I didn't force the issue muna. Imbes na ipasok finger ko sa butas niya, I focused on licking her.

Sinubo ko clit niya, and lapped my tongue around it. Nanginig mga legs niya. Umungol ng mas malakas. I used my hand to spread her legs more widely. My tongue went up and down her wet crack, touching her clit slightly every time I would go up and down sa biyak niya.

"Fuck Tito, that's feels so good, shit…"

I kept licking her, and reached up to her breasts. Sakto ang laki, fits inside my long fingers. I squeezed her left nipples, while drinking the soup from her cunt.

Let's admit – iba ang lasa ng young women in their 20s. It's fresh in a different kind of way. There's a nectarish smell that's intoxicating. Nasa ilong ko na juices niya. I kept attacking her clit with my tongue. She grabbed me by the ears, diniin niya mukha ko sa puke niya.

I licked her clit sideways, while rubbing my lips on her crack. Her climax was building up, pero parang papataas pa lang libog niya.

I trapped her clit between my lips, then shook my face sideways. Dumaloy sabaw niya lalo. Then I slowed down a bit, dahan-dahan lang ang pagdila ko sa biyak niya, avoiding her clit. I went lower, dinilaan ko butas ng puwet niya. Tinaas ko pa ng bahagya mga legs niya.

She moaned even louder. "Shit, Tito... shit!"

Inikut ko dulo ng dila ko sa butas ng pwet niya, after I parted it with my hands. She was moaning, almost sounded like crying!

After a minute na pagdila sa butas ng puwet niya, I went up her crack and clit again.

I focused on her clit this time, and she lost it. Nagdikit ng madiin ang mga hita niya sa pisngi ko, sabay sumigaw siya, "I'm cumming Tito!!!"

Though my face was trapped between her legs, I did not stop licking her. Her entire body was vibrating like crazy. Pulang-pula ang buong dibdib niya with a hint of perspiration.

I was oozing with precum myself. Tigas na tigas na ko. But I have other plans.

I kissed her legs gently. Moved up to kiss her breasts, licked her nipples, nibbled her ears. Then we kissed more gently.

I looked into her eyes...

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