what just happened between them; how he had fucked her earlier. After an hour, the disco was almost empty as the other company officers and directors have left. Then the director made his move. He asked her to dance. She accepted, and he led her to the back fringe of the dance floor. Chato reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her hand stroked the back of his neck. She smelled his exotic cologne and her heart started racing. His arms went around her back and his hands cupped her ass. She was getting very aroused, and didn't care if there to the people who were still in the disco. The DJ played several slow numbers and the Director grinded his erect cock into Chato`s mid-section. When Chato was in his arms, she thought of nothing else but about how much of a good time she was having with him. The illicit fun she was having, coupled with the alcohol, also had the effect on Chato to where she did not do anything to prevent his hands sliding from her naked back, to her hips down to her ass every slow song they danced to. Chato did nothing to dissuade him and just found herself clinging to him tightly, hanging on to his neck tightly; and feeling his hard cock on her tummy. A thought entered her mind as she held the Director by the back of his neck – what would my husband feel if he could see another man holding his sexy wife close, with one hand on her bare back and sending shivers through me while feeling his cock swell against my lusting body? If only anyone in the disco were looking or could see them, they would see that Chato and the Director moved in perfect harmony, as one body and looked really good together; their bodies welded into one. They would also probably see the Director holding the sexy wife close, with one hand on her bare back. And, in the middle of the soft, sexy music, they would have seen the Director whispering to the married Chato and through half lidded eyes bending to kiss her on the mouth. They would also see the wife respond eagerly with her mouth; their tongues fencing with each while the Director was now running his hands all over Chato's ass cheeks; possessively. As he did this, the wife Chato just looked at him lovingly at him with a challenging look but didn't even try to stop him. As the music ended, the Director whispered to Chato:

"Gusto kong katutin kita muli Chato. . . let's bring this to your room."
"Mmmm. . . mauna na ako. . . baka may makakita sa akin. . . sa atin. . . "
"Okay. . ."

In her room. . . . . . as she was undressing, the door opened as the Director saw the wife Chato standing in no more than her thong panties, black hold up stockings and stilettos. She looked gorgeous. Although he could not see the back view, the Director was looking with lust at the stunning married Chato. Keeping his eyes on hers, the Director quickly tore off his shirt and trousers leaving him in boxer shorts that were showing an obscenely large bulge. The Director spun Chato round so she was facing the bedroom door. She had her eyes shut. Behind her the Director quickly pulled his underwear down and then stepped close to Chato, bringing his hands round to cup her breasts. If her husband could only see his near naked wife having her full breasts cupped and her erect nipples tweaked by another man who stood behind her with an erect cock pushing up her sexy back. As the Director fondled her breasts, he nibbled her neck and ears, which got her juices running. Sure enough Chato sighed and moaned as he pleasured her. After a few minutes, the Director obviously decided it was time to take things further. He led Chato over to the bed and pushed her onto her back. Joining her, he knelt between her legs as he drank in the married wife's beauty. The Director did not pause for long however and grabbing her thong he tore it from her body. Then he dipped his head and started to feast on Chato's soaking married pussy. As soon as his tongue lovingly lapped on her sensitive flesh, Chato let out a load and long moan and brought both her hands down to the Director's head in order to hold him in the right place.

"Oh yes, my goodness yes! that feels so good, oh your tongue is wonderful sweetheart, please don't stop. . . sige pa! kainin mo pussy ko!"

In the semi-darkness, a big smirk was on his face, knowing full well what he was doing for the married Chato. Returning to his work, the Director increased the ferocity of his licking and sucking. Chato was undulating her hips in unison with the Director's tongue. If anybody was in their room, they would hear her breathing getting louder and more erratic....

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