Chato And A Board Director

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Date: March 28, 2022 (1 month ago)

The dinner for the organizations key officers and board of directors was at 7:00 p.m., so Chato had time to nap and shower. Her husband had sent her a text earlier and replied by telling him about the dinner. In the text, her husband jokingly told her to dress sexily and make her male co-officer lust for her. She got into her room and crashed as soon as her head hit the pillow. Half an hour later and Chato was up and getting into the shower. She quickly rinsed off and jumped out of the shower. Just enough time to shave and trim her bush. As Chato ran her fingers across her hairless mound, she felt her exposed clit and it sent a shock through her body. Chato wished she had time to masturbate herself to completion while messaging with her husband. But she just had enough time to turn herself on even more. Chato looked at the clock. An hour to go. Chato did her makeup and fixed her hair, then went to look for something to wear. The idea of being out with someone or being shared other than her husband was scary. She had a million thoughts running through her head and she just couldn't keep her thoughts controlled as she saw again what he texted her husband: "…yes share me and witness how men adore me, how they yearn to fuck me more and more. . . welcoming the lust of men who have fantasized her naked and fuming hot eagerly waiting to be eaten, fucked, loved and owned." She started with a lace black thong, along with the matching black lace bra. She grabbed her patent leather 4" sling backs to finish the outfit and a thick choker almost covering her neck. Chato turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She thought – "wow do I look like a slut in my mini strappy black dress. . . if only my husband could see me now."

Dinner was very nice, good food, lots of wine, and good company. She and the Director talked and flirted the entire time. Chato could not believe that her younger co-board director was interested in her. She don't know what she thought previously when she said to her friends and co-workers that he was non-descript. But tonight, Chato found him gorgeous, and his eyes seem to pierce her every time he look at her. Chato felt like she could stare into those eyes all night long. A couple times, the Director caught her just daydreaming while looking into his eyes. Talking to him was like talking to her best friends in the sorority. Their conversations just rolled from one to the next, no longer work related. Chato could feel her panties getting damper every minute. She wanted this man. She wanted to feel what that massive cock between his legs would feel like in her hands, her mouth, even sliding deep inside her married pussy. The whole time Chato could feel her resolve to only take it so far diminishing. Dinner was excellent; they went to the 5 star restaurant that was in the casino and were amazed at how good it felt to eat at a fine establishment.

After dinner, together with the other officers and directors, they decided to go to a bar around the corner from the hotel, hoping no one would recognize her there. They all knew she was married and this was so far out of character for her. Chato did not want anyone to have any gossip about her back at the office. Chato and the Director danced and chatted and drank a few more drinks. Once on the floor, the Director led her dancing to a quiet dark place on the floor. Without any prompting, the Director tipped her head back and kiss her. Gentle at first, then with passion as their tongues darted into each others mouth. Finally he said it was getting late, and he should walk her back to her room while saying: "Sa ganda at sexy mo Chato, dapat may escort ka at hindi ca dapat mag-isa."

As Chato and the Director walked across the almost empty lobby, she felt strange to be holding hands with another man, a married man, a co-officemate. They arrived at the elevator. It was empty. As soon as the doors closed, the Director suddenly embraced Chato. And they both kissed passionately, ardently, as if making up for lost time. And Chato did not know what got into her returning his hot kisses. They continued kissing passionately until the doors opened on her floor. A couple was waiting, and they heard them say to each other as they left the elevator, "palagay mo. . . mag-asawa sila o cheating couples? "

Once they were in the room, Chato witnessed the fastest undresser in action. The director had her completely naked in seconds. Chato felt so erotic to feel her hardened nipples brushing against the Director's crisp shirt as they kissed. Chato squatted in front of him and removed his pants and shorts. Soon, Chato was sucking and kissing his cock. The Director look down at Chato who was trying hard to swallow his long big cock. "Mmmmmm Chato. . . kung makita ka lang ng asawa mo na punong puno ang bibig mo ng malaki kong tarugo!"

After some minutes of letting Chato suck his cock, the Director pulled her up and started to kiss her neck part not covered by her thick choker, then to her breasts. Chato almost orgasmed as the Director took her right breast in his mouth. That was when the Director gave her first hickey, a love mark, marking Chato as his own now. When the Director tried to spread her legs to finally claim her married pussy, Chato instinctively squeezed her knees together. The Director smiled: "Chato. . . gus...

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