First Sex Toy Experience

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Date: January 4, 2022 (18 days ago)

I asked my husband if it's okay with him if I buy a sex toy. At first he didn't like it. He was scared that I might get so used to it and I might not be needing him anymore.

But on my birthday, last December 2021, he surprised me with a pink vibrator. He knows how much I love playing with my clit so he bought me one. He also know that I always play with myself alone when he's at work. He was excited to use the vibrator on me too.

One night, I was very horny but he was dead tired because of work. I was kissing him and I put his hands on my nipples and boobs telling him that "I want you to play with my nipples." He refused saying he's so tired and want to sleep already.

I told him, "Paano naman ako? (With puppy eyes and pa cute face) Kaya gusto ko bumili ng dildo para pag ayaw mo, I will play with myself beside you."

He replied, "Osige na, bumili ka na." I went straight through an orange online shop to look for a dildo and ordered it. I bought it with a lubricant.

Fast forward to the day I received the dildo.

After 2 days, when I got home from an errand. I felt very horny. I took my dildo and put a lubricant in it. The lubricant was cold and it added sensation to my clit.

I first glide the head of the dildo to my clit to spread the lubricant. It was heaven on earth. A few glides, up and down. I inserted it inside my pussy.

"Ohhhh fuuuck" I closed my eyes and feel every inch of the dildo moving in and out of my super wet p...

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January 4, 2022 (17 days ago)

Galing..sample nman dyan..he he..

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January 4, 2022 (17 days ago)

HAHAHAHAHA babyyyy nicewan 😁😁

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January 4, 2022 (17 days ago)

Hmm maganda pagkakasulat, isa kana sa aabangan kooo 🤣. At may alam ako hindi ko sasabihin 😁😁🤣🤭

Kagatin mo ang break!

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