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Date: January 20, 2022 (4 months ago)

Let me share a naughty and funny story this Throwback Thursday:

Many years ago, I found myself in the company of my barkada (all girls), one Friday night, having dinner in one of the places in TM. While in the middle of it, the elder sister of one of our barkadas arrived and saw us. She was with her friends too.

Ate asked what we planned for the night and we said that we'll have coffee somewhere nearby afterwards. She said it was a lame thing to pull off on a Friday night and instead invited us to join them. So we agreed.

After dinner, around 10PM, Ate brought us to this gay bar in the vicinity. We were excited as it was our first time and we felt like real adults visiting such place.

The place was dimly lighted and we were the only early birds. All eyes of the talents were on us as we took our seats, choosing that which would give us the best view of the stage and the aquarium where the talents were.

Ate and her friends, on the other, took the seats on the side, where the lights were dimmer. Later, I would find out why. May balak pala.

The place started to fill. We watched as the talents busied grooming, oiling, and making themselves mighty.

I felt like the talents were already giving us an early bird show:
Diez was flexing his biceps.
Nuebe was parading his six-pack. Otso was twerking his butt.
Siete was oiling his massive chest while caressing his chest hair.
Seis was practicing his giling moves ala Dante Gulapa.
Cinco kept stretching the garter of his skimpy boxers.
Quatro was pole dancing.
Trese was doing his thrust exercises.
Dos was doing sit-ups.

Uno was obviously the most show-off among them talents. He was oiling his shaft and when it was hard enuf, he hanged a pail near the tip to prove how mighty he was. Strong! (I am not sure though if the pail was empty or filled.)

11pm sharp, the show started. In fairness, halatang pinaghandaan ang mala variety show. Twas a showcase not only of th talents' physique but also of their talent in singing and dancing, as well as their creativity as shown by the elaborate costumes and headpieces and of course, the beautiful stage set-up.

Feeling like real adults, we each ordered a drink. We dint do pulutan anymore because there were consumables right before our very eyes. Hahaha!

When the clock struck twelve, out came the Star of the Show. His entry of appearance felt like there was thunder and lightning all over the place. Pasabog talaga!

I dint notice much of Star's performance because I was so awed by him. He was a real beauty. 'Yung tipong ang guapa niya kahit lalake pa siya. Lalo na siguro kung naging babae. Star stood around 5'10". Very lean body, parang wagyu lang. Bushy eyebrows. Piercing eyes. Aquiline nose. Come-hither look. Disarming smile. His complexion was glowing, flawless. Alagang Belo kumbaga. Mapapa sanaol ka na lang.

I thought that Star, as his name suggested, was the highlight of the evening. I was mistaken.

After Star's performance, came what we later learned as the "Free For All portion"- when all the talents descend to the audience to entertain them.

Twas at this point that I knew we weren't prepared for what we came for. Wheew!

Two guys came near and started gyrating in front of us. Because we were seated, the crotch of the guys hung at eye level view. Hahaha! It was obvious that their nearness and the newness o...

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January 20, 2022 (4 months ago)

Hahahha tried visiting a gay bar with my ex gf noon. Para lang makaranas sya. Noong simula ng show, mura sya ng mura. Kesa bakit may batang nagpe perform, bakit puro giling, at kung anu ano pa. Pero nang nakainom na at may naghubo sa tabi nya, pangingiti na lang. Gusto ko ngang sipain. Landi kung makatingin. Kunyari ayaw nung una, malandi din pala. Pero ng pahawakan sa kanya etits, binawi nya kamay nya. Syempre andun ako πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. Love the story. Love how it was written. Na entertain ako..5 stars parang lazada lang.

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January 20, 2022 (4 months ago)

Basta tt kakapit yan lol

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January 20, 2022 (4 months ago)

Salamat @joseph2013 sa pa "5 stars parang lazada lang"!

Salamat din sa pagbahagi ng kuwento mo. It is hilarious when you look back at the experience but you get petrified when you find yourself in the moment.

You gave me an idea - should we go back, we should have a guy friend chaperone us.

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospect." - AnaIs Nin.

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